Spider-Man 2: Enter Electro review
Swing through and get this game

The good:

~The whole of New York
~Your Spider man
~Swinging form web
~kick bad guys ass's
~The graphics

The bad:

~Where's the music most the time?


Well, after you read my review I think that you may swing by a shop to get a copy. The first time you look at the screen shots you will see that it looks really good, it shows how powerfull the Gamecube is as there is a whole city. Ok you are Spider man and you are in New York. Along the main story you will encounter many villians that you need to stop or many people to save.

It's amazing how you have all of New Yok to explore, and to add the fun to it you can use your web to attach your self to bulidings, and swing off of them. This is really fun, but beware if your a qweezy person who gets head aches real easily then you might want to walk or run on the foot paths as it is a bit much some times when your doing lots of flips and going up side down, dropping etc.

A dissapointing point is when you are free roaming about (which is fun) there usually isn't any music, and it will feel really dead sometimes. In the city you free roam around untill you find a crime then you deal with it though this can get a bit repetitive after doing so many of these car chases, and stuff like that.

As spider man you meet up with people from the movie like M.J, (Mary Jane) it's fun to catch up on all these people, but sometimes you feel like smacking them in the face, but you can't. You can't even hi jack cars, oh I wish that you could. When faced up with enemies you have a combination of cool fighting moves you can pull on them, or you could just use your web to tangle them up. Either way it's pretty interseting.

Overall this is an interesting game, however this game will be really fun at first then eventually it will get a bit tiresome. It's up to you if you want it or not, but to play it safe, you should rent before you buy.

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