Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver review
Soul Reaver

The good:

This game Has NO loading time. That's right, NONE. It is one big seemless world. No Entering a room and loading, accidentaly leaving and going through it again. A smart AI, (something almost unheard of) and a new stategem to defeating bosses, brains not brawns. An engrossing storyline is helped along by beautifule fully-rendered FMV's. A variety of ways to kill an oponent, all of which are satisfyingly gory. Music is appropriately freaky because it is a vampire game. And the graphics are brilliant. So far, 5/5.

The bad:

The drawbacks to no loading times. At certain points the game slows down immensly but it is rarely an inconveniance. Definately not one for the little tykes.


All in all a great game worthy of purchase. Even the humans respond differently to your actions. Feast on their souls and beat them to death they will attack you. Kill the vampire scourge that plagues them and they will get down on their knees to worship you as an avenging angel. a must hire at the least.

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