Soul Calibur review
Soul Calibur, 1 and 2

The good:

Awsome fighting, good graphics,and sweet charcters, like Kilik

The bad:

After a while, 1-player mode can get a bit boring. Also, Ivy is prettty cheap w/ her whip.


*Awsome arenas
*Wicked awsome charaters
*Easy to play, but hard to master
*Amuteurs can compete equally w/ pros
*Cool throws, I like the one where Kilik hits them w/ his rod, jumps off and the pole flies to him
*Its really fun to beat on your friends, ecspecially Heiheichi, he fights w/o wepons, and thats good for bragging rights.
*Every character has a good crop of moves
*Collecting weapons is fun, and gratifing when you get the soul egde
*There is a blance between characters, likeRapheal is wicked fast, but is really light or nightmare is strong but a bit slow
*Seeing your friends crumble after you pull off an awsome combo gives you happy feelings inside
*The 3d spectrum is good because you can dodge attacks
*There is actually reasons for guarding, so when they leave an opening, you attack
*Nightmare looks wicked, and there's no wrong there
*Its fun to make hot chicks like Talim beat up on the tough guy, like Asteroth
*Asteroths hat is cool, I want one

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