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To say this rocked is only a half truth


Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Ubisoft

If there's one thing that I can say about the bulk of Obsidian Entertainment's back catalog, it's that they are ambitious games plagued by feeling unfinished. For the longest time, Knights Of The Old Republic 2 lacked an ending. Fallout: New Vegas, Alpha Protocol and Dungeon Siege 3 either had some unpolished moments or flat out crashed on you. However, they also had plenty of concepts that were either fully or at least kind of realized, all of which make up for the sloppiness of the games by feeling surprisingly intuitive whilst having the...


Never on another man's balls

The good:

Subtle nods to bits and pieces from South Park episodes wherein each reference feels natural rather than shoehorned in. Bright and colorful graphics with that neat mix of cardboard cutouts and Flash drawn monsters. Really, it just feels like you're playing an episode of the TV show. Combat engine works decently well – enemies and bosses are all varied and have plenty of style within the confides of it being a South Park game, plus the timed hits mostly work well enough to try and keep things interesting.

The bad:

Short and kind of unfinished. Easy in the unbalanced sense of the word. Long load times are often followed by about 5 seconds of lag. Bit of lag in doing multiple button inputs fairly quickly in succession.


Released in 2014 by Obsidian Entertainment, South Park: The Stick Of Truth could best be described as a poor man's Paper Mario. They're both very similar not only in gameplay style, but also in that its sense of humor helps carry you through an otherwise serviceable storyline. However, where Paper Mario dabbles into Mario lore and puts a rather creative spin on it, The Stick Of Truth is so chock full of South Park goodness that it's fine that it feels like a typical episode of the show. Had this been handled by anybody else, the references would stick out like a sore thumb and I'd be wonder...


That's tomfoolery!


The Introduction:
While the beginning of 2014 had thus far seen the release of a few RPGs that all stand out in their own unique ways, one that presents the most crass style and rudimentary substance is South Park: The Stick Of Truth. Now, the idea of South Park being a turn based RPG made by an American developer with the script being penned by Trey Parker and Matt Stone themselves is one that's full of intrigue. How good will it turn out considering that a) the South Park license hasn't exactly been used in any good video games, and b) Obsidian Entertainment have not only never done a turn...


“Oh my god they killed THQ!” “You bastards!!”


South Park is one of my favorite TV shows ever. Between its biting satire, its tendency to dip into "don't go there" type of humor and the plain gross out shit, it's a hoot and a half to sit back and watch the construction paper fireworks go off! Sure, it's gotten shaky in the past 8 or so years, but when it's on point, it's on point! That's pretty much the case for South Park: The Strick Of Truth – it's either as funny as all get out or kind of unfunny. A lot of this is because Trey Parker and Matt Stone wrote the dialogue and story for the game while Obsidian just did the game parts, and ...


You will respect my Authoritah.....and play this game!


We all know the deal: Majorly popular television show or feature film turned into a game to earn the corporate giants another quick buck. The problem with this, of course, is that most of the time, the games turn out to resemble a giant turd; something that should be flushed down the toilet to never see the light of day again. Anyone remember Superman 64? You only remember it, because it was that bad! Here’s another one! Remember that South Park FPS game released back in 1998? Yeah, I used mine as a coaster too, and consciously split as much beer as possible over it. We can all agree that m...


Great, but not without flaws


Written by series creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, South Park: The Stick of Truth is a love letter from Obsidian Entertainment to South Park. Matt and Trey did most of the voices, as is tradition, but how well does the game hold up against a seasoned RPG veteran?

Welcome to South Park

You start out as the New Kid in town. Your family moved to the quiet town of South Park because of, well, something. You don't remember what it is and they don't seem too eager to tell you, so instead of having an awkward conversation before everything's unpacked, Mom and Dad tell you to get out of the house...

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