Spider-Man: Web of Shadows (Xbox 360) Cheats

Spider-Man: Web of Shadows cheats, Passwords, Achievements, Glitchs, Unlockables, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Add These Cheats in the cheat menu
PasswordWhat it does
IEATYOURBRAINSUnlock Venom Costume in the cheat menu
CRESTWARRIORUnlock Moon Knight Costume in the cheat menu
MASSIVEHORNUnlock Rhino Costume in the cheat menu
PSYCHICUnlocks 2099 Spider-Man costume
BIGGERANDBETTERUnlocks anti-venom costume


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
50 hit comboGet 50 hits not stop
Defeat Venom Round 1Defeat venom once
Ground combo skillDefeat 50 enemys useing only ground combos
Defeat 100 enemysDefeat 100 enemys
Trampoline20 Enemies Web-Strike Bounced in succession
VirtueFirst Red Suit Choice
Complete Story, Act OneAct One completed
ViceFirst Black Suit Choice
IdSpent time with Black Cat
Bad KittyBlack Cat defeated
EvictionTech Mech Pilot pulled from his seat
The Bigger They Come...First Tech Mech defeated
Air Combo Skill50 Enemies defeated using only Air Combos
WingedVulture defeated
Encountered1 enemy parried then counter attacked
DeclawedWolverine defeated
OverkillPerformed all three types of attacks (Ground, Air, Wall) on a single enemy 10 times
Defeat Venom, Round TwoDefeated Venom twice
First One Hundred100 Collectibles found
Complete Story, Act TwoAct Two completed
GroundedElectro defeated
Defeat 500 Enemies500 Enemies defeated
Great Power25 City Crimes thwarted
Defeat Symbiote ElectroSymbiote Electro defeated
No Sweat1000 Enemies defeated
Bowling Ball5 Enemies Web Swing-Kicked in a single pass
Defeat Symbiote WolverineSymbiote Wolverine Defeated
100 Hit Combo - Ownership100 Hit Combo "Ownership" executed
Defeat Symbiote Black CatSymbiote Black Cat defeated
Defeat Symbiote VultureSymbiote Vulture Defeated
Mary Jane and Spider-ManMary Jane Conclusion achieved
Complete Web of ShadowsGame Completed
Ultimate Spider-ManPurchase all Upgrades
Obsessive Spider-ManComplete 60 Bonus Goals
Excessive Spider-ManComplete Half of All Optional Goals
Max Out Spider-ManMax Out Spider-Man
Heroic AccumulationFind Half of all Collectibles
250 Hit Combo - NeighborlyExecute 250 Hit Combo "Neighborly"
Great ResponsibilityThwart 100 City Crimes
Over the CounterParry then Counter Attack 100 enemies
Wall Combo SkillDefeat 50 Enemies using only Wall Combos
50 hit comboGet 50 hits not stop
Defeat Venom Round 1Defeat venom once
Ground combo skillDefeat 50 enemys useing only ground combos


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Unlockable Costumes
UnlockableHow to unlock
Armor Complete Act 2
Ben Reily Complete 25 city events
Cosmic Spider-Man Complete Act 1
Iron Man Collect 150 Spider Tokens
Carnage Defeat 500 enemies
Spider-Man 2099 Complete 50 city events


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tentacle pull to web pull
ok while i was playing spider man web of shadows i was in black suit and i used tentacle pull and by accident i switched suits and the tentacle turned into a web and i pulled myself to the guy and u know what? i used a black suit move as red suit. so if u want to try my glitch press b in black suit than very quicly switch suits and keep attacking and notice that spiderman uses a black suit move.if it doesn't work try it again because u have to do it faster.
You can't break the Law!
if you're like me and love destroying cars with black spiderman, then try and destroy a police car.
all the ones i've tried don't explode, so i just chuck them ontop of buildings and into central park!