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Does whatever a spider can, assuming spiders mostly suck

The good:

-Swinging around NYC is pretty fun.
-My copy cost me less than ten dollars.
-Nobody whines about their balloon this time.

The bad:

-Literally everything else. Sometimes even swinging around NYC.
-Although nobody mentions balloons, people do still take time out of Spider-Man's day to make him fetch 'fruit pies'. The Lizard is on the loose and pies are $5. You'll be fine.


Look, I know sandbox games are prone to sacrificing a few things in the name of a bigger playground. I'm usually willing to give up flawless aiming for another block to explore. Plus, this is Spider-Man, which means the game has to move fast and it has to take place mostly in the sky. Given that and that its on PS2, I know to expect some imperfections in things like combat and buildings being photo-realistic. But most of the biggest flaws have nothing to do with that.

First, I should probably explain the game a little so the rest makes more sense. You play as Spider-Man. If you don't know wh...


Spider-Man 3

The good:

+ Nice 3D backgrounds

The bad:

- Awful annoying 2D side scrolling
- Exploring New York is boring with the 2D crap
- Stupid missions
- A messed up control system
- Unfair difficulty at times
- Boring after the first 10 minutes
- Cutscenes are pathetic
- Bad audio


Now this is disgusting. Awful. I hate this game so much I could toss it into a camp fire and stomp on it with Links Iron Boots. Spider Man 3 for the DS is a mistake. The developers need to dring it back and remake it.


Nice 3D backgrounds, its the up front I hate.

Spider Man 3 isn't that all bad graphical wise. Some of the New York city backgrounds are nice and 3D and realistic, however it is ruined up closer. The graphics are blurry and some of the textures are are a bit messy. Spider Man 3 can pass in graphics, its just a bit too blurry up close. Backgrounds = good, closer visuals = ...


The Worst Spider-Man Game yet!

The good:

-The Web-Swinging is fun
-The Races offer quite a bit of variety.
-The Secret Tokens unlock the black suite

The bad:

-The Graphics
-The Music
-The Missions
-The side-missions
-The meteroite fragments unlock nothing.


Peter Parker finally has the love of the city and his grilfriend. Though when this mysterious Black Symbiote takes Peter over, he'll have to fight himself to keep those things. That's pretty much the story, and its almost completely different from the movie.

Talk about horrible. I've seen better on last-Gen consoles. It's an eyesore to see Spidey so ugly. The levels are poorly designed, and the visuals look worse. I know they could've done better on the PS2 even, let alone the Wii!

The music is probably worse than the graphics, it's extremely cheap sounding, even...


Could of been better.

The good:

-Pretty good Gameplay..
-Easy Controls.
-Ability to switch from red suit to black suit Spidey.
-Cool moves.

The bad:

-Missions get too repetative.
-Graphics aren't great.
-Voice acting is pretty bad (Except for the characters who got played by their own actors, of course).
-Very, VERY corny lines.
-Really short.
-Too easy.


Spiderman 3...

Now, I hear this is better on the 360 (According to my Microsoft fanboy friend, oh, he also says everything would be better on 360...Moving on...), but that's not the point. Let's go over the game in a little more detail.


The Wii defintly isn't gonna win in the graphics department, I've only seen two games with awesome graphics: Sonic and The Secret Rings, and The Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess. The graphics for Spiderman 3, however, weren't too great. In cutscenes, the characters looked deformed, they had no facial expression at times. When you were playing as Spide...


Spider-man 3 for DS= great game!

The good:

*Pretty good graphics
*Fun to play
*Lots of missions
*Good replay value
*Mixture of easy and hard missions.
*Quite a few good unlockables(5)
*New moves are fun to buy and use in-game(10 new moves)
*Lots of hidden stuff.
*Fun to use controls and fight enemies with touch screen (normally I don't like games that use the touch-screen this much.)
*Ultimate challenges add difficulty for those who want to play them.

The bad:

*Controls can be hard to get used to.
*Game can be hard to get into.
*Hard missions can be tedious.
*Graphics could be better.


The graphics are cool for a side-scroller because they are 3-D. Graphics are good but sometimes a little edgy, that's why I didn't give it a perfect score in this area.

The music is pretty good if you want to listen to it, but I don't really judge games too much on music and sound because you can just turn it off anyway. Only reason I gave this a 4.5 instead of a 5 is because there is not a very large mixture of sound effects.

Kind of hard to learn. Takes most people at least an hour to get used to them. Effectively uses the touch-scre...


Third time's a charm? Think again.

The good:

+ Easy to pick up
+ Several storylines, movie-based and game-only
+ Improved swing mechanics and physics overhaul
+ Flashy Combat
+ Bosses from the comics
+ Symbiote(Black) suit
+ Random Crimes

The bad:

- Difficulty is sometimes too hard
- Button-mashing combat
- Glitches and buggy A.I
- Decent-at-best graphics


The original movie tie-in that was released with the initial SpiderMan game was abysmal at best. Several years later, SpiderMan 2 was released and please gaming fans to no end with it's free-roaming gameplay and the ability to sling around beautiful New York City.

Spider-Man 3 uses the same concept as it's predecessor. The city is now two and a half times larger than in Spider-Man 2. The city is now living, or at least, partially living. The amount of traffic is absolutely amazing and really brings everything to life. The pedestrians on the other hand aren't really too bright. They absolutel...

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