Speed Racer Cheats

Speed Racer cheats, and Codes for SNES.


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Passwords for Racer X.
To use the passwords below on your Speed Racer game you must have previously unlocked the Racer X character. Once this is done then enter these passwords to unlock the following levels beside them:

New York Grand Prix - RCCRX
Nightboat to Cairo - 7K2Z8
The Streets of Cairo - 52C16
The Temple of Kopetopek - V?CBW
Treachery on the Siberian Express - Z73F1
Mountain of Doom - S7V0Q
The Final Challenge - NVD0L
Passwords for Speed Racer.
Enter the following passwords into your Speed Racer game to unlock these individual levels:

Nightboat to Cairo - KV1SK
The Streets of Cairo - N52KN
The Temple of Kopetopek - ?BZS?
Treachery on the Siberian Express - 59HT5
Mountain of Doom - TKH2S
Play as Racer X
Enter XGP9Z as a password, to play as Racer X.