[edit] Background

The mystical Stonehenge acts as a bridge between the modern world and an alternate dimension known as Valoria. Consisting of five domains, Valoria is unstable due to the turning of the Tides of Magic and the growing power of four warring Lord Wizards. The only way to stop the Wizards from destroying Valoria is through SpellCraft and you are chosen to do it! In each of the five domains, you must search for clues, ingredients, and Aspects; mix powerful spells; solve complex puzzles; and do battle against hordes of evil enemies. While all this may sound a bit overwhelming, the entire world of Valoria is counting on your success, so go into battle, young wizard, and keep Valoria safe.

[edit] Features

  • Supports the SNES Mouse, which makes casting spells that much easier
  • Stellar graphics, and a smooth frame rate that doesn't slow down regardless of how many spells are being casted on the screen.
  • Over 100 kinds of spells to learn to help you through the game.
  • Fight against hordes of enemies.
  • An In-Depth story to keep you hooked for hours.
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