SoulCalibur II (GC) Cheats

SoulCalibur II cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Easy Arcade Wins
To win the arcade mode easily, and get a good time, just take Talim and run at the opponent and press Y, keep doing it, if you run at them, and press Y right when they start to get back up, they will fall back down. After about two or three times, your attack should knock them out of the ring.
easy ko
play as link and start by backing up towards the edge of the stage. if this isn't possible at first, like when the edge is too far away, just hit the oponent with repeated ->+Y+Y+Y+Y. then back up towards the edge. make sure ur not facing off the stage, but towards oponent. wait for them to come to you but if they dont hit them with link's arrows until they do. when they come, use links throw & if he does the right one (usually), then he'll throw them off the stage for a ringout. if they dont fly off but they r near the edge on the ground, do links DOWN +Y attack before they get up & they will slip off. its funny and easy!!!!
easy ring out with link
this is a good strategy for dungeons in weapon master mode. just stand with your back to the edge when your near it and use his A/B throw.
Easy wins with Nightmare
Now, before I begin, this isn't useful unless you time it right, but once you get it down it's pretty easy. This is especially useful in the story mode, for all those stupid little battles that you don't wanna waste time on. Pick Nightmare, and preferably a hard-hitting weapon - sometimes you might want one that heals instead, though, but anyways... when the battle starts, right off just hit the direction dowards your opponent and hit "A" (horizontal attack). This is a wide sweep that knocks them down (unless they block, but even so...) then, without letting off your directional movement, hit "Y" (vertical attack). This attack causes Nightmare to spin and bring his sword down, smacking the enemy REALLY HARD. This one is especially useful in stages with explosive floors. Keep doing this until your opponent is KO'd. Even if they move ot the side while executing the vertical attack, don't worry too much. This move tends to track, so 50% of the time even if your opponent side-steps you can still get them.

Keep in mind this doesn't work in certain situations, but it's easy for simple battles.
Free Gold
Go to the weapon master and go to the first thing. Start the fight then press "Give up". You'll get money for FREE!
getting through weapon master mode
Pick Rafael and just hit (this is toward your opponent, meaning if your on the left side, hit right, if on the right side hit left) -> Y Y Y (vertical slices) and he will keep smacking his opponents in the head ruthlessly, easily claiming victory for you!
Link's super move
It doesn't really matter what weapon you use here. It works against all computer opponents except easy opponents. They get up too quickly! First use Link's Guard+A throw. Then immediately charge up his dashing stab move. It should hit your opponent just as they are getting up and it can't be blocked either.
Make a Lot of Money in Weapon Master Mode
To get a lot of money in weapon master mode, play Chapter 9, stage 2 Ancient Amphitheatre repeatedly. You get a big gold bonus each time you complete it, usually around 30,000 gold. Since the amount of gold awarded as a bonus depends on the number of times you hit the enemies, it's best to use a quick character who can strike many times in a row, like Raphael.
Necrid's Cheap Punch
An easy way to win many of the harder challenges, just keep pounding at your opponent with Necrid's ->+Y attack, it sends them flying, and after two or three they will get a ring out.
One hit K.O. with Nightmare
Simply enter weapons master mode or an extra mode and choose nightmare with the complete souledge and enter his command list in power moves. use the top move after soul charging and you've got a one hit K.O. !
Quick Money in Weapon Master Mode
To get a lot of money quickly in Weapon Master mode, replay the levels where you get a high gold bonus. Once you win a match, keep doing it until you get rich!
Quick/Easy wins with Yoshimitsu
Sometimes fights can be a real pain in the butt. If you have this problem, I have an easy solution. Yoshimitsu. Now, this move isn't hard to operate so never fear! As soon as the battle starts, step towards the opponent, hold that direction and press "A" (horizontal attack) repeatedly. It's not annoying fast or anything, but it does SPIN the opponent, delaying their recovery time. Before they even recover - oh look, he's hitting them again!
This is especially amusing when you use his joke weapon, the Shepherd's Crook, as you can hear sheep bleeting each time you hit them.
safe landing
if you are knoked high in the air, press X right when you are landing and you should land on your feet.
Super Attack
In weapons master or an extra mode, select nightmare with the complete soul edge weapon.
Soul charge and do an earth divide atytack and it seriously damages you opponent!
When your right about to fight, press any button and your character will talk, grunt etc.
Weapon Master Condition: Can't Guard
When the condition of the battle is that you cannot guard, use a weapon that is really strong but has no defense. It will help you out because you can do the most damage where blocking is irrelevant.
Win with the Heavy Hitters!
Astaroth: Astaroth may do chunks of damage, but his weaknesess are all about speed and being a big target. You should learn to keep Astaroth moving and avoid quick attacks.

Necrid: He's got a short collection of attacks, but that doesn't mean that they're good. Since it doesn't take long to memorize his attacks, you shouldn't really have any problems.

Nightmare: He's pretty fast for a heavy guy, and he's got a really long-ranged sword. Although fast characters who close in and stick to their target can give him a hard time. Learn how to keep his huge sword moving and make sure he stays on top.
Yoshimitsu's spin move
When performing the "Turning Suicide" move with Yoshimitsu, wait until he is about to fall on his knees and then press A repeatedly and he will spin around with flames on him before falling to the ground.

- This may cause you to lose health. This trick isn't useful, but it is cool to watch!


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Spawn's Earthquake Kill
When fighting as Spawn on an Earthquake Board, if you Levitate at the right moment (I believe it's at the "2"), and use Levitation Necro Blast [hold], when the earthquake hits your opponent on the ground, ALL of the damage from your attack will be transferred to them, even if it doesn't hit them.

For the Levitation Necro Blast [hold], it's incredibly effective, since it's such a difficult attack to aim, and if you're using the Abomination weapon, it's a one-hit-kill.

This is a really easy way to earn cash & experience, because you can usually start and finish a match in the first 5-10 seconds if you execute it correctly (you won't Perfect the match, because of the small damage Spawn takes from each attack made with Abomination).


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Alternate costumes
Highlight a fighter at the selection screen and press guard.
Alternate Opening Screen
To gain a different START screen simply complete every mission available in Weapon Master mode, including the secondary missions unlocked after initial completion. The announcer's voice will also change.
Alternate stages
Some stages in weapon master that can be unlocked have alternates.

To choose an alternate, highlight the desired stage and press right or left.
Not all stages have alternatives and some have more than one.
Characters voices
At the versus screen press A, B, Y, X, L, R, Z or any direction on the control stick to hear characters say things before the match.

To get the voice actor names, after unlocking a characters profile (by beating arcade mode with them) select "voice" at the profile then once at the menu, press L and a small box will appear for a few seconds with the voice actors name inside it.
Earthquake glitch
When you're battling an enemy with the earthquake every couple of seconds thing, if you die when it's shaking, the results screen will not stop shaking until you exit the screen.

NOTE: I died with a ring out, it may just be that, but I don't know.
Extra modes
Extra arcade mode:
Successfully complete arcade mode as any character.

Extra vs. mode:
Successfully complete extra arcade mode as any character.

Extra vs. team battle mode:
Successfully complete extra team battle mode with any character.

Extra survival mode:
Successfully complete survival mode with at least ten wins.

Extra practice mode: Successfully complete weapon master mode as any character.

Extra vs. team battle mode: Successfully complete extra team battle mode

Arcade version opening:
Play the game in extra time attack mode under the extreme difficulty setting four times.
Extra Vs. Mode
Simply unlock Extra Arcade from Weapon Master mode and beat Extra Arcade once. The Extra Versus Mode enables you to fight a friend with the Weapon Master weapons.
Fight as Assassin
To unclock Assassin, you must already have weapon master mode completed once.
In chapter 8, complete the stage "Crystal Mine", in both the extra and normal missions. This will open up a path to ub-chapter 3.

The second mission in sub-chapter 3 is called "Castle Of The Damned". Since you have already completed the game once, you will have an extra mission for "Castle Of The Damned", in which your opponents are faster. You must defeat the enemies, who are (in this order): Voldo, Ivy, Yoshimitsu, Taki, and Assassin. Complete the level to unlock Assassin.

He is available in all two player modes xcept for arcade and extra arcade. He is also available in practice and extra practice modes.

Assassin has six costumes to choose from.
Fight as Berserker
Successfully complete all 10 chapters, then replay sub chapter 1.
This should be a dungeon where you fight lots of berserkers. Defeat the Boss to unlock Berserker in all modes except weapon master mode.
Get Special Stages
To unlock the 5 Special Stages complete these weapon master mode missions:

Lakeside Coliseum - Chapter 1, Stage 3
Money Pit/Top Tier - Chapter 4, Stage 1
Labyrinth - Chapter 6, Stage 6
Hwangseo Palace/Phoenix Court - Chapter 7, Stage 2
Egyptian Crypt - Chapter 8, Stage 5
Link's perfect combo
This cheat is much easier to perform than it sounds, and pretty hard for any one else to dodge. This cheat is easier to do against slow people. all you do for this cheat is as follows: Knock your opponent down, an easy way is to press Up Y or Down Y or Down X, which will do a little damage, then repeatedy press Down Y, which will make Link jump into the air and will stab them with his sword. Each time you continuously do this chain of pressing Down Y, the opponent will stay down longer. I beat Hard Mode using this cheat. Oh, and I forgot to mention, if you hold Y while your on top of the opponent, it will keep hurting them for 1-3 more attacks, all doing the same damage each time.
To unlock Lizardman, you must meet the following conditions:
Complete ALL Weapon Master Missions, including Extra Missions, have at least Level 72 Experience (Edgemaster Rank), beat Chapter 4 Stage 3 again (after attaining lev. 72+), then complete all Subchapter 2 missions.
Play as Lizard man
Successfully complete sub-chapter 2 in weapon master mode. Lizardman will only be available in two player team battle mode, versus mode, extra versus mode, and basically any mode that involves two players. The only single player mode he is in is practice mode. Lizardman does not have a move list, but most of his grapple moves are similar to Nightmares.
Second Alternate Screen
To receive the second alternate screen simply unlock everything there is to unlock.
Soul Calibur weapons
Clear all of sub-chapter 4, Mt, Procyon, to unlock extra chapter 2 (sephues). You will now be able to buy all Soul Calibur weapons, ending arcade versions for Voldo, Taki, Talim, Sueng Mina, Cassandra and Sophita.

Link's great fairy sword is also there.
Soul Edge Complete
Soul Edge Complete weapons:
To buy soul edge complete weapons, for any weapon master mode player, complete both the regular and extra missions at the Ancient Amphitheater in chapter 9. This unlocks the path to Northern Algol.

Complete both missions there. The road to extra chapter 1 is unlocked after that. If you shop at this area, you will have everyone's Soul Edge (Complete) weapons to choose from.

Note: This was done after completing every previous regular missions and all extra missions up to this chapter in weapon master mode.
Start screen
For the second start screen complete every "Extra" mode to unlock the third start screen.
Start screen voices
Unlock every mode, weapon and character to hear Sophita say "Soul Calibur 2" at the press start screen.

Unlock everything (all characters, modes, artworks, costumes, weapons etc.) to hear Voldo breathing strangely at the press start screen.
Subchapter 2
Sub-chapter 2:
To unlock sub-chapter 2, completely clear chapter 4, reach level 72, then replay a chapter 4 mission.
Unlock Alternative Extra Time Attack
Beat Mission 4 of Chapter 9 to Unlock Alternative Extra Time Attack in the Extras area
Unlock the lizardman "Gyulkus"
To unlock Gyulkus (the lizardman) complete stage 3 of chapter 4 TWO TIMES.That will unlock sub-chapter two.Then complete all the stages in sub-chapter 2.That will unlock him.You may have heard that you have to get to level 72 or something like that, but you dont have to do that, belive me, i got this info from the makers of the game.
Use inferno
If you have an action replay from datel
you can manully put in these codes and they
will unlock inferno
Victory Pose
Before the your character does his/her victory pose after a battle, press and hold a button to do a certain victory pose assigned to each button.