Spider-Man 2 (PSP) Cheats

Spider-Man 2 cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSP.


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Easy Win on Rhino and Shocker
When you are fighting Rhino&Shocker together try to run around Rhino in circles until Shocker shoots, then get out of the way. This will stun Rhino putting his guard down, letting you hit him for a while. Repeat these steps two more times to defeat Rhino.


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Level Select
Once you 100% beat the game and start a new game with the name FLUWDEAR and the level select option will be available.
Go to Options, Special, and Cheats on the main menu and type in the following codes.
NERGETS Infinite Health
FILLMEUP Infinite Webbing
MYHERO All Moves Purchased
WARPULON All Levels Unlocked
POPPYCORN All Movies Unlocked