Spider-Man: The Movie review
A Good Game With Only A Few Problems

The good:

Very high-quality Graphics.
Amazing sound quality.
A variety of unique and interesting challenges.
It's a Spider-Man game. Need I say more?!

The bad:

Collecting the Golden Spiders can become very difficult and slightly repetitive.


Spidey's second outing on the Game Boy Advance is a good one. From infiltrating OsCorp's security defences, to taking down Mac "Scorpion" Gargan and his robotic allies under China Town, to disabling the Green Goblin's bombs at the Unity Day Festival, the game offers numerous different and interesting challenges. There are also "Bonus Rounds" in which Spidey swings through a polygonal-looking New York City attempting to destroy the Green Goblin's dangerous gas balloons.

The Graphics and sounds are incredible, and several still shots from the film can be unlocked for your viewing pleasure - and to top it all off, a trailer from the ACTUAL FILM plays as the opening sequence!

Aside from the obvious Green Goblin, numerous other Bosses and Spidey super-villains are included in the game, such as Vulture, Kraven, Shocker, Scorpion and the immensely powerful OsCorp M.E.C.H.

The only problem comes in completing all of the optional Missions, but aside from that, the game is fantastic.

It isn't as good as Mysterio's Menace, but nevertheless, it's a good game.

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