Space Rangers 2 Cheats

Space Rangers 2 cheats, and Codes for PC.


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limited cheat system
The following cheat codes use a cheat limiting system. The rules are thus:

Each day that passes in game time accrues you one cheat point. No mater how many cheat points you have, if you use a cheat, the count resets to zero. If you try to use a cheat and do not have enough points, the system will tell you how many points you have, how many points the cheat requires, and how many more points you need. All cheats I have found have to be used in a specific place. Finally, on day one, you start with an unlimited number of points.

In order to use a cheat, you must hold down shift and Ctrl while typing:

Cheat; Effect; Name; Location

hugemoney; 100000 cred; Huge Money; out in space

packing; cuts cargo size in half; Paking; out in space

klissanitem; random dominator weapon appears in hold; Klissan Item; Science base