Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Unlockables

Geo Power!!!
To get the geos, you must be at Krux's throne room. There, you will find a krawlosphere, which acts like the black holes from the old spectrobes game.
Bring 2 of your best spectrobes of each property.After every 10 battles, you can switch support spectrobes. I reccomend dark spectrobes that are at least level 60-100. By the way, don't bother using geos that you have. Won't work. I tried. (I probably got Ice and plasma mixed up, but who cares?
Easy Excavation This a way you can excavate minerals you have already excavated before.When you find a mineral you know that you have already excavated,you can use your giga tool to automatically dig them up without all that trouble.BEWARE!This only works if you have already excavated the mineral and this only works for fossils if you excavated 90% of the fossil.If you use this method of excavation,you won't get any Experience Points but you can dig them up faster.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Cyclone GeoBeat 10 black vortexes, including jado
thunder geoBeat 20 black vortexes, including gelberus
hammer geobeat 30 black vortexes, including Gronos
Ice geobeat 40 black vortexes, including Maja
Plasma geoBeat 50 black vortexes, including True Jado (Combined high krawl Power)
Wing geoBeat 60 black vortexes, plus......no, I think i won't tell you.
Flame GeoBeat the Game
Geo SpectrobesGet them in Jado's Castle or The Last Bosses Castle
wing geoyou actually, you fight all bosses in game except invincible one at the end(where flame geo first comes to save you
wing geo(ignore above typed wrong) actually, you fight all bosses in game except invincible one at the end to get wing geo(where flame geo first comes to save you