Spider-Man: Edge of Time Achievements

Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Super Trooper (10)Complete Act 1 on any difficulty level
Determined Do-gooder (25)Complete Act 2 on any difficulty level
Intrepid Adventurer (50)Complete Act 3 on any difficulty level
Fearless Front-Facer (25)Complete all levels on Normal
Master of All You Survey (50)Complete all levels on Hard
Sizzling Century Mark (10)Defeat 100 enemies
Spider Slugger Supreme (25)Defeat 500 enemies
Gorgeous Gold Grabber (10)Web of Challenges - Obtain all Gold Medals for a Chapter
Mighty Medal Master (25)Web of Challenges - Obtain all Gold Medals for an Act
Consumate Completist (50)Web of Challenges - Obtain all Gold Medals
Ambitious Arachnid Acquirer (10)Obtain 1/4 of the Golden Spiders
Superb Spider Searcher (25)Obtain 1/2 of the Golden Spiders
Spider Snagger Supreme (50)Obtain all Golden Spiders
Alchemaxed Out! (50)Buy all Combat Upgrades
Gold Standard (50)Buy all Character Upgrades
Super-Suited Swinger (25)Obtain all Alternate Suits
Furious Fist Fighter (10)Execute a 50-hit combo
Hundred Hit Hero (25)Execute a 100-hit combo
Infinite Slugger (50)Execute a 200-hit combo
Fantastic Five Hundred (10)Collect 500 Orb Fragments
Excellent Emblem Enthusiast (25)Collect 1000 Orb Fragments
Collector Detector (50)Collect 2000 Orb Fragments
Survivor Supreme (10)Complete Session 3 or later without dying
Jack Of All Attacks (25)Perform 3 of each type of Grab Attacks on enemies
Airborne Assailer (25)Perform 3 of each Air Attack on enemies
Hammer Slammer (25)Damage enemies with Roundhouse Spin and Web Hammer 10 times each
Secret Achievements-