Sonic Shuffle Cheats

Sonic Shuffle cheats, Tips, and Codes for DC.

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Sonic Shuffle Cheats

Note: All character pictures are in the right side bottom of Sonic's room.

Bonus characters
Complete story mode to unlock more playable characters

Play as e-102 Gamma
Buy Amy's last picture in Sonic's room.(You will find it on the bottom-right side. It should cost 150 rings.)

Play as Choa in versus mode
Buy all of the pictures for Knuckles. Alternatively, try buying last picture.

Play as Super Sonic in versus mode
Buy all of Sonic's pictures in Sonic's room. If this does not work, buy the Super Sonic picture. In either case, it may be enough to buy the last picture you see.

Play as Big The Cat in versus mode
Buy all the pictures for Tails. If this doesn't work, try buying the last Tails picture.


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Extra characters for versus mode
Super Sonic:
Buy Sonic's pictures.

E-102 Gamma:
Buy Amy's pictures.

Buy Knuckles's pictures.

Buy Tails's pictures.
Secret Pictures:
Put Sonic Shuffle's GD-ROM into your computer to find some hidden artwork.

Set your Dreamcast's date to December 24 of any year. When you play, instead of Lumina you will see Nights.

Like the Nights secret, set your date to April Fool's Day, April 1 of any year.
Complete the game and it will be in Sonic's room. It lets you change some settings.

Buy the first picture of the section "Another" in the album. This let's you play the mini-games you unlocked.

Win the versus mode to win a doll for the character you used to win.