Spider-Man: Web of Shadows Tips

Unlock Costumes
Ben Reily: Complete 25 City Events
Spiderman 2099: Complete 50 City Events
Cosmic Spiderman: Complete Act 1
Spider Armor: Complete Act 2
Iron Spiderman: Find 750 Spiders
Spider Carnage: Defeat 500 Enemies

Note: Each of these costumes will replace your normal red suit, except for Spider Carnage, which replaces your normal black suit.

Note 2: Only one of these may be used at a time, and may be switched at anytime during the game. This is done by simply pausing, going to Upgrades, and going to the suits tab. You may than select which one you want, press A on the Wiimote, and once you unpause, that will have replaced either your red or black suit.