Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro review
Spiderman 2 (GameCube)

The good:

You can swing around all of Manhattan

Beat on small-time crooks to pass the time like Spidey often does in the comics

Realistic Physics mean you can swing from buildings (not the sky, thank god!) and gather momentum to bust mad tricks all over the place!

Swinging down to break-up some thugs looks like it came straight out of the film!

The bad:

Pedestrians look like they escaped from an N64 game

FMV's make peter and MJ look OLD.

Why cant you hang upside-down!?


This game is a breakthrough in Spiderman Videogames history. Just.

Finally someone has had the sense and the knowhow to make Spidey swing from buildings, not the sky. And he can go from ground to skyscraper height and back again and roam around patrolling the city, as he does.

An open mission system (a la GTA3) means you have more freedom than ever before. This game is a godsend for me because i had the first one and after i completed it, i'd just keep doing the first level so i could swing about with no pressure.

The Boss Fights are challenging enough, and there is normally some clever little trick to beating them which you have to figure out (spidey rarely beats his toughest enemies by strength alone in the comics). Surprisingly enough the street thugs arent as much of a pushover as you'd expect either, as some think it nothing to simply block a spider-powered punch and a few can even dodge webbing! Once you've mastered the art of the Dodge and are used to kicking into "Spider-Reflexes" when a little extra speed and strength is needed, few common foes should give you too much trouble. Apart from maybe the Robots.

Of course being able to roam the splendor of Manhattan with no intermittent loading times comes at a price. The polygon count has had to be kept exceptionally low, and this becomes clear as you take a closer look at the blocky, mouthless pedestrians in the game.

Also, after developing all this new game-engine and swinging physics and new combo's, it seems they ran out of time - so all the voice acting sounds like the very first take (not great, apart from Bruce Campbell who is as patronisingly funny as ever and has a much larger role this time around), and there arent much in the way of rewards in the game. Oh sure there are plenty of "awards", which is fine if you like being called a 'knowledge-seeker' or a 'drenched-explorer' or a 'lifter of spirits'. But what happened to alternative costumes and the like, which were available in the PSone games and a few even in the last Spidey game?

But all it's limitations are totally forgivable, because there is no other game that really captures the feel of being spiderman like this does. It is impossible to convey quite how cool that is without at least some video, or you playing it yourself.

Also there is a lot to do in this game. After you beat all the story missions, for the completist in you, you can find, collect, and beat all sorts of items and challenges. Getting 100% in this game will take much more than a weekend.

If you're still not convinced, rent it, and then decide. But if you're a fan or the comics or the films, (or cartoons, trading-cards, or previous games or anything red and blue with webs on) BUY IT!!

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