Spider-Man review
Sing it with me: Spider-Man, Spider-Man

The good:

excelent graphics. Wonderful game play. Good voice acting.

The bad:

quicky camera.


I enjoyed many aspects of this game. The designers did an excellent job capturing the real feel of our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The web-swinging scenes were enjoyable, a very ingenious way to get from mission to mission. They also did the wall-crawling well; you really feel as if you're in the comic book and directing Spidy. The level design was, for the most part, fresh and different as the game progressed. It wasn't just the same old same old each time. They included some different kinds of puzzles to keep the game-play interesting. The visuals, for the most part, were great. They captured a very comic book feel. The music wasn't bad, and I have to give kudos for the use of a modernized version of the classic Spider-Man theme. The voice actors did a good job. The actor's hired did good impressions of the voices that appeared in the Spider-Man cartoon from the 90's. The game did have its problems though. The camera was a big one. I guess I should have expected it, since your character can go almost anywhere, but the camera seemed to get confused too easily. Primarily, it is difficult to rotate the camera in combat. It stubbornly points at you when you want it to point at your enemies. Controls to manually rotate the camera would have helped greatly. The other problem was monotony. The levels were diverse, as I said, but combat was dry and boring. They included five different webbing moves, but in most cases it just works out better to just punch-punch-punch. You have to consciously make an effort to break the pattern and do something different. This should have been encouraged more. There were a couple of boss fights that broke the mold on their own, and that was a step in the right direction. Mostly a good game that will a slight bit more effort could have been even better.

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