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[edit] Background

Time went forward. Due to the discovery of hyperspace drive the mankind already felt at home in the nearest space sectors and started exploring the Galaxy. Having met not just one, but several intelligent races on the way, the humans realized how unlonely they were in this world. Each of the races had its own established views on life, its own philosophy and logic, all of which led to innumerable conflicts. But the world gradually changed, and so did the relations between the peoples. The boundaries of the inhabited Galaxy stretched further and further, and then time came for making alliances. Economic competition replaced military action. The world became so immensely huge that its synonym for humans was no longer the planet Earth, but the Galactic Commonwealth, consisting of representatives of the five allied intelligent races.

Year 3000 came... Something strange and unnerving started happening. The outer systems of the explored Galaxy were attacked by an unknown race, the Klissans, who came from another part of the Universe. They invaded the undeveloped, and therefore, the least protected planets. Never answering pleads for negotiation, and hardly getting any resistance, the Klissans started capturing one planet after another, taking no regard of the people who lived on them.

Inner contradictions and lack of political power rendered the Galaxy Council unable to create a centralized military structure for opposing the invaders. It could only develop a strategy that put the stake on the so called Rangers, volunteer fighters who were granted an extraordinary level of competence. Galaxy Council called on all those for whom the fate of their common home was not indifferent, to come forward and save the world.

Never before the fate of the Galaxy depended so much on the will and luck of a handful of heroes...

The action of the game takes place in some galaxy where several intelligent races live. Each of the races has its own views and philosophy, and these define to a great extent their relations with the others. In the past it led to many armed conflicts, however, by the time the game starts, military opposition has been replaced by economic and political competition.

And now, on the outskirts of the galaxy a new hostile race appears, the Klissans, which start conquering the planets of Galactic Commonwealth, without any mercy or negotiation. On these planets they build new ships for their already huge fleet. Their motives are beyond comprehension, but one thing is clear: They are not going to stop.

In order to discuss this situation and decide on the appropriate action, Galaxy Council is convoked. Due to the information obtained from the Gaal ambassador, Gaelmbo, the Council takes the decision to give all volunteers (Rangers) small spaceships, so that they can fight Klissans.

Our hero comes into existence just at this moment. He or she is one of the dozens and hundreds of volunteers, which are attempting to save the galaxy from slavery. The ranger gets a small spaceship and the freedom to act as he pleases. From now on everything depends on his choice. There are no certain ways to win the game, each of the rangers decides on his own, what to do to stop Klissans' invasion and to prove that it is him who is the Hero whose destiny is to save the world from the Dark.

In the beginning, the small spaceship of the player is too weak to deal with the warships of Klissans, so the first task is to get all the necessary equipment. The player has plenty of opportunities to accomplish this, by way of trade and completing quests. That is, the player buys and sells cargo and takes missions from planetary governments. But he should not forget that there are many rangers in the galaxy, and each of them is dreaming to become the fabulous hero. Thus, the rangers would all try completing missions of different governments (which often contradict each other) and get the most profitable deals. Cut-throat competition - this is the essence of the initial stage of the game.

All this time the player should watch how Klissans are doing. He does not know the actual size of their armies, but it is possible to judge their strength by the number of systems captured, which is shown on the galactic map. The player also has information on the other rangers. On any planet he can get the list of the active rangers, in which he can see their achievements.

Gradually, two things happen: 1) Rangers become stronger; 2) Klissans capture more planets and start approaching the center of the galaxy. The interests of the sides start intersecting. Rangers have to take military action against Klissans and try to defend the planets attacked and liberate the ones already conquered. The successful rangers start getting money from the governments of the planets which have been helped, and this allows them to press harder on Klissans. The latter, in their turn, start making more powerful fleets and trying to capture the most developed planets. The opposition nears its culmination.

It is difficult to predict the exact outcome of this course of events. However, it is clear that if rangers are passive and are unable to counteract the nasty guys, the story is going to have a bad end, both for them and for the galaxy. If another ranger manages to destroy Klissans, it also means that the player has in fact lost. Thus, there is only one way to the victory: the player must find the secret base of Klissans and destroy it.

[edit] Features

  • More than 50 solar systems counting more than 200 planets
  • Large quantity of characters; all spaceships captains have strongly pronouncedc personalities and are able to take independent decisions
  • Exciting storyline with lots of diverse quests absolute freedom of action
  • Large quantity of standard equipment types with unique characteristics15 types of weapons excluding modifications that the player can use in tactical and arcade modes
  • Unique dialogues system
  • More than 20 fascinating text quests
  • More than 15 wonderful music themes creating a unique game atmosphere

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Operating System: OS Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
Processor: Processor Pentium 233 MHz
Memory: 64 MB
Video card: Video card 800*600, High Color (16 bit)
Hard disc: 300 MB

Recommended System Requirements Operating System: OS Windows 2000/XP
Processor: Processor Pentium III 733 MHz
Memory: 256 MB
Video card: Video card 1024*768, High Color (16 bit)
Hard disc: 700 MB

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