Spider-Man: The Movie Tips

Easy Green Goblin
Easy Way to Get Green Goblin
First enter the cheat, ARACHNIDto unlock all Of the levels levels.

Start a new game and select hero difficulty.

Once the level begins, pause the game and select "Exit To Main Menu."

Go to the Level Warp, and select Conclusion. After the Conclusion FMV finishes, press Circle to go back to the main menu again, this time go to the secret store, and you will have unlocked all secret costumes, including the Green Goblin (Congrats) Now, turn the Green Goblin costume on, and start a new game, DO NOT SELECT 'YES' WHEN IT ASKS YOU IF YOU WANT TO RESET BONUS POINTS. SELECT NO. When the level begins you will be able to play as the Green Goblin, without having to had beaten the entire game on HERO difficulty. Now, Save the game, and Boom, you win it all, baby, you win it all.