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The good:

Types of Gameplay


Presentation (10)- SEGA has really outdone themselves in this game. The story is really deep, and it'll take you a long time to understand it. There are also many things to do. Not only can you play stages (toppled with four other missions), you can kart race, do a boss rush, 2P versus mode, not to mention the cute, adorable Chao!

I also really liked how you could not only play in the Hero story to save the world, but in this game you can also play in the Dark story to conquer the world! I also like how not only you could do the normal racing stages with Sonic and Shadow, but you can also do...


Knuckles does no good


Over time, I have thoroughly enjoyed the Sonic series. Oh, there have been flops like Sonic 06 and the PS2 port of Sonic Heroes, but there were also good moments, like the Sonic Advance series, the Sonic Rush games, and - don't laugh - Sonic Unleashed. But the best moments are in the Genesis trilogy and Sonic Adventure for the Dreamcast... So how does Sonic Adventure 2: Battle fare? About as well as most of the other 3D titles - it has its good moments, and it has moments that make you want to drown puppies. That is the nature of a game that designs one portion with love and dedication, whi...


Interest dwindles as time goes on


The Introduction:
I remember the Sonic series on the Sega Genesis. The main premise for those games was to go from A to B at lightning fast speed. Unlike most fans, I actually rather enjoyed the third installment well over the second one, and if the second one is fantastic, then imagine how good the third one is... Regardless, there have been some screw-ups prior to the mostly abysmal jump to 3D; Sonic 3D Blast and Sonic Labyrinth are two that spring to mind. To be frank, there was only one good 3D Sonic game - Sonic Adventure (both Dreamcast and Gamecube versions), and even so, that game wa...


Possibly Sega's finest moment.

The good:

-A plot so intricate and original it puts Final Fantasy to shame.
-Sonic and Shadow's levels allow you to get creative, similar to Sonic 3 and Knuckles.
-Multiplayer is fun if not a little unbalanced.
-Has options for both the experienced and the beginning gamer, with a 100% rank taking alot of skill.
-Chao have several variables and breeding them can be very fun.
-This reviewer played this game for the first time several years ago and still plays it very frequently.
-Brilliant Audio, 'Live & Learn' is the pinacle of Crush 40.

The bad:

-The developers tried to fix the camera control by making the camera itself a solid object, but this only created problems in the Knuckles and Rouge levels.
-The voice actors were in need of a director, Sonic's first introduction should have emphasised the 'Warp' not the 'Chaos Emerald'. Not to mention the lips weren't synced.
-Chao aren't very rewarding unless you have friends with the game who will race you.
-Biolizard is so scary he'll keep you at bay even when you play the game like a pro.


Now, plot isn't everything in a game... Actually, unless the genre is RPG it is almost completely irrelevant. But this game is what inspired me to take up writing as a hobby.

Firstly, let's look at the character relevance. Warning, SPOILARZ!

If Tails didn't exist, Sonic would still be imprisoned, or blown up alongside Amy, furthermore, Tails is the sole reason Sonic could find the ARK.

If Knuckles didn't exist, Rouge wouldn't have known who Eggman was until after his trail was cold, and thus wouldn't have obtained the extra Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and co also would have had a hard time tracking ...


Sonic Blitz


Are you old enough to remember when 2D sprite design made up almost all video games released? What about a time when Sega wasn't just another game developer? A time when Mario and Sonic emerged as bitter rivals in the console wars of the time. Sega's blue spiky mascot Sonic aimed to tear up the zones with super speed and brought about a range of 2D side-scrolling platformers. You weren't cool if you didn't blast through the stages at full speed.

Sonic Adventure 2: Battle is one of the 3D generation of Sonic titles to appear. It generally looks the part. Much like his rival, the world of Soni...


| - [ Choosing Sides was Never this Entertaining ] - |

The good:

- Being able to play on either the Dark or Hero sides of the video game's storyline

- The best graphics I have seen since Sonic Adventure DX

The bad:

- Roaming environment throughout the levels noticeably restricted since Sonic Adventure DX

- Cutscene animation quality really isn't the best for it's time


[ Introduction ]

This was one of the very first full-roaming 3D Sonic the Hedgehog video games I had ever played and I was instantly hooked once I did. This game offers large, innovative levels of play in which characters like Sonic and Shadow pull off incredible acrobatic feats in the loops, twists, turns, and jumps included in nearly every action stage. One of the main differences that parts this game from the title released previously, Sonic Adventure DX, is that you now have the option to play as a select group of characters on either the Hero(Sonic, Tails, Knuckles) or Dark(Shadow, Ro...

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