Soul Blade Cheats

Soul Blade cheats, and Codes for PSX. Also see GameShark Codes for more Soul Blade cheat codes.


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Change Replay View
As you are watching your replay, press:

Triangle: Zoom out
Square: Zoom in
Up: Top View
Down: Horizontal View
Right: Spin Right
Left: Spin Left
Extra Points,New Life,Level Jump
Special meter is full, press L2 + R2.

Defeat all opponents in under ten minutes.

Holding Start + X + Circle at the same time.
Namco Voice Trick
At the start of the game you will hear a voice say Namco. Hold L1+L2 then press UP for Seung Mina's voice, DOWN for a quick voice or BACK for a normal voice.
Obtain each character's "Ultimate Weapon"
<li>Finish the "Edge Master Mode".
<li>Let the credite run.
<li>The game will return to your character standing on Spain.
<li>Travel to the countries adjacent to Spain and defeat the opponents there again.
<li>The Ultimate Weapon will be randomly hidden in one of those countries. You will be given your weapon when you win in the stage where it was placed. If you lose, the weapon will move to an random adjacent location.
Play as Evil Siegfried
Find Siegfried's 8th weapon in Edge Master mode.
Play as Han Myong
After Soul Edge becomes selectable, beat Arcade Mode using Hwang, then Seung Mina immediately afterward. There are conflicting reports whether you must see both endings for these characters or not.
Play as Sophitia in a Bathing Suit
Get every character's 8th weapon in Edge Master mode.
Play as Sophitia without Armor
Find Sophitia's 8th weapon in Edge Master mode.
Play as Soul Edge
To play as Soul Edge, beat Arcade Mode with each character, OR leave the game running for 20 hours. If you pause mid-game, this 'timer' will still continue to run.
Ultimate Weapon
People may have already described a way to obtain your ultimate weapon, but this way is much easier. Once you have fought Cervantes and Soul Edge, move your character back to episode 1, where you started. Save the game once you get there, and exit back to the main title. Reload edge master mode with the character you have just used, and the weapon will be somewhere adjacent to your starting place, nearly always episode 2. The point of this is that the episodes are easier to complete. If you fail to complete an episode, and your character performs the "time up" animation, then you know the weapon was at the location, but has now moved on, and so you need to move to another location adjacent to the one you are at. However, if you win or lose, and your character does nothing, the weapon was not at that site, and has not moved from where it is.