Spider-Man: Friend or Foe Tips

How to kill Scorpion
When you get to Scorpion you start on a small lava rock. Turn to the left or right and you'll see another lava rock you can jump to. Right next to Scorpions big lava rock you will see one more that is tall enough to jump to Scorpion. Jump up on it and Scorpion will try whipping you with his tail and shoot lasers down when you make it to his lava rock. If you beat him up just enough he will be stunned. That is just the right time to hit him three more times. After you do that a few more times, you must be very careful and watch out for lava rocks. They will fall down into the lava without you knowing it for about 15 seconds. Only the lava rocks right next to his rock will fall down. You keep doing this and it might get a little tough. He might shoot two lasers down at a time from his tail. Keep beating him up and it will get easier and you will defeat him.