Spartan: Total Warrior Tips

Head Long Charging and Archers
No matter how fast you are going, an arrow from an archer will always stop you in your tracks, so do not expect to be able to charge directly into enemy lines and take care of them immediately. They may be weak, but they sure as heck can be annoying.

The enemy will usually charge in full power themselves using melee men as the fighters in the front. However, the archers, who can do a fair bit of damage, will be spread through them and usually closer to the back. This means that you want to move around the crowd a lot when you do mass amounts of damage in one go, especially when you have Athena's swords which, when powered up, allow you to perform a series of amazing slashes that usually behead the enemy.

If they shoot you, it will stop you for a moment and your character, Spartan, will stagger. At this point you are vulnerable to attack.

However, you yourself can be annoying as well, rapid firing not only one, but five arrows if you use the O button. Although you will run out of arrows (what the crates full of arrows are good for) it can slow down the enemy a bit and do a fair bit of damage.