Soul Calibur III Cheats

Soul Calibur III cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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"Soul Siphon" Glitch
Yoshimitsu has a move in Tekken called Soul Siphon where he puts his palm on your forehead and sucks away your soul to replenish health. Here, whenever he performs Soul Siphon he heals you and consumes a bit of his health.

EDIT: By Renegade Bladesman-
there are two moves with yoshimitsu, the first sucks the opponent's health into himself, the other syphons his health into the other character, check the command lists for the exact names.
Angry shopkeeper
Highlight a weapon you already bought or cannot buy and continually press X then the shopkeeper will get angry
Character Behaviour
When you make a character, you'll notice a bar below the 3D model. There are two crosshairs; one on top and one below.

ON TOP= Where your character belongs. Red means good guy and blue means bad guy.

BELOW= The way your character speaks. Red means he/she speaks like a good guy and blue means he/she speaks like a bad guy.


Barbarian(Young Man 2):

<Starting a battle>
Good- "Wanna see my true strength?"
Bad- "A futile effort."

Good- "It looks like I'm the winner."
Bad- "Want me to hurt you some more?"
Chronicles: Easy way to Level Up
A tip rather than a cheat, more a easy way to get your characters to a higher level within the Chronicles.

Play through to Chronicle Four, then kill off all opposition except for the final character.

Then attack that character with two of your characters.

Do a few moves and then let then die. They'll still get the experience, then they'll retreat. When they come back do the process again.

It's not worth doing on Chronicles 1-3 as you don't get many experience points, but by C-4 you get a reasonable amount and it doesn't take too long to level up your characters
Easy Colossus Win
Whenever you fight colossus in single player missions in easy or norma play as cervantes then keep your distance as you simply shoot him repeatedly (forward+square+R1). It's a really easy way to score gold.
Easy Discipline Unlock
The best way to unlock disciplines quickly:

1) Set Vs. Standard to 1 match

2) Have player 1 and 2 both pick the same custom character you want the disciplines for.

3) Set your handicaps to 0% (or at least p2 if you're by yourself)

4) Play 50 matches. Since they're all one-hit-kill it should go by fast.

5) Exit to the title screen and you should have all the disciplines for that class unlocked
Easy Money in 'Chronicles of The Sword' Mode
Go to the Chronicles of the Sword and lose. Save and exit, buy stuff at the shops but do not save. Then go back to the Chronicles of the Sword and lose again. Every time that this is done, you should notice that the money counter should be the same even before you went to the shop. Handy for getting all weapons.
Easy way to defeat Abyss
Okay Abyss can be real easy or real hard, it just depends on how you fight him.
Okay all you have to do is at the start just repeatedly throw him and move near him if he tries to roll away. As soon as he gets up, throw him again, repeat. Another way is if he break free then pick Zasalamel and do his Back kick or forward kick near the edge to kick Abyss off.

NOTE: The latter tip is VERY HARD to pull off as Abyss might kill you, so perform the former before trying the latter
Face Night Terror in TOS with Cassandra
1) Fight Revenant
2) Choose -> Search for Sophitia
3) Fight Assassin
4) Fight Zasalamel
5) Choose -> Continue Search for Soul Edge
6) Choose -> Focus on Azure Knight
7) Fight Kilik
8) Chose -> Stop
9) Fight Shadow Master
10) Fight Astaroth
11) Fight Seong Mi-Na
12) Choose -> Search for Man
13) Fight Raphael
14) Choose -> Proceed
15) Fight Unknown Soul-Nunchaku CAS
16) Choose -> Approach
17) Fight Olcadan
18) Fight Zasalamel
19) Fight Night Terror

Suggestion: The best weapon to use would be Valkyrie if you have it unlocked.

Note: You can't lose or else it won't work
Get Abelia illustration
Complete chapter 18 and bonus or play 600 battles.
Glitch: Yoshimitsu
In this game, he is right handed. In Tekken, he uses his left hand to fold the sword.
Healing in COTS
Fortify a stronghold and stay in it.Your health will continue to go up till it reaches maximum
How to face Night Terror With Siegfried in Tales of Souls
After beating the Swordman, choose "seek power" as your reply. After the battle at the clock tower, choose "avoid chasing him". Then choose the first reply about the cursed sword. After a couple of battles and after the Indian Port battle with Maxi, you will be asked if you trust a man with information, choose, "give it a try."
Fight Raphael, the unknown soul, and the choose to approach the presences which is Olcadon. Then you fight Zasalemel and then Night Terror.

(NOTE: You can't die in Tales of Souls or else it won't work)
How to get Vs. Special.
To get Vs. Special, you have to get every illustration for every original character(not bonus). Then the next time you enter the item shop it will appear there for 60000 gold.
How to unlock Siegfrieds Weapons.
Flamberge-Can be purchased for 11800. Or defeat Siegfried in Tales of Souls. (Low probability)

Glam-Get to the 4th stage of Tales of Souls using him. Also, defeat an enemy in Tales of Souls (Random;Low Probability). Or play 325 battles.

Faust-Get to the 7th stage of Tales of Souls using him. Also, defeat an enemy in Tales of Souls (Random;Low Probability). Or play 450 battles.

Soul Calibur-Purchase Flamberge, Glam, Faust, and clear Tales of Souls using Siegfried. Or play 660 battles.

Galley Oar-Score GREAT in Soul Smash (Hard). Or play 1260 battles.

The Ancient-Defeat Olcadan in Tales of Souls using Siegfried.Or clear all the missions in Siegfried's tutorial.

Infinite money glitch
Get a nice amount of cash in COS (chronicle of sword) 100,000+ should be sufficient. Load up a saved game on COS and go to the shop. Spend as much money as you can on weapons, items, etc. Now instead of leaving the shop as you normally do, perform a soft reset(start+select)on the game. From the title screen, load up the game of COS and die as efficiently as possible (it sounds cliche but try to die as quick as you can). After the chronicle fails you should receive a small amount of money for none of your strongholds being taken over,plus, the amount of money you had to begin with. From there click retry and save your current data. After doing so you should have more money than you had to start with AND items you bought from the shop. Reapeat as many times as nessary. *important note* you will not receive your unlocked items in other modes until you save your game.
Kiliks Third Ending
Kilik's Third Ending
During Kilik's ending, instead of pressing A+G as indicated on the screen, if you press B+G, you'll see a third ending.
Level Up
In Chronicles of the Sword it is good to lose because your experience goes up and later on it will be hard to obtain higher levels.You should always face leel 60 fighters
Nightmares Path to Night Terror.
Fight Berserker
Search for Strong Souls
Fight Sophitia
Fight Zasamalel
Continue to seek strong souls in the area
Aquire a little more power first
Fight Thief + Thief + Voldo
Fight Cervantes
Fight Setsuka
Cut Down Boastful Man
(Grand Labyrinth) Fight Raphael
Fight Shadow
Fight Olcadan
Fight Zasamalel + Night Terror
Quick way on unlocking Joke Weapons and Disciplines for the Create a Soul class
In order to unlock the "Soul of...." discipline you must have met the certain battle requirements for the selected Create a Soul class. There are several steps you must do in order to unlock these classes. *Also note that the Swordmaster class do not gain any discipline account of the fact that they already have all of the other classes discipline so you use classes other than Swordmaster.

1) Have both players chose the same Create a Soul character.

2) Once you have done so put one of the players Life bar to 0% and set the match counts to 1.

3) Next have about 50 continuous matches and after you have done so open the Menu screen and choose "Return to the Title Screen" after you have done so you not only have unlocked 2 joke weapons but you have unlocked the other disciplines you could use for that class.

*Some of the classes would say "Soul of Zasalamel" or any other standard warrior. What this means is that your character is going to the exact same victory pose and moves and your create a soul character can now use taunts.
Slow Motion replay
When watching a replay, hold down X for the duration of it and it will all be in slow motion (the sounds will sound the same, but at different times).
Unlock all of the Create a Soul parts
You can get all of the Create a soul Parts by completing Chronicles of the Sword and by buying them in the Armor shop.
Unlock all shop girls at once...
An easy way to get all three shop girls at once is to first choose Yoshimitsu in Tales of Souls mode. You'll first encounter Yunsung-- He'll be a breeze. Now you'll be asked to look for your missing subbordanate, or look for Soul Edge. Choose to look for Soul Edge. Now you'll come up to two more fights, a team battle between Theif and Voldo, followed by the clock tower fight with Zasalamel. Beat them, and after Zasalemelle, you'll be asked again to either look for your missing subordanate, or continue looking for Soul Edge. Again, choose Soul Edge. You'll now be at an arena, fighting Rock. Beat him. Now you'll get another choise box, this one telling you that Yoshimitsu feels like he's being watched, and that you can either run off, or stop. Choose stop. You'll now be in a team fight against all three shop girls. They're all pretty tough, but if you use constant throws mixed with shielding, you'll have 'em in no time.
Unlock Lizard Man, Cervantes, Yoshimitsu and Rock
Beat them in Tales of Souls mode to unlock them.
Unlockable Characters
Abelia Clear Chronicle 18 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 1050 battles.

Abyss Defeat him after Yoshimitsu, Olcadan, Rock, Sophitia, Lizardman, and Cervantes are unlocked or play 725 battles.

Amy Beat Beloved on Easy

Arthur Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 550 battles.

Aurelia Clear Chronicle 12 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 900 battles.

Cervantes Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 625 battles.

Chester Clear Chronicles 19 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 950 battles.

Demuth Clear Chronicle 10 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 850 battles.

Giradot Clear Chronicle 15 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 800 battles.

Greed Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 500 battles.

Hualin Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play play 750 battles.

Hwang Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 600 battles.

Li Long Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 1150 battles.

Lizardman Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 675 battles.

Luna Beat Chronicle 11 in Chronicles of the Sword or play 650 battles.

Lynette Defeat her in Tales of Souls or play 1100 battles.

Miser Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 450 battles.

Olcadan Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 575 battles.

Revenant Defeat Revenant in Tales of Souls, or when 1200 battles have been played

Rock Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 475 battles.

Sophitia Defeat her in Tales of Souls or play 525 battles.

Strife Clear Chronicle 20 in Chronicle of the Sword or play 1000 battles.

Valeria Defeat hier in Tales of Souls or play 700 battles.

Yoshimitsu Defeat him in Tales of Souls or play 425 battles.
Unlockable Stages
Chaos Temple: Beat 775 battles or beat "Night Terror" in Tales of Souls.
Egyptian Temple: Beat 825 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Egyptian Temple 2: Beat 1025 battles or win The Sudden Death Rally.
Temple of Eurydice: Beat 725 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Mount Fuji: Beat 425 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Grand Labyrinth: Beat 575 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Grand Labyrinth 2: Beat 925 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Grand Labyrinth 3: Beat 975 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Lakeside Colosseum: Beat 475 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Lakeside Colosseum 2: Beat 875 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Lost Cathedral: Beat around 725 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Pirate Raid: Beat 627 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Silk Road Ruin: Beat 675 battles or win this stage in Tales of Swords Mode.
Unlocking Create a Soul Classes
Assassin: Level up your ninja to level 30 in order to unlock this class.

Gladiator: Level up your barbarian to level 30 in order to unlock this class

Pirate: Level up your thief to level 30 in order to unlock this class

Sage: Level up your saint to level 30 in order to unlock this class.


Beserker: Level up your Pirate to level 50 in order to unlock this class

Knight: Level up your Gladiator to level 50 in order to unlock this class

Samurai: Level up your Assassin to level 50 in order to unlock this class

Swordmaster: Level up all other jobs to level 50 in order to unlock this class
Weird Falling letters
This is just something I found interesting. When you go to name a character if you push the Triangle button it will choose the letter and you will see a little slash come from the top of the letter. This corresponds with X for up-slash O for slash-left and square for slash-right. Now press all four buttons at the same time. The letter will fall off the keyboard. If you time it right you can continually bounce the letter in the air or you can go to other letters and see how many you can make fall.


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Easy Slip Out win in Vs Special
Choose the discipline grieve edge on a created character and during battle press A+B together and your player should do a flying kick which should send your opponent flying out the ring in one go. To get this discipline just either be a sword master, monk or barbarian and unlock it.
Extra Options for Color Edit
When you go to the option to edit the colors of the standard fighters, after picking a female character hold down L1+L2+R1+R2 when the screen fades to black. You will now have a fourth option instead of just three.
Get Night Terror illustration
Defeat Night Terror in tales of souls mode.
In game reset
To reset the game while playing, press start and select at the same time. This will return you to the title screen with everything you had when you sat down to play this time.

NOTE: This cheat can be done anywhere.
More falling letters
When you use the falling letters cheat, hitting the buttons again whithout moving your curor to bounce the letter in the air.
Name Censored
Enter an obscenity as a name for your custom fighter to have it censored.

KB Edit: Enter Bugger, Hitler, or anything offensive and the game will say "That name is not allowed". Nothing is censored, though.
Night Terror GameShark 2 code
for gameshark 2 v3-4

F0422080 00422083

Night Terror (select + L2 + R2)
D046DBA2 0000FCFE
104B4860 00000027

1.To use it, activate the code in GameShark 2 v 3-4.

2.Go to Vs, practice, or Soul Arena.

3.Hover your curser thing over anyone's picture.

4.Press L2, R2, and Select at the same time.

5.Press X and selct Soul Edge (Complete)

6.Go to a battle field and enjoy!

WARNING:If you try this in any other modes than Vs, practice, Character Profiles, or Soul Arena, your game will crash
---------------- --------------------------------------
To make a character with Nightmare's weapons fly (even customized characters) :

1.To use it, activate the code in GameShark 2 v 3-4.

2.Go to Vs, practice, or Soul Arena.

3.Hover your curser thing over anyone's picture.

4.Select a character.

5. select a battle field.

6.When your at the screen before the battle (when it says "Vs. <insirt name here> ), press L2, R2, and Select at the same time.

7.If done right, your character should have all of Night Terror's attacks.

Note:To fly, press up on the right analog stick and R1 at the same time, or press up on the d-pad, triangle, and R1 at the same time.

I hope I helped you!

Play as Abyss
Unlock all the characters (not including bonus characters) then beat TOS mode or play 725 battles
Siegfried's Hidden Move
Rampart Busters Hidden Version [B~Back]:

This Hidden version is 7 more damage points stronger than the normal version,
with some other minor differences...

- Small Spark of Light
- Tiny Sound from the Background
- Different Sieg Voice

To perform it, its the same as the regular version but itmediately after an
attack. Doesn't matter what attack, if its blocked, another Rampart Buster
or if it didn't even touch the opponent. Move doesn't work with guard breaking.
Unlock Li Long
Play as Kilik in TOS.When you get your first choice pick search for information.Later you will face Tira when you beat her pick don't follow her.1 or 2 battles later it will say you are being watched,pick stop and it will be Li Long.You must beat Li on the first try or else you will have to do the whole thing over.

Good luck
Unlockable Chronicles of the Sword characters
Abelia-finish chronicle 18
Chester-finish chronicle 19
Strife-finish chronicle 20
Girardot-finish chronicle 15
Demuth-finish chronicle 10
Luna-finish chronicle 11
Aurelia-finish chronicle 12

KB Edit: Characters also unlocked by playing a certain number of total battles
Unlocking Arthur
Defeat Arthur in the TOS mode or play 550 battles
Weird Glitch!!!
Here is a weird glitch.

1.Go to Vs. Standard
2.Have both players choose a person who has the STAFF discipline.
3.Make player 1 have infinite health while player 2 have NO health (i.e. 0% handicap).
4.Choose Sacred Mt. Fuji as the stage.
5.Make the first player push the second player to the edge.
6.Make player 1 use right (or left, depending on which way your facing)+ O (hold).
7.If you did it correctly, the player will launch off his staff, kicking them both into the lava.
8.Now, when it's showing the replay, make it slo-mo when player 1 was launching off.
9.Make it not slo-mo when they hit the lava.
10.When the screen showing the who the winner is, you will still hear the player's screams! If you would like to see a video of it, go to Youtube and type in Soul Calibur III lava glitch.