SoulCalibur II (PS2) Cheats

SoulCalibur II cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Character Dialogue before Fight
When you have selected your character to fight with (in any mode where it shows the 2 combatants face to face) and the loading scene appears, press any button for your character to say something. You can only do this once per load.
Charade Weapon choose
When you are playing in A weapon chooosing mode. Select a character and choose a weapon. If you hold square, a sound will appear and then go to Charade. If you did this correctly, you will get that weapon for that round.
Cheap But Easy Way To Win
*Make sure that the stage you choose has an edge where you can knock the enemy off*

At the beginning of every match, pick a character that can launch the enemy into the air (such as Mitsurugi by pressing A+B). When the battle starts, immediate keep pressing A+B, or L2 if you're lazy. Keep pressing it while moving to the edge of the ring, then release L2 and do a horizontal attack. This will send the opponent out of the ring. This might not work well on agile enemies.
Choose Victory Pose
Before the your character does his/her victory pose after a battle, press and hold a button to do a certain victory pose assigned to each button.
Easy gold
On weapon master mode there are two missions that are played in the gambling dens.

The easier one is City of Nashira (Chapter 6 Stage 2), which doubles your winnings with each enemy you defeat.

The harder one is Ancient Amphitheater (Chapter 9 Stage 2), which earns gold every time you succesfuly harm you opponent but there is only a 15 second time limit and you and your opponent are pushed together. I find this easier to do if you play as Talim and use the double crescent blades as they are short range and more powerful and faster than a normal weapon
Get easy Life Back
When you are in a dungeon that you have to complete entirely on one power bar, if you get close to the boss and don't have enough life to fight him, then just go back to the very first room of the dungeon and fight that character they will give you your entire power bar back upon entering the room.
Long Ranged Weapons
In this game, there are several different characters who have large weapons and know how to use them extremely effectively in the fights they are in.

One way to handle them is to come in close. Some of them have some moves which are strong at close range, but they are both weak at defense and their options are limited.

If ever caught, this might be the way to go. Just make sure not to get grabbed.

Have fun with the rest of the game!
Merope Monistary Extra Mission
At the start of the level just give the enemy all you got. Try to knock the enemy off the edge if you can to save time. When you get to Taki you need to use attacks with Guard Break properties.In the Command Menu just look for an attack with the letters GB highlighted in pink. These should do loads of damage.I used Taki to beat this mission and used her "Seal"(< + triangle)and held it down untill it let go on it's own. This should take her down to few hit points.
Alternate Opening Screen - Complete every all Weapon Master mode missions
Extra Versus Team Battle - Beat Extra Team Battle once with any setting
Beserker Beat Weapon Master Subchapter 1, Extra Mission
Assassin Beat Weapon Master Subchapter 3-Stage 2
Lizardman Beat every stage in Weapon Master, including extra missions
Extra Versus Mode Beat Extra Arcade once
Lakeside Coliseum Stage Beat Weapon Master Chapter 1, Stage 3
Money Pit/Top Tier Beat Weapon Master Chapter 4, Stage 1
Labyrinth Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 6
Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court Beat Weapon Master Chapter 7, Stage 2
Egyptian Crypt Beat Weapon Master Chapter 8, Stage 5
Alternative Extra Time Attack Beat Weapon Master Chapter 9 Mission 4
Character Profile Beat Arcade Mode with a Character
Cervantes Beat Weapon Master Chapter 3
Extra Practice Mode Beat Weapon Master Chapter 1, Stage 1
Charade Beat Weapon Master Chapter 3 Stage 1
Extra Arcade Mode Beat Arcade Mode once
Extra Weapon Master Missions Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3
Extra Survival Mode Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 5
Extra Team Battle Mode Defeat Team Battle mode
Extra Time Attack Beat Weapon Master Chapter 5, Stage 1
Seung Mina Beat Weapon Master Chapter 6, Stage 3
Sophitia Beat Weapon Master Chapter 4
Weapon Master ending movie Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3 Extra
Weapon Master opening movie Beat Weapon Master Chapter 10, Stage 3
Yoshimitsu Beat Weapon Master Chapter 2
Extra Survival Mode (Standard Mode) Complete Chapter 6, Stage 5
Extra Survival Mode (Death Match Mode) Complete Subchapter 4, Stage 3
Extra Survival Mode (Extreme Mode) Complete Extra Chapter 2, Stage 2
Second Alternate Title Screen Unlock all Secrets listed under Collection History
Opening (Arcade Version) Beat Extra Time Attack (Extreme) mode. Or play it 5 times.
Opening (Home Version) Beat Extra Survival Mode (No Recovery) or play it 5 times.
Subchapter 2 In Weapon Master mode, gain 300,000 experience to reach Iron Edgemaster. Then beat Chapter 4-3.
Character Profiles Beat the game on Arcade or Extra Arcade mode with a character to get their profile


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Alternate Opening Screen
To gain a different START screen simply complete every mission available in Weapon Master mode, including the secondary missions unlocked after initial completion. The announcer's voice will also change.
Beat Game EASY!
be nightmare and hit -> -> triangle and he will swing his sword while doing a side step the computer will HARDLY EVER block it and you can easily beat weapon master mode
Character Profiles
Complete Arcade mode to unlock a Profile of the character you were playing as.
Character's Secrets
This isn't much of a hint, it's just something I discovered. After you unlock Assassin and Berserker, veterans of this series may recognize some of their moves. Well, after weeks of Internet searching, I can say that Assassin is really Hwang, and Berserker is really Rock, from Soul Edge! If you don't believe me, look at the two characters. They keep most of their bodies hidden, so they could be anyone! Plus, Berserker's weapon, the Great Axe, is the same as his final weapon on Soul Edge.
Extra codes
Extra arcade mode:
Finish arcade mode as any character.

Extra vs. mode:
Finish extra arcade mode as any character.

Extra survival mode:
Finish survival mode with at least ten wins.

Extra practice mode:
Finish weapon master mode as any character.

Extra vs. team battle mode:
Finish extra team battle mode:
Gameshark2 v3 codes
To use these codes you must have a Gameshark2 version 3 code enhancer for the playstation 2. You can find more info on

(M)- Must be on!
f447b63e b66c4d16

Infinite health P1-
54d03468 96b44718
1923d624 932bb1f0

Infinite soul charge P1-
54d01628 96b44158
3933d635 03abb1d0

Unlock Character (Assassin)-
04101069 1434432a

Unlock Character (Beserker)-
04101069 1434632a

Unlock Character (Lizardman)-
04101068 1434632a
How to Get Berserker
Berserker-in Subchapter 1 (Schedar) on your second time through Weapon Master mode, defeat the boss om stone temple.

you want Nightmares new costume well now you can have it.

In Chapter 8(Merak), Complete Grand Shrine Of Merak to unlock this Awsome New Costume!
To play as assasin voldo first buy the new costume then buy the full moon weapon then in the character select(in any mode)press square three times then select the full moon weapon(weapon master will be perfect) ENJOY!
Secret Name Entry for Default Characters' Names
Type in ''SAKURA_AKA'' for your Name Entry in Arcade mode when you finished the game. This will cancel your Name as ''Sakura_Aka'' and changed to the default names of the character you selected. Example: Type in SAKURA_AKA when using Seung Mina, and your name will automatically changed back to Seung Mina instead.
Slow Motion Replay with Camera Control
Press R during a replay after a fight and control the camera by pressing the Left Analog-stick. You can also use the right analog stick to change the camera angle.
soul calibur 2 secrets
Fighters Taunt:
At the loading screen, press any button. The characters will talk (or hiss).

Unlock Arcade Version Opening Movie:
To open the home version of the opening movie, beat Extra Time Attack Mode, or simply play five times.

Unlock Home Version Opening Movie:
To open the home version of the opening movie, play Extra Survival Mode and beat it, or lose five times.
Unlock 1 secret characters
To unlock Berserker go to chapter 2 then go down to sub chapter 1 and do the extra mission once you get beat the dungeon you should have Bereserker.
Unlock EXTRA "Team Battle"
Beat original "Team Battle". You don't have to do it perfectly; continuing is okay.
Unlocking More Characters
To Unlock Characters:
Berserker: Beat Stage 1 of Subchapter 1 in Weapon Master Mode (Extra)
Lizardman: Beat Subchapter 2 in Weapon Master Mode once you reach Level 72, then go on to complete WM Mode (Extra)
Assassin: Beat Stage 2 of Subchapter 3 in Weapon Master Mode (Extra)
Unlocking some characters
Unlock Yoshimitsu:
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 2. The last area in chapter 2 (eastern-most mission) is a dungeon area. The final "Boss" of the dungeon is Yoshimitsu. Defeating him will unlock him in all modes.

Unlock Charade:
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 2. The first mission in chapter 3 (western-most mission) will have you fighting Charade. You can only do a ring out to win this match. Defeating Charade will unlock him/her/it in all modes. Charade plays much like Edge Master/Inferno.

Unlock Cervantes:
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 3. The last area in chapter 3 (the eastern-most mission) will occur on the Pirate Ship level, and the last character fought will be Cervantes. When he is defeated, he will become playable in all modes.

Unlock Sophitia:
In weapon master mode, complete chapter 4. The final area (eastern-most) will be a dungeon, with the last Boss being Sophitia. Defeating her to unlock her in all modes.

Unlock Seung Mina:
In weapon master mode, get to chapter 6. Near the middle of the chapter, there will be a palace icon. This fight will be against Seung Mina. Defeating her will unlock her in all modes.

weapons sneak peek
You need "Extra practice" to do this cheat. At the main screen go to "extra practice" And play as charade, also go to a stage with an easy ring out. you will notice you will have all the weapons from Ivy, maxi, kilik, raphael, cervantes, and all the other characters. even though you diddn't buy them yet.
Win weapons mode quick.
To win simply be Cervantes, Nightmare, Or Raphel and repeat this button sequence: Forward, Forward,Triangle. ,