SoulCalibur II (Xbox) Cheats

SoulCalibur II cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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In order to have assassin you must have completed weapon master mode. In chapter 8 complete the "Crystal Mine" stage in extra and normal missions. This lets you go to sub-chapter 3 , the second mission is "Castle Of The Damned". Since you beat the game once , there is an extra mission for "Castle Of The Damned" , where the enemies are faster. Defeat the enemies and complete the level to unlock Assassin he is all the 2 player modes , he is not in extra arcade or arcade. He has six costumes to choose from.
Confusing Controls
If you are having trouble with confusing controls, which are A,B,K,G, then here are the controls:

A-Horizontal Attack= X
B-Vertical Attack= Y
K-Kick= B
G-Guard= A or L
R-Soul Charge- R or A+B+K (or X+Y+B)

So if they say in the command list, "A+B" it is actually X+Y.

Hope that helps.
Another quick thing: Expect frustation from this game. It has really cheap AI!
Guarding and parrying are key factors in SC II. Learn them and master them and you shall be conquering your foes in no time
Refill Life Bar in dungeons
In weapon master mode when your in a dungeon and your low on health after a battle where your health bar doesn't fill up all the way go back to the first stage and you'll start w/ full health and beat the easy battle.
the most powerfull weapon!
spawn has the most powerfull weapon. if you already unlocked all of his weapons go to the last weapon. that is the strongest weapon in the game.


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Control Camera and slow down end of match replays!
Press R during the reply to slow it down and then use the left analogue stick to control the camera.
Different Start Screen
You have to complete all the missions in weapon master mode and all the secondary missions as well.
New team battle mode!
It doesn't matter how you do it I e continuing and so on but just complete the original team battle.
To unlock a specific characters profile play through and complete arcade mode with that character.
Defeat her on the last level of chapter 4 in weapon master mode.
Unlock Cervantes!
Go to weapon master mode and complete the last level on chapter 3 which has Cervantes on it, beat him to unlock him.
Unlock Lizardman
To unlock Lizardman, you must meet the following conditions:
Complete ALL Weapon Master Missions, including Extra Missions, have at least Level 72 Experience (Edgemaster Rank), beat Chapter 4, Stage 3 again (after attaining lev. 72+ rank), then complete all Subchapter 2 missions.
Alternate Opening Screen Complete every all Weapon Master mode missions
Alternative Extra Time Attack Beat Weapon Master Chapter 9 Mission 4
Assassin Beat Weapon Master Subchapter 3-Stage 2
Beserker Beat Weapon Master Subchapter 1, Extra Mission
Cervantes Beat Weapon Master Chapter 3
Character Profile Beat Arcade Mode with a Character
Charade Beat Weapon Master Chapter 3 Stage 1
Egyptian Crypt Beat Weapon Master Chapter 8, Stage 5
Extra Arcade Mode Beat Arcade Mode once
Extra Practice Mode Beat Weapon Master Chapter 1, Stage 1
Extra Survival Mode Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 5
Extra Survival Mode (Death Match Mode) Complete Subchapter 4, Stage 3
Extra Survival Mode (Extreme Mode) Complete Extra Chapter 2, Stage 2
Extra Survival Mode (Standard Mode) Complete Chapter 6, Stage 5
Extra Team Battle Mode Defeat Team Battle mode
Extra Time Attack Beat Weapon Master Chapter 5, Stage 1
Extra Versus Mode Beat Extra Arcade once
Extra Versus Team Battle Beat Extra Team Battle once with any setting
Extra Weapon Master Missions Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3
Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court Beat Weapon Master Chapter 7, Stage 2
Labyrinth Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 6
Lakeside Coliseum Stage Beat Weapon Master Chapter 1, Stage 3
Lizardman Beat every stage in Weapon Master, including extra missions
Money Pit/Top Tier Beat Weapon Master Chapter 4, Stage 1
Opening (Arcade Version) Beat Extra Time Attack (Extreme) mode. Or play it 5 times.
Opening (Home Version) Beat Extra Survival Mode (No Recovery) or play it 5 times.
Second Alternate Title Screen Unlock all Secrets listed under Collection History
Seung Mina Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 3
Sophitia Beat Weapon Master Chapter 4
Subchapter 2 In Weapon Master mode, gain 300,000 experience to reach Iron Edgemaster. Then beat Chapter 4-3.
Weapon Master ending movie Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3 Extra
Weapon Master opening movie Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3
Yoshimitsu Beat Weapon Master Chapter 2