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Can be pretty frustrating, but it has moments of glory


The soul burns on.
Soul Calibur 3 is the PS2-exclusive fourth installment in the Soul Calibur series. After the awesomeness that is Soul Calibur 2, how can Namco even think of topping it? Well, being honest, they didn't here. Sure, they added some more modes like an RTS sort of main game, they decided to make the arcade mode a bit more than just fight this guy and that guy, they added a create-a-character feature, they added some mini-game sort of things, and they put more effort into the storyline... So why doesn't this top Soul Calibur 2? Because Soul Calibur 2 is much more fun to play, th...


What happens when Soul Calibur gets drunk and the hangover kicks in


Soul Calibur is known as one of the best fighting game series of the last couple of generations. Allowing characters to take up the various swords and axes to add a bit of bite and power to the fighting engine, Soul Calibur managed to rake in the audience it needed to flourish and grow into the powerful franchise it could have been... yes, could have been. Soul Calibur 1 and 2, as well as Soul Edge and Soul Blade, started the series on a legendarily high note, offering a slightly better storyline than the average fighting game and allowing for sword to sword combat, as well as 8-way movemen...


Soul Calibur III

The good:

Game Play

The bad:

The AI
Removal of Team Battle
Doesn't live to it's full potential


Soul calibur III is the sequel to Soul Calibur II that is the sequel to Soul Calibur and that being the sequel to Soul Edge hence it is the fourth overall installment in the Soul series of fighting games.

Soul Calibur was released exclusively for the PlayStation 2, unlike its predecessor Soul Calibur II, which was also released for both GameCube and Xbox, with a single unique character featuring in each version, and the first Soul Calibur on Dreamcast.
But a cycle has been made as Soul Edge was on the Play Station.

Soul Calibur is the name of the holy sword (based on Excalibur and Masumune), ...


The Soul still burns strongly but flickers a little here

The good:

Excellent variety of both old and new playable characters. Awesome graphics and sound. Easy to pick up and play. Tons of unlockables. Create player option. New gameplay modes.

The bad:

Very unbalanced CPU AI. A few old game modes have been removed. The new game modes aren't that good. No online play.


The 3rd installment in Namco's popular weapons fighting series, SC3 attempts to do more of the same as before and add some-keep the traditional weapons-based fighting but add some bells & whistles to make it more interesting and appealing. In doing that here it both succeeds and fails in that objective.

The graphics are once again visually stunning. The opening movie looks incredibly realistic and character designs are excellent with awesome visual effects. The frame rate is very smooth with no hints of flickering or slowdown even when the pace gets hectic. Sounds are excellent with a great ...


No Silly Guest Characters!

The good:

- A good amount of single modes to keep you busy
- Loads of characters to choose from, including bonus characters from previous games
- Create your own character
- Lots of unlockables

The bad:

- AI can get cheap at times
- Load times pretty long
- Corruption save file


Soul Calibur is a famous weapon-based fighting game from Namco (who happen to be the same company that created the Tekken franchise). The game takes place in the mid 16th or early 17th century, and delivers unique weapon styles, such as with a staff or a sword.

Single Player Modes

Tales of Souls:
Also known as the story mode, it has some replay value here. If you're like me and want to unlock practically everything, then you will find yourself comming back to this mode for different paths with each character. It's better than the previous story mode, because you get some nice cutscenes (thoug...


A New Chapter in the Soul Series

The good:

- New modes including "Soul Arena" and "World Competition"

- Each character has an unique story line

- Ridiculus number of characters to choose from

The bad:

- Data corruption in COTS

- Long loading time

- Character Creation is more limited then we thought

- The AI are very cheap


Soul Calibur 3 is the new game in the Soul series for the PS2. Many things were added into the game including multiple modes and a whole bunch of characters. Here are some of the main modes.

Tales Of Souls

Tales of Souls is one of the new modes in Soul Calibur 3. In Tales of Souls you must choose a character and fight through a series of battles until finding Soul Edge. In an added bonus you must choose the path that your warrior will take. Created characters and bonus characters cannot play in this mode.

Chronicles Of the Sword

Chronicles of the Sword or COTS is a neat mode where you create a ...

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