Sonic Adventure 2 Tips

Red, White and Blue Chao
if you want a red white and blue chao you have to buy a purple egg.only go in the garden with Shadow.only feed it fruits from the garden.when it makes a tear-shaped cocoon get another chao from a blue-and-yellow spotted egg and give it only sea otters and yellow chao drives. then only feed it fruits that grow in the garden. it should make a tear-shaped cocoon. then go to the black market and buy two heart fruits. put them in the dark garden. then give the one from the blue-and-yellow spotted egg one of the heart fruits. it should make flowers around itself. then give the chao from the purple egg a heart fruit. then pick up the purple chao and put it by the other chao. they should kiss and then an egg will come out. Then hatch the egg but dont throw it at the wall. when it hatches you should have a red white and blue chao!