Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage Cheats

Spider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage cheats, Tips, and Codes for SNES.


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Alleyway Items
In the alleyway level, you can climb the wall on the screen before the church doors, then swing over at the top for an extra life and two hearts. At the end of the level, climb the rightmost wall for another continue.
Easy Kills
When you know that some enemies are coming up, kill in smaller groups than they are ready to appear in. Sometimes only some enemies will appear when you reach a certain point or there can only be a limited number of enemies on the screen at once.
Fighting More Than One Boss
When fighting more than one boss, do not hit them. Instead, wait until you are in between them (or you can climb a wall before they appear). When you are between them, use your web and if they are both caught they'll both die!
New York Street 1 - Extra Life
On level 1, New York Street 1, wait until you are at the end of the level at the boss screen with the boss. Before the hair sisters attack, jump onto the wall there is an extra life behind where your health bar is located.
Ruined Boys Home - Secret Room
Get bit by Carnage in front of the door. You will find a room filled with great things, and awesome items for you to take as your heart pleases.
The Climb Secret Room
In the Climb level, go to the rightmost window on the ground. Climb above this window and jump down over it to reveal a secret room where every enemy you kill will result in an extra life.
The Deep - Extra Life
When you start in the Deep level, go right and to find an extra life.
The Rooftop - Easy Boss Kill
On the rooftop level, punch the water tower and pick it up and throw it at the Spidey Doppleganger for an immediate win.
The Rooftop - Extra life
On the rooftop level, punch the water tower until the support falls then pick it up and get the Extra life.
The Rooftop 2 - Superhero Icons
In the rooftop 2 level, jump into the tree for some Spidey icons. Be sure not to fall.


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Faster Climbing
Set A to turbo to climb up and down faster, While clombit hold A and the D-pad in the direction you want to move.
Secret Level
Go to the ATM in the first level where you can play as Venom. Press B + Y to jump to a secret level.