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Killing Easy the Last Boss

Well the last boss is so hard that i decided to give a little help with it.

Well here is the How to beat?:

1) For the first 3 attacks just use the jump and Down Vertical Slice (the one that you fall down with the sowrd), to reflect most of his attacks onto him.

2) Now he will use an a nasty beam silmilar to the Fanfir one, just calculate how near is it form you and how far is it from you.

3) Now he will use an a couple of flying-craswhing attacks, then avoid and use an a Spirit charged Stab to do most damage, rpeat, it veries between 2 or 3 times.

4) Now he will have 3 clones, he should try to attack you with either an a 3 attack or an spiral one if it is vertical use the same Slice of the phase one, if its horizontal just use the horizontal slice to give him back what he launched, now if he stay stunned use an a spirit charged stab, since it does most damage, now if he does this again repeat.

5) he can do 1 of 2 things here 1 he should use an a 3 Attack, or if they are 2 he wwill do either Phase 1-3, 2-3, or 1-1 or 2-2, if it is 1-2 Spirit charged stab.

6) He should be on the last one if not repeat all phases or just the one that he repeats.

7) by the way the best way to skip the 3 attack is lend you than hot you once, then go to the center when the beams are at an a good distance, jump and they will go to the border.
Unlock 4th weapon for each character
To unlock a fourth weapon for each character reach a Paladin, Master, and final rank for your quest.
Unlock Alternate Costumes
To unlock alternate costumes beat the game once.


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Unlock 3rd weapon for each character
To unlock a 3rd weapon for each character complete the quests following after chapter 5.