Sonic Adventure 2 review

The good:

Shadow is in this one.
They actually have fighting, not just jump to a certain spot of the enemy and they're dead.

The bad:

Knuckles and Rougue mode is quite annoying.
Tails and Dr Eggman mode controls are terrible.
The graphics are, umm, ack.


Lastability: 9/10.
Lots of stuff to do in the game, such as get perfect ranking
Graphics: 9/10.
All good. Colors are vibrant without hurting your eyes and the overall look, feel and design of each level makes you want to get into it more. Actually, the best way to describe this game's graphics is that they look *bleep*ing awesome! I wouldn't say that they push the Gamecube's hardware limitations though.
Sound: 7/10.
Soundtrack makes my ears jizz as it reeks of awesome. Totally gives the game a sense of speed and all that jazz. Voice acting is below-average though...typical Sonic as the voice acting has always sucked.
Gameplay: 7.5/10.
Sonic and Shadow really give you a sense of speed as you run through their levels, tearing out stuff and annihilating whoever decides to mess with you. Tails and Eggman add a bit of variety as they ride mechs and shoot stuff down. Camera is a bit wonky here and would've been better in first person, but it still plays nicely... and I guess Knuckles and Rouge's scavenger hunting stages aren't too bad either.
Overall: 4.5/5.0
The quintessential Sonic game. If you are without this game and like Sonic, there's something wrong with you, even if you're against the 3D titles.

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