Spectral Force 3 Cheats

Spectral Force 3 cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Al (25)Recruited Al
Anita (25)Recruited Anita
Battle Formations (25)Performed Battle Formation 50 times
Break (25)Recruited Break
Chic (25)Recruited Chic
Chris (25)Recruited Chris
Culcha (25)Recruited Culcha
Folt (25)Recruited Folt
Fuya (25)Recruited Fuya
Gyufee II (25)Recruited Gyufee II
Hototogisu (25)Recruited Hototogisu
Inuou (25)Recruited Inuou
Kiratt (25)Recruited Kiratt
Lamia (25)Recruited Lamia
Langeais (25)Recruited Langeais
Lilia Ple (25)Recruited Lilia Ple
Little Snow (25)Recruited Little Snow
Luche (25)Recruited Luche
Malimar (25)Recruited Malimar
Margaret (25)Recruited Margaret
Max Combo Hits (25)Dealt 100 hits or more in a combo during a mission
Mayura (25)Recruited Mayura
Nyan (25)Recruited Nyan
Orochimaru (25)Recruited Orochimaru
Primrose (25)Recruited Primrose
Rato (25)Recruited Rato
Regal Lily (25)Recruited Regal Lily
Rengeki (25)Recruited Rengeki
Rimm (25)Recruited Rimm
S Rank (25)Earn an S rank in a mission
Shimazwei (25)Recruited Shimazwei
Special Character 1 (25)Recruited Special Character 1
Special Character II (25)Recruited Special Character II.
Sugata (25)Recruited Sugata
The 7th Hamaou (25)Recruited The 7th Hamaou
Tina (25)Recruited Tina
Total Damage (25)Dealt 10,000 or more total damage in a combo during a mission
Total Enemies Defeated (25)Defeated 500 total enemies
Trick Blue (25)Recruited Trick Blue
Zakifon (25)Recruited Zakifon