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Presentation (10)- SEGA has really outdone themselves in this game. The story is really deep, and it'll take you a long time to understand it. There are also many things to do. Not only can you play stages (toppled with four other missions), you can kart race, do a boss rush, 2P versus mode, not to mention the cute, adorable Chao!

I also really liked how you could not only play in the Hero story to save the world, but in this game you can also play in the Dark story to conquer the world! I also like how not only you could do the normal racing stages with Sonic and Shadow, but you can also do shooting stages with Tails and Eggman, and treasure hunting stages with Knuckles and Rouge. SEGA had plenty of ideas for this game, and they were excellent!

Graphics (9)- The graphics were pretty stellar in this game. The CG cutscenes looked really nice. It really showed what the GameCube was capable of. Not much else to say on the graphics.

Sound/Music (10)- The game was pleasant to listen to. The voices were so much better than they were in Sonic Adventure. The music was also awesome to listen to. Songs such as Escape from the City, Radical Highway, and let's not forget Live and Learn, the main theme for Sonic Adventure 2 and one of the best Sonic songs of all time! So, awesome voices and stellar soundtrack!

Gameplay (10)- This game is one of the best 3D Sonic games to pick up and play. The racing stages are very fun, and will challenge you throughout the game. The fast paced levels of Sonic and Shadow will keep you playing these levels for a long, long time! The shooting stages are also very addicting. With cool features such as locking on to multiple enemies and getting up to 2000 bonus points, the shooting stages are really cool! For the treasure hunting stages, I'd say this is the worst. The stages are much larger than in Sonic Adventure. They are also harder than in Adventure not only because of the stage size, but you can only find one emerald piece at a time, but it does add a good challenge when playing these stages.

The Chao are also really fun and addicting. You can raise up to 24 chao (8 per garden), and there are so many combinations you can pull off, such as a Neutral-Run, Dark-Swim, Hero-Fly, and so much more! You can give them Chaos Drives and animals and watch how it effects their skills and appearance.

Outside of the Chao gardens, you can enter your Chao in races, karate tournaments, and take them to school in Chao Kindergarten. In the Chao Kindergarten, you can go to the Black Market, which sells eggs, fruits, and more; You can take one of your Chao to school and it can learn something; You can go to the Principal to learn about taking care of your Chao; Take your Chao to the Health Center to see how it's feeling, and check it's information, such as age and attributes; Take your newborn Chao to the fortune teller to name your Chao yourself or have the fortune teller suggest one. Overall, the Chao mode is something that will never get old

Overall (10)- This is the best 3D Sonic game ever! With a deep story, awesome voices and soundtrack, many types of gameplay, and Chao, this is a game that will never get old!

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