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Sword of the Stars: A Murder of Crows

[edit] Background

The four interstellar empires continue their battle against the oppressive Zuul, while secretly seeking advantage over each other. However, a race once thought extinct returns with a vengeance. Utilizing dark, crow-shaped attack drones and mastery of space, the Morrigi seek dominion over the other five races.

A Murder of Crows is the second expansion for Sword of the Stars, adding new ships, weapons, tactics and technology for the five existing races while adding a new sixth race, the Morrigi who previously appeared as a series of mysterious random events in the first expansion pack.

[edit] Features

  • A New Sixth race – The Morrigi, who appeared as a series of mysterious random events in Born of Blood (the first Sword of the Stars expansion pack), continues to evolve the ever-expanding Sword of the Stars universe
  • New Ship Sections - Over a dozen new ship sections for all races to match against your opponents
  • Unique ‘Grav Flock’ Drive System for Morrigi Ships – The more Morrigi ships in a fleet, the faster they can travel, continuing the racial diversity unique to the Sword of the Stars gameplay experience
  • 15 new weapons
  • 27 new technologies and the new Xeno-Cultural and Drones tech trees
  • Sword of the Stars gameplay continues to deepen with Civilian populations, independent worlds, Espionage options, and demands for planetary surrender
  • Drone carrying ships in all three size classes
  • Construction ships, a variety of orbital stations, spy ships, Police Cutters, and more
  • A whole new set of GUI enhancements and additions

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Release Dates
  • North America: September 2008
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