Sonic Adventure 2 Tips

Mystic Melody Upgrade!
Mystic Melody is key upgrade for finding most of the lost chao, so I'll give you the locations of the upgrade:
Sonic-Final Rush-After the last checkpoint (should be the sixth) grind down the rail until you see two platforms, one has a rocket on it, take the rocket to another platform and follow wherever it takes you.
Tails-Hidden Base-A while before the checkpoint with a chao box below it (the checkpoint is on the edge of the floor). You should have a seperate route you could to the left, take it!
Knuckles-Wild Canyon-Head towards the lonely statue and climb the wall behind it and eventually you should get to a picture, dig through this weird picture.
Shadow-Final Chase-When you come to loads of vertical cylinders (about half-way through the stage) go all the way up on one of them and you should find yourself at a much higher platform with the ability on.
Eggman-Sand Ocean-As soon as you start the level go on the spinning thing and wait until it turn 270 degrees and the camera should change position, you should see a bomber enemy in the distance, jump and hover towards it (might be better to take out the enemy first) and find your ability.
Rouge-Dry Lagoon-As soon as your in control, head towards one of the caves/indents near the ground level and find a dig-through-able picture, and dig through, guess what? you upgrade!