Spider-Man 3 Cheats

First off, this won't work if you've beaten the game. Sorry.

Okay, AFTER you have beaten Sandman for the FIRST time and BEFORE you go to see MJ you will be in your Black Suit. You will notice that you cannot take it off AND that you will not black out when the black aura appears around the screen when you are fighting.

This is awesome 'cause I went around the whole city and took out every gang group there was and the Cops are at 100%. The only down side is you cannot upgrade normal Spider-Man during this time until after you see MJ. But no big deal 'cause when I was done taking out all the gangs I had 45 level-up bars to spend!
NOTE: Every time you fail a mission or turn off the console the Adreneline Bar goes back down and you will need to regain it for Black Suit Rage Mode (which, you guessed it, he's a TON stronger).

Try it for yourself it's great! Especially since you can't pass-out from using it.