Soul Reaver 2 review
Soul reaver 2

The good:

good graphics, good story, good twists in storyline, new soul reaver functions

The bad:

far too many cut scenes and they're far too long, says too much to get the same point aross. cannot do what you want


Although the story is good and the characters are well defined the cutscenes are too long and too often, also its a bit of a one track path - you go where your told and nowhere else! The chaacters themselves have good twists - you don't know where your aliances lie throughout the game! The story is quite hard to pick up unless you paid lots of attention in the first one and you keep that attention in this one! Whether you like this game depends very much on what kind of game you like if you like a game where it is almost instantly obvious what to do then tis is for you but if you enjoy a game where you get the free will to go where you like and decide what to do when then then I suggest you don't go and buy this game!!

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