Thousands of years ago there was a city that trained its children for one purpose only. The city was Sparta, the purpose, battle! With the most feared warriors in the known world, Sparta carved itself an empire but soon other cities like Athens and Corinth arose to challenge it, while in the east, the mighty Persians began to wake...Rich in historical detail, Spartan features turn-based gameplay, and calls for clever management of armies and empires.


  • Engrossing turn based strategy that builds on the success of Legion & Chariots of War
  • New & beautifully hand-crafted 3D rendered campaign map
  • Upgraded to fully 3D battles with free zoom and rotatable camera
  • Optional 2D battles for low spec machines
  • Innovative "Always Active" 2 player multiplayer over LAN & Internet via Gamespy
  • Use ships to travel from island to island, fight naval battles & perform naval invasions.
  • Siege castles and assault them when they are weakened
  • Build city walls armed with catapults and hurl Greek fire onto your enemies, scorching the earth and killing anyone in their path
  • Huge battles allowing twice as many squads as before (up to 16 per side) on battlefields 4 times the size
  • Enhanced diplomacy options, trade agreements, tributes, spying sabotage & more
  • Over 100 different nations on a huge campaign map that spans Greece and the ancient near east
  • Loads of great new Greek & Persian units with hundreds of animations
  • New resources, technologies, nations, leaders, units, structures, events, barbarians & more
  • Mission objectives, historic events & capital cities
  • Epic structures such as the Acropolis, Oracle & the Colossus

Hardware Requirements

Minimum System Requirements:
<li type="square"> Windows® 98/ME/2000/XP
<li type="square"> Pentium II 233 MHz MMX or fully compatible (Pentium III for 3D)
<li type="square"> 128 MB RAM
<li type="square"> 500 MB Hard Drive Space
<li type="square"> DirectX Compatible Graphics Card with 4 MB VRAM (16Mb for 3D)
<li type="square"> DirectX Compatible Sound Car

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • May 26, 2004 (PC)
    • Mar 12, 2004 (Movie)
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