Sonic Adventure 2 (GC) Cheats

Sonic Adventure 2 cheats, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Sonic Adventure 2 cheat codes.


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in challenge
this is what you unlock in challenge race.
UnlockableHow to unlock
beach ballbeat the first 4 races
jack n the boxbeat the first eight challenge races
ohter racesbeat the first eight races and there will be more
thats ithope you enjoy knowing
TVBeat all 12 challenge races
Unlockable 2P suits and extra Karts
cannons core does not apply for complete all missions and A-rank missions
also suits only work on the main characters, extras do not work

extras are characters you do not play as in 1p (w/o AR that is >=) )
Angel-Turn chao into hero with Sonic. Make chao`s score to 29,000. Let chao sit for 5 minutes.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Sonic KartComplete all of Sonic's missions
Sonic special suitComplete all of Sonic's missions with an A-rank
Tails KartComplete all of Tails's missions
Tails special suitComplete all of Tails's missions with an A-rank
Knuckles KartComplete all of Knuckles's missions
Knuckles special suitComplete all of Knuckles's missions with an A-rank
Shadow KartComplete all of Shadow's missions
Shadow special suitComplete all of Shadow's missions with an A-rank
Eggman KartComplete all of Eggman's missions
Eggman special suitComplete all of Eggman's missions with an A-rank
Rouge KartComplete all of Rouge's missions with an A-rank
Rouge special suitComplete all of Rouge's missions with an A-rank


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grind race
you can jump on the stautue and then jump on another rail or when coming to part you are under stone rectangle statue you can jump at the start of those onto the ones below it.
Super Saiyan Chao
Hatch a normal chao.Feed it Green Chaos Drives with Sonic until it looks like Sonic . give it red Chaos drives with Knuckles.IT will have red arms and legs and its peaks stick up like a Super Sayian.It looks better with a gold chao.
20,000 rings in 10 miutes
First you will need 8000 rings. After you have that amount go to the Black Market and buy a hat for 8000 rings. Then put your hat in one of the gardens. Then save your game. Now re-enter the garden and sell your hat for 4000 rings. Now reset your game. Your hat will still be in the garden and you will keep the 4000 rings. You easily make 20,000+ rings in 10 minutes.
3 hard modes emeralds locations
pumpkin hill:
1. go to church mountain then go on the very tip
of the church the use you sunglasses then fly to the emerald

2.near ghost train mountain theres a rocket above it is a spinning spike thing the emerald is in the middle fly and get it

3.pumpkin moutain near the bottom of the mountain where 2 skulls blow flames and cross them the emerald is in the wall in the middle dig and get it

Dry lagoon:

1. once you start climb up on a ledge
break the middle box it will bounce you fly and get the emerald the big oasis use the "treasure scope" and go below the turtle that and under the land is a spring with a path to the.....emerald

3.a high place in the small oasis in the middle where you can float

wild canyon

1.stand on 1 of the pillars and use sunglasses untill you see a spring

2.near the stone apartments under a X

3.coming soon....

3 hard modes emeralds locations
pumpkin hill:
1. go to church mountain then go on the very tip
of the church the use you sunglasses then fly to the emerald

2.near ghost train mountain theres a rocket above it is a spinning spike thing the emerald is in the middle fly and get it

3.pumpkin moutain near the bottom of the mountain where 2 skulls blow flames and cross them the emerald is in the wall in the middle dig and get it

Dry lagoon:

1. once you start climb up on a ledge
break the middle box it will bounce you fly and get the emerald the big oasis use the "treasure scope" and go below the turtle that and under the land is a spring with a path to the.....emerald

3.a high place in the small oasis in the middle where you can float

wild canyon

1.stand on 1 of the pillars and use sunglasses untill you see a spring

2.near the stone apartments under a X

3.coming soon....

A bad thing about the chao garden glitch
Sure it's fun when doing the fly out of the chao garden glitch but when you exit and come back your chao are in the water and when you pick them up it's like they've been woken up, it's bad if you want your chao to love you.
A Gold Egg Without Paying
first you have to have the game sonic adventure dx and a gba/gcn cable and a gba if so then go to the gift shop in sonic adventure dx in station square and get the gold egg from there and go to chao world with the egg and bring it to the chao transporter and transfer the gold egg to the gameboy advance and then put it on sleep mode then go to sonic adventure 2 battle and then go to the chao world there and go to the chao transporter and wake up the gameboy advance by pushing a+start on the gameboy then transfer the egg to the chao world and there now you have a gold chao without going to the black market that cost thousands of dollars in sonic adventure 2 battle it took me two minutes to do this
A Helpful Little Hint
I always wonder where to get the Unicorns for your chao. Here is one of the easiest places to get one. In the Dry Lagoon stage, in the Huge Oasis, there is a full ring of pegs on the first bit of ground you hit. Whistle there, and there you have your unicorn. Repeat this as much as you want, and you`ve got plenty of unicorns! Have fun with the unicorn chao!!
A Really COOL Chao
Here is a way to get a chao that will wow your friends:mate a purple-dark-running-running chao with a normal-hero-power-power chao.The chao that comes out should be bluish-purple with red hands, feet, and back.Now, get Shadow as the character you are using and pet the new chao until he comes to you when you whistle.Next, get 10 green chaos drives and use the cheat so you can use them more than once on your new chao.When it evolves, it should look lke a shadow chao with red and blue highlights instead of just red.
A verrrry strange chao!!!
Okay, first use the bathroom so you don't wet yourself.

Now make a dark chao and a herp chao that is half orange half green and buy two heart friuts.
Then breed them together and hatch the egg with a dark story character.
Voila!!! A weird chao

I like to give him lots of red vials but don't make him a power chao. He'll look normal and still kick butt!
A way to get Tons of seals!
Go to Aquatic Mine and go in the water. Go all the way down and somewhere you will find a seal. Grab it and pause and restart the game. You can do the process over and over if you want a swimming chao. I tried it I got 4 swimmming chao at level 100 already and you can re-use the seal if do not go too close to your chao (he will take it). Put the animal down in front of your chao and you can re-use the seal.

Enjoy your chao. (you can do it with any animal at any strage)
Ahahaha! Funny Knuckles!
Okay, what you do is go to the Pumpkin hill level and find one of those rusty gate sections. You walk Knux up to the gate and leave him there for a minute or two. Then, when he does his bored fighting/punching stance, it looks like he is shaking the gate!
All Garden Toys
Here's a list of all he Chao Garden toys (not the personal chao toys because I used my Chaos Chao to test this and I already got the personal toys for him long ago and I don't have any other chaos that are high enough in stats):

Neutral Garden Toys:
Beach Ball: 4th round of Challenge Race
Jack-in-the-Box: 8th round of Challenge Race
T.V.: Final round of Challenge Race
Another Chao copy cheat
Here's how to copy a chao using two memory cards a gba-gcn link and a gameboy w/o sonic advance
1. first transfer your chao to the gameboy without using sonic advance (just plug the gameboy in no game then turn it on and transfer)
2. take the chao you just transferred and move it to a different memory card
3. transfer the chao back from the gameboy thus completing the copy
P.S. this is the much safer way to copy chao than shutting of gcn because you run the risk of losing data
Blitz Chao
The first thing you need to do is get a regular chao. Let it grow up into an adult. Make it into whatever you want. Next, get a white OR shiny white and do the same. Then, mate the two chao. If it looks like a regular, then congratulations! You may very well have a Blitz(white twotone)Chao. There's an easy way to tell. Get a dark character(Shadow, Eggman, or Rouge), and pet the chao. If its tips turn white instead of red, then you've got a Blitz Chao!!
Blitz chao
The blitz chao is a cool colored chao, breed a white chao with a normal chao and when it hatches, it's normal colored, to test it's blitz pet it with a dark character and it will be a lighter color black with white hands,
The coolest one to me is the sonic and shadow blitz zhao, Sonic blitz is white with purple toes and yellow tipped ears and the shadow is normal except the crescent on its chest and stripes are light blue.

Born Different
Do you want a colored chao, but its not available in your Black Market? This is a tip on how to get it:Shiny chaos. You can breed shiny chaos with other chaos, and they can make different colored chaos, even if the breeding chao was not breed by the color of the offspring. It worked for me because i have a shiny black chao who only gives birth to sky blue chaos and a red chao that can give birth to Grey and white chaos. The red chao was bought from the black market and the black chaos from a two tone black chao that's from a black chao, none bred with sky blue chaos. Try it to see if it works for you.
Boy, that truck is SLOW!
Play through City Escape until you get to the part where the G.U.N. truck chases you. When the truck first appears (when it is flying through the air) Homing attack it once, and then start going down the hill at a pace. The truck will follow Sonic at the same pace. Not very useful, but fun to do! Also, Don't stop or go TOO slow. otherwise, it will hit you.
(You might be able to see Big on the way down.)
building bounce!
this is actually a glitch

in the city escape level, when you go around the loop before you run down the building, right when you finish the loop, repeatedly use the bounce attack. if you are lucky, you will bounce on the building. if not, keep trying.

knuckles rules!
Certain animal part
To get a certain part without much as much of a hassle, first get the animal you want (say for instance a phoenix if you want the wings). Then reuse the animal over and over until your chao has the part you want. (to reuse, place the animal/chaos drive right in front of them---not too close! Then you should be able to use it again. It's best to do it with Tails) Then after you've done that, quit and save. Go to "Pumpkin Hill" and dig and get the life. Then go to the left where there is a rocket. Take it and you should be on "Church Mountain". There is a skeletal dog there. Restart and keep getting skeletal dogs until you have a fair amount. When you do, go to the Chao garden as tails and reuse a skeletal dog on your chao. If it loses a part besides the one you want, quit and save. Come back (as Tails again) and reuse another skeletal dog. If it reuses the part you were aiming to keep, reset thw game. Keep doing this and you won't have to keep on getting the same animal!!
Chao Egg Hatchings
Part of your chao's personality depends on how you hatch it. If you wait for it to hatch by itself, it won't have any affect with you (it won't love you or hate you in the beginning). If you shake the egg gently for a couple of seconds, it will show love towards you in the beginning. If you throw it against the wall, it will hate you a little in the beginning.
chao love
if you want a chao to love you,then find a chao with a yellow dot.Pet it until it's dot changes to dark blue.By then they should love you.To find out,whistle to it while you are not to far away.First it should have ? over it's head, then !, then it will say,"Aaaa!"and run towards you with a heart over it.
Chao love fast
This tip I discovered mostly by accident when I was messing around in the Chao garden figuring out how to get my chao to like me more, faster. It also causes the chao to become dark or hero faster, depending on which character you use.

First, get the chao to sit down by giving it a fruit of some sort. it doesn't really matter what type because it won't be eating for long.

next pet it by holding the B button until it has a heart over it's head.

When it has the heart over it's head pet it again, and pet repetitively by pushing B repetitively. Make sure the heart appears each time. It's color ball should change relatively quickly along with it's Hero/Dark attribute. pet it with the heart over it's head about thirty times or so, and to test walk away and whistle to make sure it comes running. If it doesn't pet it repetitively with the heart appearing over it's head until you are satisfied. This tip is really helpful to me, I hope it can help you.
Chaos Chao
Step 1:
Hatch any type of chao how ever way you want as this doesn't matter

Step 2:
Raise your chao really well so it loves you and follows you round skipping like a girl (LOL)

Step 3)
This is the hard part... you have to love your chao so instead of dieing it is reborn and it has to happen TWICE so when you take it to the doctor it says it has transformed 2 times (NOTE: you know that your chao transformed as it is 5 chao years old and goes in a pink caccoon and is an egg when it transformed.)

Step 4)
Ok nearly there! Now all you have too do is give it ONE of EACH 21 animals and no more and no chaos drives. Here are all of the animals:

skeleton dog
sea monster / half fish
Character Chaos
1) Sonic Chao: hatch a normal chao and give it green chaos drives as Sonic. Do this untill it looks like Sonic.
2) Super Sonic Chao: hatch a gold, or a shiny yellow chao and give it green and red chaos drives as Shadow. Do this untill it looks like Super Sonic.
3) Shadow Chao: hatch a normal chao and give it green chaos drives as Shadow. Do this untill it looks like Shadow.
4) Hyper Shadow Chao: hatch a shiny grey chao, and give it red and green chaos drives as Shadow. Do this untill it looks like Shadow.
5) Knuckles Chao: hatch a normal chao and give it red chaos drives as Knuckles. Do this untill it looks like Knuckles.
6) Tikal Chao: hatch an orange chao and give it red chaos drives as Knuckles. Do this until it looks like Tikal.
7) Tails Chao: hatch a normal chao and give it purple chaos drives as Tails. Do this untill it looks like Tails.
8) Rouge Chao: hatch a normal chao and give it purple chaos drives as Rouge. Do this untill it looks like Rouge.
9) Metal Sonic Chao: hatch a sky blue chao and give it fruit(Dark) and green chaos drives as Shadow, or a dark character. Do this untill it looks like Metal Sonic.
10) Blaze the Cat Chao: hatch a purple chao and give it tigers,cheetahs,boars,and green chaos drives. Do this untill it looks like Blaze the Cat. Make it neutral.
11)Jet the Hawk Chao: hatch a lime green chao, and give it fruit and condors. Do this untill it looks like Jet the Hawk. Make it neutral, or hero.
12) Chaos Zero Chao: hatch an aquamarine chao. Do the steps for getting a Neutral/Light Chaos Chao with this chao only. To get an aquamarine egg, play Sonic Advance untill U get 14,000 coins. go to chao garden and buy an aquamarine egg, and send it to the Gamecube. Give this chao yellow chaos drives untill it's 3rd life.
13) Hyper Knuckles Chao: hatch a shiny pink chao, and give it red chaos drives as Knuckles. Do this untill it looks like Hyper Knuckles.
14) Hyper Tails chao: hatch a shiny orange chao, and give it purple chaos drives, and make it take phoenix wings. Do this untill it looks like Hyper Tails.
15) Amy Chao: hatch a pink chao, and give it green and red chaos drives as Sonic. do this untill it looks like Amy. Make it win a shovel for her mallot.
NOTE: For chaos 1-9,13&15, you don't use animals. For super sonic,Hyper Shadow,Hyper Knuckles,and Hyper Tails chao, change their balls into flames. To do this, give them Sea Monsters found in Rouge's Egg Chamber in the Snake Alter. Email me if there is any problems:
Choas 0 chao
To do this you need any color of blue chao, then make it a dark/run/power, when it comes out of its second cocoon it will be a choas 0 chao
Clear Chao
To get a Clear Chao, either buy or breed a shiny chao, then buy or breed a metalic chao. You get the shiny chaos from the Black Market, and the metalic chaos from the Gameboy. Breed these together, and you'll get a Clear Chao! It won't be perfectly invisible, you can kind of see a clear green outline that has small sparkles, but besides that, you can see through it!
Clone your chao!
1st, make sure you have 2 memory cards, a GBA (Gameboy Advance), and a GBA-Gamecube Link Cable.

1)Connect your GBA to the Gamecube using the link cable
2)Take the chao you want to clone into the machine
3)Make sure that Sonic Advance or Sonic Advance 2 ISN'T in the GBA
4)Drop off the Chao into your GBA
5)go through all the warnings about Chao Copies
6)Tell the game to copy the chao into the GBA
7)After your Chao gets spit back out the machine, save and leave the garden
8)Go to the data on your 2nd memory card
9)Go to the chao garden and pull the chao copy out of the GBA
10)Use the "Move" option to send the clone to the 1st memory card.

There. now you have cloned your chao. You can repeat this as many times as you want as long as you have room in your garden.
Coco chao
First, have a legless chao. then, raise it with rouge. keep petting till it turns brown. now keeps loving it. make sure it has a high stamina lvl 8-9 and i think lv 4-5-6 swim. when it evolves, you'll get a dark chao with blue quills (kinda) and it will be swim type.
Cool chaos, chao charecters and cool breed tips,
color,changes are a color of chao that changes color

LINK CHAO-make a green,change a neutwil/swim/none
THUNDER ROD CHAO-make a normal chao a hero/run/none
SUPERSAIN CHAO-make a gold a nuetwil/run/fly
GODZILLA CHAO-make a lime green,change a dark/swim/none
NINJA CHAO V.1-make a normal chao a dark/swim/none
NINJA CHAO V.2-make a black chao a dark/swim/none
NINJA CHAO V.3-make a blitz chao a dark/swim/swim
GHOST CHAO V.1-make a normal chao have no legs
GHOST CHAO V.2-make a blitz chao a dark/fly/swim with skull
GHOST CHAO V.3-make a white chao have no legs
GHOST CHAO V.4-make an invisable chao have a skull on its head
GHOST CHAO V.5-make a transparent chao have no legs and have a skull on its head
PHANTOM CHAO-make a red,change have no legs and be a dark/fly/fly
SCORPION CHAO-make a orange,change chao a dark/fly/power
SAPPY CHAO-make a normal chao a dark/run/fly
FAKE DEVIL CHAO-make red,change a dark/fly/power
TORNADO CHAO-make transparent chao a dark/power/power
LEAF CHAO-make a green chao a dark/power/run or fly
SQUWID CHAO-make a orange,change a neutwil/run/swim
REAL SUPER SONIC CHAO-make a brown,change,shiny a nuetwil/run/run
REAL SHADOW CHAO-make a red,change a dark/run/none
REAL HYPER SHADOW-make a grey,change,shiny a dark/run/none

-tip:to make a color change mate a color with a normal tell you get a chao with more than one color; the (color),change is the main, like if it is red with black hands its a red,change-
BLITZ BREED-mate a white with a normal(make it dark)
KU BREED-mate a purple with a red or normal
SHINY BREED-mate a color with a shiny white
GAURDIAN BREED-just like blitz but not dark
CHRISTMAS BREED-mate a red with a green, red,green,change
NEO NEON BREED=-mate a lime green with a normal and make it dark
STAR BREED-mate a yellow with an orange-very hard-
GOD BREED-just like blitz but hero
Cool looking chao with awsome stats
First buy a white egg and hatch it with sonic. name it Flame. then buy a lots of chao fruit for it. then give it a LOT of phoenixes then make every thing level.99. make it a hero/flying type then finish jewel,beigener,challenge, and hero race with it. if done right u should have a really cool looking chao because it will a have a flame on its forehead with phoenix legs and wings, also with good stats. and soon it will be ur favorite chao! Enjoy Flame!
coolest chaos ever
-color,changes are colored chaos that are breeded by a colored chao and a normal to make a chao the is like its colored father.the color,change chao has the same color of hands as its color father when it is a dark unevolved-
-blitz and guardian are the same but guardian is neutral and blitz is dark.they are breeded with a white chao and a neutral chao-
1: godzilla chao-make a lime green ,change a dark/swim/none
2: ninja chao-make a blitz chao a dark/swim/swim
3: choas 0 chao-make a metalic blue a dark/run/power
4: thunder rod chao-make a normal chao a hero/run/power
5: bee chao-make a yellow,change chao a dark/power/none
6: tornado chao-make a transparent chao a dark/power/power
7: phantom chao-make a red,change a dark/fly/fly
8: super sain chao-make a gold chao a neutral/run/fly
9: shark chao-make a blue chao a nuetral/none/swim
10:king kong chao-make a brown chao a dark/power/swim
running blitz-is black with yellow not blue or red
power blitz-black with red and blue part
flying blitz-black wioth mostly purple but a little white
swimming blitz-black with a light light blue stomic and hands
running guardian-white with light blue strips, light purple feet and orange tummy
power guardian-white body light parts
flying guardian-not as colorful as the running but just as cool
swimming guardian-(no info-yet)
sonic-make a blue,change a neutral/run/run
super sonic-make a brown,change,shiny a neutral/run/run
shadow-make a red,change a dark/run/none
hyper shadow-make a grey,change,shiny a dark/run/none
knuckles-make a red chao a neutral/none/none and give it a red egg shell
tails-make a yellow chao have phinix wings
dargon-make a purple chao have all the dragon parts
unicorn-make a white chao have all the unicorn parts
ape-make a black chao have all the apes parts
bunny-mkae a pink chao have all the bunny parts
bear-make a purple chao have all the bear parts
trident chao-color:gold
animals given:-------
ghost v.1 chao-color:white
animals given:bats-after evolution
ghost v.2 chao-color:transparent
animals given:bat
ghost v.3 chao-color:invisable
animals given:-------
elder chao-color:blitz
animals given:-------
Crazy Capsules
Okay if you have a transformed Chao, you know what I am talking about. If you dont I will explain. Capsules are things your chaos go in when they are old enough. If you see a gigantic chao head forming around your chao it will start transforming. I will tell you some diffrent situations to see what is happening to your chao:

1. yellow top, blue bottom: Transforming for first time. It will be dark, hero, swimming, or any other staus you can get from animals
2. blue top, white bottom: This one is the saddest. It makes your chao go away forever! To fix it reset your game without saving
3. yellow top, pink bottom: This is my favorite! it is the oppisite from the first one. Your chao is reborn into an egg. Dont worry, it just becomes a kid/baby again! Like if it has a ghost tail thing it will still have it!

Those are the only ones I know of. Hope it helps!!
PS to stop 2, pick up the chao before it is disappeared from the capsule!
dark chao
I found a way to make chao evil faster. Just follow these steps.

1) get a chao egg like the ones you start with
2)rock the egg for it to open
3) pet the chao with either Shadow, eggman, or rouge until it has a heart
4)then wait for the heart to go back to a dot and pet it again its color should have gone darker repeat until very dark!!
Dark Choa Cheat
This isn't really a cheat, but it's fun. First, get a hero choa that loves Sonica and give it the heart fruit. Then, get a dark choa that loves Shadow and give it a heart fruit. Let them mate.

When you get the egg, use Shadow to hatch it and pet it. When your done, keep petting it until it becomes dark. Unlike the normal Dark Choa's the turn red near their hands and feet, this one turns blue. It's pretty neat
Dark garden cage glitch
First of all you must unlock the dark garden by maturing a chao into a dark one. Then when you enter it you will see a cage hanging from a tree. You may jump into it and it will look like whoever it is, is trapped.

Note: With Dr. Robotnik you have to jump from the gravestone adjacent to the cage.
deafeat karate
deafeat all karate(except flash the onyx chao):


swim: lvl 81
Do Swan Dive
This isn't really a cheat, but it works. First, get Dig Claws with Knuckles/Rouge. Next, go to Hero Garden. There's a tall white thing with stairs. So go to the end where you can jump into the water. But when you jump, quickly press the B button. It will appear as if you are doing the Swan Dive!
Don't let Chao Die!
If you make chao like you with a certain character, but use a different character when the chao is dying, the chao will die because it doesn't 'love' that character. Do be sure to either use the same character when your chao is around age five, or make your chao like all the characters!
Leave the gamecube on while you sleep.Six hours later it will be an adult.
WARNING: SAVE AND BE SURE TO HAVE A CHAO THAT CAN SWIM OTHERWISE IT COULD DIE!!! If a chao dies that you don't want die, just reset the gamecube!
easy adult chao
alright this has happend to me after i got my first chaos i got a egg at the market and left the chao in the kindergarten for a week and chaned its classes and an when i brought it back to the garden it turend into a adult

P.S. before i kept it in the classes i had it in the garden for a while when i was rasing a couple of other chao
easy chao leveling up
First you must have the tiny chao garden on sonic advance 2 and you must have a file of sonic adventure 2 battle.

1: trade the chao u want to level up onto the tiny chao garden

2: have at least 99999 rings on sonic advance 2

3: keep feeding your chao the square apple like fruit until your run power and swim are level 99

4: use the blue fruit to raise your fly and stamina to level 99

5: trade your chao (and any spare rings) back to sonic adventure 2 battle and keep feeding him chaos drives (go on iron gate to get loads) to max out his stats. and there you are a perfect chao

P.S if you run out out of rings on sonic advance 2 then just do some levels but you are not likely to run out of rings
this works as i have tested it
easy rouge and knuckles mission 2 completion.
First, get 1-2 rings. Then get damaged. Collect all the rings you can then go back to where you started. There SHOULD be a giant BACK ring that lets you start over. Hit it. You will start at the beginning of the level, but you'll have all the rings you had from the previous level =)
Easy way 2 beat tails 4 the second time!
This can beat Tails easily,but you gotta do it right! When he gets near the center of the area,shoot the green energy tube thingy,it'll cause an explosion knocking off his health.When he's away from the center stay near him,you can then dodge his giant lazer attacks.Repeat the process,don't try getting to close or he'll punch you. GOOD LUCK!
extra dimension
go to regular chao garden with sonic. stand on the lowest rock to the left of the entrance. face the ocean next to the garden. keep using the homing attack to the edge of the island. eventually, you'll shoot out to the sea. move forward until you hear a plop. the camera will zoom out to the sky. sonic will be "cloned". you can move around out there. go through the sky and fly to the garden to go back. this trick works with shadow.

note: in the garden, your chaos will be underground. [gasping from crowd] leaving the garden will fix this. [relieved sighes]
faster shiny chao
to get a shiney chao without the hasle of getting alot of emblems get a shiny white chao and mate it with a normal color chao and hatch the egg. itshould come out a shiny different color chao.


Shiny white chao+Orange chao=Shiny orange chao
FInal boss: Shadow
When you face Shadow, you will be running on an endless track with loads of ring lines. If Shadow warps into one, light dash through him. Do this a few times to defeat him.
Flame chao
1. Get a regular two-tone chao
2. Hatch it
3. Give it a lot of red chaos drives (Found an prison lane, tails
4. Feed it them until it is level 15
5. Whem his little ear things are as far up as they go take a dark character and pet it until it has little horns and normal looking wings
7. Feed him a few sea monsters (pumpkin hill 3rd chao key, knuckles)
8. He should have a flame over his head and be red and orange colored
Flame Chao
To get your chao to have that flame shape on his/her head instead of that boring sphere feed your chao a lot of those animals that look like the lok ness monster.
Flying Lessons
First get Knuckles, then give a chao an animal so it has big wings. The bigger the better. Then take your chao to the highest point in the garden and keep gliding to the ground. When it decides to come down it will fly down.
Flying Sonic
To make sonic seem like he is flying(but really just like flapping his arms) go to the normal chao garden. Go to the pool and on a corner. Then slightly tap the control stick forward. if done write, sonic should fall and get back up but look like he is flapping his arms!
get alot of rings quick
to do this you need sa2b obviously and sonic adventure DX

start a new game on DX and do it all until you are allowed to go to the antique shop in station square near the shop on a bit of grass on the garden of the big building you should find an egg shaped stone take it to the antique shop and put it down next to the gold egg and take the gold egg put the stone on the pedestal and take your egg to the chao garden hatch it and get a chao that can wear egg shells on its head take that chao with the egg on its head to sa2b thru the gameboy link sell the egg shel the chao is wearing for alot and then repeat till satisfied the black shell may be worth more
Get 50 Rings Over and Over Again
Go to the dark garden with rouge and when you get there jump and do drill drive around 2-10 times and you will find a skeleton that pops out. Then go to the black market and sell it for 50 rings. You can do this over and over again. Although, some spots won't have it so if it doesn't work than just go to another spot.
Get a better looking Ghost Chao
mate a blue and green chao 50% chance thet you
get a chao wit a Light blue body and green tips
fallow "get a Ghost Chao" instructions.
Get a glowing Sonic Chao
You must have a shiny regular Chao and a silver Chao.

1. Mate the shiny regular and shiny Chao (must be evolved first).
2. If it is translucent and shiny, keep going.
3. Raise him with Shadow and Sonic so he is neutral.
4. Make his running level all the way to lvl 99.
5. After he evolves, wait 2 hours.
6. Give him all running type animals and Chaos drives (better if you use the repeat process).
7. When he is blue with long hair, let him race in the beginner race so he has the normal race badge.

And you should have the perfect glowing Sonic Chao.
Get a lot of lives!
What you need:
Acsess to Sky Rail level in Dark story mode.
A lot of time.

What you do is go down the rail and once you got on the land go towards the camera.There will be a small platform there.Home attack on the box and you will get a life.As soon as you hit the box,exit the stage,because you will usually die.Go back to the level and do the same thing.You can do this as many times as you want.
Get chao levels to 99!
A good way 2 do this is to do the following...

1. Only give animals!!!
2. Get 5-10 of a required animal raising whatever you like. (It could be flying, power, running, or swim- ANY ANIMAL YOU WANT)
3. go 2 the hero garden!!!(It's best done there.) your chao by the fallen pillar to the left of the garden. (Your chao shoud not move.)
5.Get the animals and use the reuse cheat.

after 1/2 an hour-1hr. you have a beefed up chao.

ps. best done if your chao does not love you. B-cuz' if it does. It may run up to you and hug ur leg.
Get Chao to Do Stuff
Chaos can do stuff such as backflips while swimming, summer saults, and even breath fire! To do this, just give your chao an animal, and they have that animal's ability! So if you give a chao a Dragon, they can breath fire, and if you want your chao to do backflips while swimming, give them an Otter!
get eggrobo in kart race
To get the Eggrobo complete all of rouges missions ALL 5 on each stage.they dont have to be A rank just get the emblems
Get past the original chao garden wall
This can only be used by Sonic and Shadow.

Go to the place with flowers on the rock, when you try to get there, the "chao wall" will stop you, to get through, constantly home attack it, eventually you'll get past and be floating. If you go past the horizon, then most of your chao will be swimming under ground. To get them swimming, get back on the ground and float over there.
Get Rid of Animals
If you gave an animal to a chao and don't like its looks (like if you give a chao a parrot and don't like the wings), then give your chao a skeleton dog. It may take off some of your chao's other characteristics, but it adds stats to your chao, and takes off some stuff. You can find skeleton dogs in "Pumpkin Hill", one of Knuckles's levels, at the top of Church Hill.
Getting lost chao with Sonic
On first level. Get to massive tower. Start to use mystic melodey on the temple thing with a crystal in the middle. A spring will apear on temple thing, keep going up to the top and in there will be the chao. Grab it and the level will be completed.
Getting RICH
First go to your chao garden and sell all the things u you have there. After u sell your stuff restart the game without saving. If u dont trust me then try it on cheap stuff first.
Getting the Sea Monster with Knuckles and Rouge

STEP 1: Select Egg Quarters.

STEP 2: Follow the path to the left until you come to a red room with lots of pillars around a central cylindrical structure. Pass three pillars on your right once entering and climb on the fourth ON ITS SHADOWED SIDE to the bottom of the part where the shape changes into a sort of flat funnel. There is a monkey on the pillar to your right who will spot you and throw bombs at your pillar.

STEP 3: As the monkey's bomb hits the top of the pillar, jump off and wait for it to hit the ground to the left before picking it up with the B button. This may take a couple tries, so make sure you have some rings on you if it blows up!

STEP 4: Place the bomb near a cage further to the left against the wall where the sea monster is trapped. Run away so you don't get caught in the blast! The cage is now gone and you can take the animal. Enjoy!

(NOTE: If a hornet is coming--you can tell when the screen flashes green--get in the shadows and don't worry about the bomb! If you're holding the bomb when the screen starts flashing, just get in the shadows. The bomb can't go off while you're holding it! Also, if you're on the pillar when the hornet comes, just stay where you are. That's the importance of being in the shadowed side!)


STEP 1: Select Pumpkin Hill.

STEP 2: Go forward and to the right to take the rocket up to the top of Train Mountain. Face Pumpkin Hill (the really tall structure) and fly towards it to get the first chao box on one of the lower ledges. The blue chao box should become visible as you fly towards the hill. Open it and--important!--TAKE the key. It doesn't matter if you want to go to chao garden or not.

STEP 3: Now, fly forwards off the ledge towards church mountain on the left. Pass two platforms, and the next chao box is on the third platform. Open it and take whatever animals you want--you don't need them necessarily.

STEP 4: Pull up the start menu and select restart (this will take one of your lives). Repeat steps two and three, but on step three, instead of the boar, skeleton dog, bat, and cheetah that come out, it will be a sea monster! Enjoy!

(NOTE: You could just find the third chao box, but I have no idea where it is.)
Ghost type of Chao
Get animals such as bats, skeleton dogs and give them to your Chao. Your chao's body parts will turn invisible.
Glitch, shadow the chameleon
On White jungle with shadow go to the part with the ring bottle on a tree, jump on the tree and your feet should stick to it *TESTED BY ME* (It doesnt really help but it's cool to watch shadow stick to a tree!)
Glitch: Metal Harbor
Not really helpfull and quite difficult to do.

On Metal Harbor, jump into the water. Press start at axactly the same moment you fall into it. Restart the level. Than, you start the level, but you fall slowly as if you're still in the water. After two seconds, you die, while still falling...slowly. Pretty funny.
GLITCH: Target Camera Twice
In Eggman's Iron Gate level after you go down the lift after the level 2 security door there's a camera at the bottom of the lift when the walkway pops out above the next door you have to pop out. If you target the camera and watch closely you will see that it will target the camera twice, I repeat, TWICE!
go through the wall!
This works with sonic and shadow.

In the Dark chao garden, go left of the chao transporter, face the back of it, and do a homing attack where there is an invisible wall. This may take a few tries. If you do this correctly, you should go through the invisible wall. Now just walk into the stone wall and you did it!
You can also go through the sky.

When you go through the sky, you will be out of the game disc.

Sonic or Shadow will be falling and teleporting up until you are back on the garden.

When you leave the disc, if you go far from the sky, it will start to disappear. To get back when it is gone, look carefully for small dots. That is where the garden is. The farther you move away from the garden, the dots are harder to see.

All the chao in that garden will fall through the ground and swim when you go through the sky. When they go through the ground, you will hear the water splash.
To do this, you will need a normal chao and about 7 sea otters. To do this you also need to be able to user the item re-use cheat, if not learn how.
Get a normal chao and make it evil, then give it sea otters until it is lvl 25 in swimming or higher, next wait 'till it goes inside the tear cacoon, then give it the same lvl of flying as you did swimming(MUST BE DONE AFTER CACOON #1) Then wait till it lvlsa one more time and you have a Godzilla choa.

PS. the chao may look alot like the chao afther the second cacoon...if it doesn't work write to me
Good Boss Strategies
Here are the best ways that I've found to beat the bosses.

Bigfoot: This is an easy fight and the only problem you might encounter is the tiny area you fight in. Wait for it to land and finish firing missiles, then homing attack the glass.

Hotshot: Almost exactly like Bigfoot, but with a much bigger stage and an added attack that is really easy to avoid. Use the exact same strategy.

Eggman/Tails (first time): No tricks, just shoot the guy.

Shadow/Sonic (first time): Grab some rings, then start homing attacking. Your first attack will be deflected. Attack immediately after Shadow lands and you should hit.

King Boom Boo: Run around the area avoiding the fire balls, but don't run too fast or the King will turn around and go the other way. When he breathes fire, quickly run up to the ghost holding the hourglass and punch it. The King will either go into the floor or into the wall. Dig on his shadow to reveal him (he'll stop when you're on him) and then punch him.

Flying Dog: This fight can go VERY quickly if you attack constantly. It's actually easier than the fights with the other two guard robots. Climb the walls, fly into to glass. It's that simple. You don't even need to wait for it to stop attacking.

Egg Golem (hero story): Run around the stage avoiding the Golem's fists until you come to some platforms on its back. Jump on the first few platforms, and homing attack the yellow symbols that lead to the blue hat thing. Once you homing attack that, you will be back on the circular platforms. Just keep dodging and jumping. (Remember, you can always fall and grab onto a pulley if you're having trouble dodging the attacks)

Egg Golem (dark story): Fire constantly at the Golem to expose a total of three glowing spots. Shoot these until they stop glowing. Eggman is really slow, so the easiest way to avoid the attacks is to fall into the sand and hover into a pulley. When the Golem is about to hit you, let go and fall back down. When you're safe, just keep shooting.

Rouge/Knuckles: I'm sure there are several effective strategies for defeating Rouge, but the fastest way it to get as close as you can and keep diving her. It should be over pretty quickly.

Eggman/Tails (second time): He's not nearly as easy the second time. The biggest hint I can give you is to fight this fight before you get his shield upgrade. The extra health does carry over into the boss battle. The only other tip I have (besides constantly shooting) is not to let Eggman fire his power laser. There's really no avoiding it, so if you see him activate it try and hit him before he can fire.

Shadow/Sonic (second time): Again there's probably more than one way of going about this, but here's my method. Stay towards the center of the stage and wait for Sonic/Shadow to teleport in front of you. When he does, charge up a somersault and ram right into him. After a few hits he'll start dodging, so this won't work anymore. Instead, wait for him to teleport right into the middle of a string of rings (you might have to wait a little while) and light dash the rings.

The Biolizard - By far the hardest boss of the game. The first three steps of this five step battle are fought almost exactly like you fought Boom Boo. Run around the arena (but not to fast or the tail will chase you) and dodge the energy balls that the lizard shoots at you (he doesn't shoot until after you hit him once). Jump over the low ones and somersault under the high ones. Try to stay far away from the lizard while he shoots. Also, there's absolutely no avoiding or outrunning the shots, so just jump or somersault. During the first three steps, the lizard will stop after he shoots energy and a pipe on his neck will glow red. Homing attack the pipe, the homing attack the big red spot. During step four, the pipe will not glow red and the lizard will summon a net of red balls that homing attack you. Homing attack the balls and work your way up to the red spot, then homing attack it. Step five is completely different; the lizard will summon more red balls, but everything in the arena (including you) will be thrown into the air. Use the control stick to maneuver around the balls and homing attack the red spot. Congratulations, you just beat a tough boss.

The Finalhazard: Way too easy to be put this late in the game. Although I suppose it's pretty hard if you're not used to the controls yet. Speaking of which, the controls are completely different. You still move with the control stick, but if you want to go fast you have to press the A button (slam up) or the B button (slam down). You also have to be very fast. Instead of being able to take hits based on having rings, you start with rings and you quickly lose them. You must attack successfully before you lose all of your rings. I think you get 30 seconds max. You can fly behind the space colony to switch places with either Shadow or Sonic, but this just wastes time. If you're running low on rings, just try to attack before you run out as it probably takes less time than switching out. There are several attacks the lizard might use: a net of red balls that you have to outmaneuver, or one or two glowing beams that you have to outmaneuver. Either way, make your way over to the big red spot and press either A or B. But be careful. You only have four minutes to beat the boss, so don't waste time!
hard mode easy
with knuckles or rouge, i have a way that will get you the peices in under a minute and a gaurenteed 'A' rank. first, find the first three hints. now go find the first emarald. exit the stage when you know where it is. do the same for the the second and third. since the emaralds are always in the same place on hard mode, you will know where they are and find them in under a minute.
Hero and Dark Chao faster
Ok, first pet it with either a dark, or hero character until it stays black or white. Next, feed youre chao fruit. Dont stop, and if they throw it behind them then give it back to them. After a while it will become hero or dark faster.
Hero Boss Battles Guide
Here is a guide to all of the bosses on the HERO STORY. Lets begin:

Boss 1:Big Foot:
Character used:Sonic
This is a military robot designed to capture you. When you start, jump on a crate and wait for the Boss to approach you. When he does, homing attack him on the cockpit. He will flash red if you did it right. Try to beat him before all the crates are destroyed, otherwise you'll have to wait till he touches the ground to attack him.

Boss 2r. Eggman #1
Character used:Tails
Dr. Eggman and you are in shooting robots. You are in the Cyclone(Tornado transformation)and he is in the Egg walker. This Boss is a piece of cake, just keep shooting him. Lock on by holding B for more damage. I beat him in about 14 seconds. Wooh!

Boss 3:Shadow #1
Character used:Sonic
This is just so easy, just get behind Shadow and homing attack his backside. Do this 3 times. Oh, and dont fall in the water!

Boss 4:King Boom Boo
Character used:Knuckles
Run around the 0 shaped platform you are on and wait for KBB to throw the firey balls. Run slowly behind him and you might see a small ghost holding an hour glass. If not, peg it as KBB will leap out on you and attack. If you do, hit it to turn on the hour glasses timer. KBB will hide in the shadows, so look for the ghost shadow, stand on it to stop it moving, then dig into it. He will leap out and run away from you. Get him and wack him to make him flash red. Its unlikley you'll catch him again on the same turn as he speeds up.

Boss 5:Egg Golem
Character used:Sonic
This boss is wierd. You hurt him by jumping up the platforms on his back and whamming his head, but why the fuc* did Eggman build those platforms on his darn back? What a S for B.
Anyway, wait for the Golem to freeze, then go behind him and jump on the 3 platforms on his back, then homing attack those light platforms, and lastly his head. After a while he will be the Scrambled Egg Golem.

Boss 6:Rouge
Character used:Knuckles
Just wait for her to stop attacking, then jump above her and Drill Drop on her. Also, avoid her Black Wave attack as it hurts!

Boss 7: Dr. Eggman #2
Character used:Tails
Just shoot him like the last one, only dont shoot those capsules in the middle as the blast radius may get you! Also, avoid Eggheads Homing Missile and Massive Beam special moves, the beam one will kill you quickly.

Boss 8:Shadow #2
Character used:Sonic
Quite easy for a final boss, just run ahead of him by light dashing through the ring lines, then when he says: "This is the ultimate!" he will use Chaos Control to warp ahead of you, so just Spin Dash into his back to hurt him. Be aware that later on he will jump over the Spin dashes, so use Homing Attack then.

Now you can mash those bosses with this good guide!

Hidden Platforms
Not only is there a hidden platform above Chao Garden, there is another one above Chao Kindergarten.
high stamina tip
first: take all your choas out of the garden except the one you want to raise the stamina second: leave your character in the level (better if you do this at night) cut your tv off and leave the game on (do not pause the game it wont work if its paused) third:go cut your tv back on and look how much its grown

*have fun*
Hint: jet the hawk chao
Buy a green egg from the black market and hatch it without throwing or shaking it, then give it plenty of condors and evolve it neutral, when it comes out it will look like jet from sonic riders.
How to get 100 rings fast on Egg Quarters
Follow the beetle at all times while collecting all the rings along the way, and there you beat the Rouge ring challenge.
How To Get a Bltiz Chao
OK first you want a normal chao or and an whit chao. make sure the have evolved at least once.

The make them mate by giving them a heart fruit.Shake the egg you get andas many times as you want.

Let it hatch and wala blitz chao(i named mine blitz).

One way to see if there blitz is to pet it with Shadow,Eggman or Rouge you pet it with one of them and his hands turn white with a blue ring around each hand his hair(the pint on top of his head) is blue and whit and his wings are blue and his tail is white,so is his back



How to get a Chao to have an S in the Stat you Want and have the Face you want for Free
NOTE: for this to work you need sonic advance and a device that connects your gameboy to your gamecube.

Go to the chao garden in both games and buy a normal egg for free in the one on sonic advance. Then go to the gameboy advance in the garden on the gamecube and pick up the chao. If it has the right face you want, take it to the doctors to see if it has an S stat in the one you want (this may take several tries). If it has horrible stats or is ugly, send it to the gamecube and hit reset. When you go back it will not be there and you can get a new chao on the gameboy for free.
How to get a chaos chao
Ok, this will walk you through all the way!

Get a newborn chao, and if you want it to be a hero, go to Prison Lane with tails, but if you want it evil, go to iron gate with eggman and pick up as much chaos drives, and animals as you can. Repeat until it evolves. Now be real nice to it, feed it, give it animals/chaos drives and it shouldnt die, it should be another egg. hatch it and do the exact same thing as above. When you have an egg again, give it ONE OF EVERY ANIMAL!!(Fruit are okay). Heres every animal and where to get them: (21 animals incase you didnt know)

How to get a Kyogre chao!
To get a Kyogre chao hatch a Blue/Sky Blue/Saphire (Saphire reccomended) and turn the chao into a Dark/Swim chao and give it seal arms and a seal tail,there you go,have fun with your Kyogre chao!
How To Get A Sonic Chao
OK you want to use Sonic and Shadow for this one.

OK you want a newly hatched chao doesnt matter wat kind but i used normal and he came out and sonic island chao/ hes lime green with long spikes like shadow and Sonic.

Next you want to feed him green chaos drives till he's level 7-12 with sonic then feed him with shadow Till he's level 12-16.

Then after that right before he evolve if you did it right he will be a light green and have a different color on him i forgot wich color

When he evolves he will be Lime green but only if he's a normal chao


How To Get A Yellow&Blue Spiked Shadow Chao

First you want a blitz chao.Pet him and feed him green chaos drives with Shadow till hes about level 15-25 in running.And afterhes that level give him nothing but fruits doesnt mater what kind just feed them to him and wait for him to evolve

He should have yellow and blue spikes but mostly yellow.

How To Get Chaos Drives FASTER
OK you know how when your trying to make a certain chao and you need green,red,yellow or purple chaos drives.If your trying to make a hero chao and need a certain chaos drive instead of using sonic just go to tail's misssion (MISSION STREET). And if its a dark chao use Eggmans mission(Iron gate).

How to get level 99 in everything (but stamina) in a few hours!!! READ!!!!!!
The best way to do this is as tails in hero garden. Get 10 skeletal dogs and trap your chao by putting him "in" (or closest near it, so there head is "inside" of it). Then get a skeletal dog and reuse it a million times. To reuse drop it right in front of the chao, but not to close. Keep doing that. If you accidently use one (without reusing), don't worry! You still have 9 more!! Keep doing that constantly and you should your chao's stats by 99 in a couple of hours.
How To Get More Money
OK wat you want to do is have any kinda item in the chao garden doesnt mater whish one

Then go to the black maket in chao kindagarden in the leftside corner of the place and click sell

As soon as you hear the kaching press reset on the gamecube then go back to the chao garden you were just in and your item should be then and you should have the rings to


How To Get Shadow Chao
OK first you want any kind of egg/and of course i used a normal agian and he came out messed up but I re did it and he came out right

OK you want to pet him with shadow till your able to pick him up and able to whistle and him come to you or just pet him till he turns almost black/matter of fact just pet him till you want to stop

OK give him green chaos drives with Shadow and only Shadow (if you look at my first cheat it tell you how to get the chaos drives faster) till he's level 15-25 and stamina level 15-20 or 15-25 wich ever one you prefer

Then before he evlolve he'll have 3 spikes on his head not big though

Then wait till he evolve and wala there your shadow chao mine chame out with black and green on his body



How To Make A Chao A Ghost
This trick is pretty widely known but if you don't know, here's how to do it. A ghost chao has no legs or animal parts and has a flame above its head. To get no animal parts, go to pumpkin hill and find a skeleton dog walking around the graves. To get no legs go to pumpkin hill again and go to the right of church mountain, there is a rocket and a bat in a cage. Use the rocket to get the bat. To get a flame, go to egg quarters and go to your left until you enter the room with the big podium in the middle. There will be a monkey throwing bombs on one of the pillars. Make it look at you and when it throws a bomb, fly off the platform. The bomb will land on the ground. Hurry and pick it up before it explodes (it will not explode in your hands) then find a cage on the ground with a sea monster or half fish or whatever you want to call it and put the bomb beside it. Run away quick then go back and get the sea monster. Take all these to your chao and make it a ghost chao.
How to make a sonic/shadow chao we all want one of those really cool sonic or shadow chao but we have no idea how! well here is your answer.

1) hatch any type of chao egg
2) give your chao green chaos drives until run is about 20-22
3) raise it with light characters (sonic,tails...) until its ball thing stops changing colour and it loves that character
4) wait for it to evolve (takes about 1hour - 2hours)
5) The chao should be green (unless you hatched a colour egg) so feed it more chaos drives until it goes a blue colour.
6) wait for it to evolve for a second time (happens when its abou 3)

1) hatch any chao egg (normal preferred)
2)raise it with shadow until it goes black or when the ball on its head goes red.
3) feed it chaos drives until it has level 20-22 run
4) wait until it evolves and it will look cool but not exactly like shadow
5) feed it about 20 green chaos drives and wait until it evolves
6) when it evolves the dredlocks / spikes on its head should go red rather than green

so there you have it a pretty cool chao.
How to make Chao fly in the Garden
To make your chao fly in the garden, place them in one of these areas:

Hero: In the middle of the pond thing where the fountain is.

Normal: On one of the cliffs of the waterfall

Dark: In the middle of the island (of the pool o' blood)
How to Make your Chao a Genius in Races
My Chao has gone to Chao kinder garden 5 times and is so smart at races, he has a question mark and then an immediate exclamation mark on his head. My answer is quick and simple. Get lots of Skeleton Dogs. I wrote another tip on how to get them somewhere on this page in the hints and tips section called, "Infinite Skeleton Dogs and Bats with an Increase in Lives". This tip is simple and sorta long to do but there is a way to reuse animals. I give them a fruit so they are in one place, then place the animal just far enough from them that they turn away from their fruit. Then place it in the same spot and they'll use it. It will then fly away so you can pick it up an use it again.
How to make your chao love you
Go in the garden as the character you want your chao to love and pet it for a little while and whistle and if it doesn't show a question mark then an exclamaiton point do it some more until it does.
How to unlock chao world
Find the hidden chao key in a level and you will unlock chao worls where you can play raise and have fun with you very own chao! you can have up to 24 chao. Also you can unlock the secreat chao gardens! You can have 8 chao in a garnden so you can only start with 8, there is also Dark garden where you can hold 8 more and heaven garden where you can hold you last 8 .
Humping Leg Chao!!!
To get a humping leg chao is easy! First have a chao rasied by only sonic! Then wait till it becomes a hero. Afterwards it will really love sonic. Second, raise its stats to lvl 30 (execpt stamina) and watch. Soon it will come to sonic and start shaking its body on sonic!
Infinite Skeleton Dogs and Bats Plus an Increase in Lives
Go to pumpkin hill with knuckles and glide to where you got the drill claws. Then jump in the air and dig in the middle to get a life. Then take the rocket on the left to church mountain to get a skeleton dog near the graves. Then go to your right and go off the balcony to shoot a rocket and break open a container with a bat in it. Then hit restart and because you got the live at the beginning it will be the same number of lives you had when you started and everytime you exit you will have one more life.
Infinite Skeleton Dogs and Bats with an Increase In Lives
First go over to pumpkin hill and glide above where you got your metal gloves and use drill claw and a live will pop up. Then go to your left and take the rocket to church mountain. Once at the top, land by the graves to get a skeleton dog that's crawling around. Then go to the balcony on the left of where you landed from the rocket and go down. There will be a bat in a container so use the rocket and get the bat. After that, hit restart and do it again until you have 10 animals. And once you have all the animals and hit exit, you'll have one more life.
Infinte drive/animal use
Ok get infront of your chao with the drive/animal in hand and be just a bit away so the chao dosen't take it,drop it and the chao will get it,it will then throw it up in the air,when it lands you can pick it up again!

Keep doing this as many times as you please!

Instant chao love
I have figured out that chaos do NOT have minds, and do not love if you treat them a certain way
in other words they have love "points".Next
the more often hearts appear on their heads the more they love you.I use this on dying chaos.
to use this make your chao sit down, and pet it. Once the heart goes off, pet again and another this for about 1-2 minutes depending on what your chao has thought of you.
It's great for reviving a soon-to-die chao that you love
Items in the meteor
In Meteor Herd, dig where a meteor crashed. There's a chance that you'll find something.
Knuckles Chao
First you need a normal Chao egg. Hatch the egg with Knuckles by rocking it or throwing it against the wall. Keep bringing this Chao Red(Power) Chaos Drives with Knucles. When it transforms it will look like Knuckles.
*~WARNING~* ONLY USE KNUCKLES AND RED CHAOS DRIVES! I didn't give mine any fruit or animals so I don't know what would happen if you do.
Knuckles sunglasses
On meteor herd, the level you play with knuckles, there is that big tower thing in front of you when yu enter the level. (The are you later on fight rouge) Nearby that tower thing is a seperate one of those island things with a normal meteor on it. Punch the meteor towards the tower in front of you. One of the walss should kind of blow up, and they'll be one of those iron crate things. Punch it open and there should be a switch.Step on the switch and the bottom of the tower should open up, revealing the way to Knuckles sunglasses!
KU, Purple and black, or purple and blue choa!!!
KU first, to make a KU choa just mate a purple chao and a reg. chao(looks like this befor cocoon)

make the KU chao evil(looks like this befor cocoon)

make the KU chao good(looks like this befor cocoon)

PS. if not the ku chao at first keep trying, it will work
Link Chao
You probably know link from legend of zelda. so here's the chao WITH MOST OF THE POWER UPS!!!ok so take a lime green egg and hatch it to the face o' your liking. now make it neutral/swimming/neutral type. now make it have condor wings (roc's cape), boar feet (pegasus shoes), half-fish (optional) have it win a shovel, a miscellaneous item from jewel race for the most common "trade sequence" items, and make it's stats as follows:
Swim: is probably high already
Fly: about lv. 30
Run: about lv. 30
Power: pretty much anything.
Stamina: lv. 15 or higher (due to stamina condition to mature).
Now do the exact same thing for a red, blue, and purple chao (perferably with different faces as the links have different faces that tell their personality) to make it Four Swords!
Make Tails' Tails Go Fast or Slow!
This can only be used in the chao garden as you can't do it in the tornado. When playing as Tails jump into the air and start flying. Then turn the control stick anti-clockwise and his body goes around in a circle but his tails go really slow, but if you turn the control stick clockwise his body goes around in a circle and his tails go really fast!
Make Your Chao Love You ALOT!!!
well, all you have to do is to pet(or hold) your chao multiple times. easy, huh?(make shure there are hearts coming from the top of your chao)
Mating two chaos with egg fertility (heart) fruit

1. Get at least 600 rings
2. Purchase TWO egg fertility (heart) fruits at the Black Market in the Chao Kindergarten
3. Put the two chao that you want to mate in the same garden if you have more than one garden
4. Feed one egg fertility (heart) fruit to each chao. If the chao throws it behind him\her, keep giving it to him\her. You MUST be quick.
5. If you do this correctly, an egg should appear between the two chao.
6. Hatch the egg, and ta-da! You have another cute chao.

P.S.: You can sell the chao's top half of the egg shell at the Black Market in the Chao Kindergarten for a certain price. (When I did it, I got 50 rings)
It's really cool I just found out today!
you sell the egg shells to the chao at the black market

BLUE: 120 rings
WHITE: 100

I'm still looking for more shells to sell and I have yet to find each price of every egg.
Money CHeat
use knuckles or rouge to dig up a pumpkin or skeleton in a chao garden. then go to the black market and sell it. IMPORTANT!!!:after the cha ching sound is done, immediately reset your gcube or wii. go back to the chao garden the item was originally in and the item should still be there. then go to the black market and you should also have the rings. repeat this cheat over and over to get lots of money!!!

Mystic Melody Upgrade!
Mystic Melody is key upgrade for finding most of the lost chao, so I'll give you the locations of the upgrade:
Sonic-Final Rush-After the last checkpoint (should be the sixth) grind down the rail until you see two platforms, one has a rocket on it, take the rocket to another platform and follow wherever it takes you.
Tails-Hidden Base-A while before the checkpoint with a chao box below it (the checkpoint is on the edge of the floor). You should have a seperate route you could to the left, take it!
Knuckles-Wild Canyon-Head towards the lonely statue and climb the wall behind it and eventually you should get to a picture, dig through this weird picture.
Shadow-Final Chase-When you come to loads of vertical cylinders (about half-way through the stage) go all the way up on one of them and you should find yourself at a much higher platform with the ability on.
Eggman-Sand Ocean-As soon as you start the level go on the spinning thing and wait until it turn 270 degrees and the camera should change position, you should see a bomber enemy in the distance, jump and hover towards it (might be better to take out the enemy first) and find your ability.
Rouge-Dry Lagoon-As soon as your in control, head towards one of the caves/indents near the ground level and find a dig-through-able picture, and dig through, guess what? you upgrade!
pillows for chaos
go to the normal chao garden and while a chao is asleep get a coconut and put it on its head it should serve as a pillow and it makes them like whoever gave it to them
Power Sneakers + Speed up=Massive speed
This trick should only be used as a LAST RESORT.The reason why is because After you combine these, after it wears off, you'll go slower than normal.Basically after you get the power sneakers, you activate sonic/shadow/amy's speed up move to go much faster.
Red, White and Blue Chao
if you want a red white and blue chao you have to buy a purple egg.only go in the garden with Shadow.only feed it fruits from the garden.when it makes a tear-shaped cocoon get another chao from a blue-and-yellow spotted egg and give it only sea otters and yellow chao drives. then only feed it fruits that grow in the garden. it should make a tear-shaped cocoon. then go to the black market and buy two heart fruits. put them in the dark garden. then give the one from the blue-and-yellow spotted egg one of the heart fruits. it should make flowers around itself. then give the chao from the purple egg a heart fruit. then pick up the purple chao and put it by the other chao. they should kiss and then an egg will come out. Then hatch the egg but dont throw it at the wall. when it hatches you should have a red white and blue chao!
reuse items
MY item reuse cheat has more detail; first get an animal, or a chaos drive. pick up your chao, while his face is looking at your charecter. set him aboout a foot away from the drive/animal, while he is facing it. turn around press B button, turn around again. and put it down. the drive will jiggle for a bit. than it will fly about 3 feet away. youre chao gets the stats, but the the drive/animal will still be usable.
Ring lines=short cuts
Renember, if you have Light shoes or Air shoes with Shadow and Sonic, always be aware for ring lines. You can dash through them for a burst of speed. This also helps win th ACTION RACE 2p match, as Shadow and Sonic are the only ones that can do this!
Run down building
On the city escape level when you're running down the building, hold B to perform the Spin Ball then move your analog stick up and release to stop halfway down the building and instead of going up you will go down.
Run in place
Alrighty, Heres how you can run in place using Shadow or Sonic!

1. Get a Hero Chao if you don't already have the Hero Garden.

2. Go to the Hero garden and go up to the Gazebo that has the little "Diving Board for Chaos"

3. Jump up onto the top and make sure you're in the middle.

4. Now dress the control stic kforwards or whatever way you want to go and Sonic/Shadow will run on the spot!
Selling Items
Sell your brown egg shell at the Black Market for 200 rings.
First goet a chao, preferably a normal chao. then unlock devil garden. bring your chao down their, no one else. get one cheeta or something that increases run. use the glitch reuse an item to level up his run. make sure your shadow when doing this. but keep him neatrual until the last minute, then turn him dark. after that he should have three prongs out of his head. now get a power animal and give that to your dark chao until BAM he looks like shadow. SEE YA.....
Shiny Bronze chao
mate a shiny red and a reg. dark, them make the unusual looking red shiny chao and make it evil. if it doesn't change colors retry

TIP: saver the game after buying the heart fruits, then if you don't like the chao you get just do it again(reset the GC), or if you dont like the bronze chao reset and mate other chaos tell you find one you like

shiny normal chao
mate a shiny white chao with a normal chao (not shiny)you my have to try 2 or more times
Shooting star chao
Okay what you do is buy a pink chao from the black market, and breed it with normal choa until the baby looks like a purple/pink lookin chao. then raise it wiith green chaos drives and shadow to make a dark running type. when it comes out for the first time it has a dark blue body with yellow/orange like stripes, and it looks like a shooting star.
Some Rare Little Animal Locations
Here are some of the locations for the rare animals. The animals that I consider to be rare are the animals that are found in the third Chao Container or in hard-to-get-to places, such as the Sea Monster or the Dragon. These are defiantly not all of the locations, but it should still help you collect them. (Sorry about the really hard-to-get Phoenix, I don't know where else to find one)

Dragon: (1)In the third Chao Container at Wild Canyon. (2)At the top of the room containing the Air necklace at Aquatic Mine.

Sea Monster: In a cage near the alter in the red room (not the Egg Scorpion Chamber, but close to it) in Egg Quarters. To get to it, grab a bomb that one of the monkeys throws and chuck it at the cage (or put it down next to it).

Unicorn: (1)In the third Chao Container at Dry Lagoon. (2)Go to the Big Oasis at Dry Lagoon and look for a circle of blue stakes. Whistle in the middle of the circle.

Skeletal Dog: (1)In the third Chao Container at Sand Ocean. (2)Wandering around one of the graveyards at Pumpkin Hill (and probably in the third Chao Container there too, but I haven't confirmed that)

Phoenix: Flying around in very fast circles under one of the flat meteorite platforms at Meteor Field. It's almost impossible to get. I'm pretty sure there's also one in a cage in one of Tail's levels, but I don't remember which level and I haven't been able to find it again. It might be Mission Street.
Sonic and shadow: easy lives
When you are facing sonic or shadow in the last level, the one in the ARK, just keep using light dash on all of the rings cause they just keep coming. I got up to 99 lives because I did this.
Sonic chao (The real way, tested by me)
1- Get a chao and give it as many green chaos drives while keeping it neutral. It will evolve once and turn green with small ears and developing sonic spikes without any animals.
2- Again follow step 1 till it evolves again and you get a sonic chao!
3- if you want to, get 2 Skeleton dogs (On knuckles level, PUMPKIN HILL, on top of church hill, on other levels too) and 2 boars (brown thing that walks on 4s, you can find it in the box in the tunnel on mission street) give it boars untill it has boar feet and use the dogs to remove other parts, the boar feet look like sonic's shoes!
Sonic the Mountain Climber
Enter the Chao Garden (normal) with Sonic or Shadow, then start to do the move when you hit A in the air (sorry, brain isn't working properly today) next to the entrance (the mountain thing). Sometimes, you will be able to run up and down the mountain before falling off. I think it is a little wierd.
Sonic/shadows fake somersault
This is great in 2p. Use a somersault towards your enemy, then press the A button in the middle. You will do a short hop backward. Then, if you want, do a homing attack. The button combo is B,A,A,A. Your enemy won't know what hit them. Note: There is some lag time between the fake somersault and the homing attack.
Special chaos chao:
You will need 2 things to do this:

a)A orange jewel chao(Can be bought in Sonic advance for 18,00 rings).

b)A Dark/Nuetral chao.

To start,both of these chao must be adults.Mate them together and a special chao should come out of the egg they created.The chao that comes from this egg should be green with yellow highlights. Reincarnate this chao twice by leaving your game on for a total of 30 hours.Give him all 21 animals and then give him a hero fruit.Make sure this chao is going to become a hero type before proceeding.After this let him become a adult by leaving your gamecube on for 3 hours.When he turns into a hero chaos chao he should be yellow and red instead of the normal white and pink.The red is still see through and he looks exactly like a normal hero chaos chao except for the color change.
spider sonic
go to the normal chao garden. then bounce up near the wall on the left when you walk in. and sonic will star walking up the wall! if you dont press the anolog stick he will slowly slide off the wall on one foot! if you press the anolog stick foward, he will walk backwards down the wall. (bouncey braclet required)
Statue stones
When playing as rouge or knuckles in hard mode, there's no need to worry, because the emeralds never change places.
Straberry Chao and Sonic/Shadow Chao
Okay. First, get a pink or just an average chao. Find boars for the chao, then give it to them. Then give them power drives and boars. And it will evolve into a strawberry chao!
If this doesn't work, tell me.

Get a blue egg. Then get running drives. NO ANIMALS. Then use Shadow, and it will turn into a chao with Shadow's spikes and Sonic's blue.
Stuck on 4th mission on City Escape?
If your like me and find it IMPOSSIBLE to do the 3 minuet mission then here is a few pointers for it.

1) you see those ramps. go over them and press A to do tricks it saves a lot of time if you do them all.
2) Get the air shoes and do light dash where ever you can it is faster than running.
3) when your at the truck part its obvious but don't get hit or slow down!!! so you can shave a few seconds off your time

hope i helped a little
Sub-Types of Chao
This is some info about Sub-Types. Sub-Types are chao types that are more specific than just Dark/Running or Hero/Swimming types. Sub-Types can change the apperance of your chao as they mature. You can get a Sub-type by giving it a sufficient amount of Chaos Drives after it cocoons, i.e. giving a dark running chao power Chaos Drives (with running level 30 or more) and raising its strength to level 25 I believe it was will get you a Shadow chao. You can get all sorts of different results. To make chao types even more specific, chao appearances also depend on who you gave the Chaos Drives to your chao with, example:
a Shadow chao would be a Dark/Running/Power/Dark/Shadow type chao("/Power/" would show what you gave it after cocooning. "/Dark/Shadow" would show what side and character you gave the Chaos Drives to your chao with and/or petted it with.)

NOTE: Anything past the first two defined types (like Dark/Running) will not show up on the medical report in the doctor's office
Super Dark, Light, or hero chao
First let your chao change twice. Then give the chao one of every animal you can get. then the next change will turn them into a imortal chaos chao. ( the dark chao is a tiny devil)
Super sonic chao
It requires either a shiny yellow or a normal monotone chao. make the chao a run/power type and it will resemble sonic. use shadow or sonic to do this and it will work. i hope you enjoy your super sonic chao!
Super Sonic Chao
Ok to get one that lookes exactly like super sonic raise i as the following:
Chao Type: Dark/Run/Run
Chao Mouth: No mouthed chao
Animals: Boar feet have bat take only wings
Colors: Gold
Specials: Flame ball
Since this chao looks cool and is dark, it can win a hero race badge easy!
this should trick the game into making a shadow chao but really a gold chao with shadow's hair as super sonic is a shadow colored glod with sonics belly, shoes, and face.
Super Sonic Chao!
  1. get a gold chao.
  2. Give it 99 everything and wait untill it evolves. It will evolve into a Super Sonic Chao
Surviving Mad Space
Mad Space is one of Rouge's hardest levels (it's right up there with Security Hall) and is arguably the most confusing level in the game, so here are some tips. First, all detector readings are reversed. The first one is backwards, and the other two mean the opposite of what they say. Second, the gravity on the planets is seriously messed up and will drive you crazy, so it's good to get used to them quickly. The Spherical Planet seems like it has normal gravity, but if you drop below the yellow line, your controls are reversed and it can be hard to move around. Just try to stay away from the line. The Capsule Planet is a nightmare and I have yet to figure out how it's gravity works, but thankfully you can just jump off of it and glide if you need to leave instead of searching for the spring that takes you to the Holy Planet. Speaking of the Holy Planet, the controls are normal for the entire planet and the gravity isn't really all that bad (yay!). Also, if you get a hint that directs you to the lowest point, go to the space station of the tip of the ARK or another good place to jump off of and circle down until you see some rather random looking platforms under everything else. Other than that, just hope the emerald shards are in easy places and have fun playing a really, really annoying level. Good luck.
Tails' Foot Flips
When your in the Neutral Chao Garden with Tails go down near the Chao Transporter but don't go onto it. Look toward the ridges next to you. There should be a dip next to the first peak near the machine. Hop up onto the dip and go to the immediate right of where the polygons meet. If you let go of the control stick when you're closest you can get to the top (you can't go all the way up because of the barrier) you should turn around automatically and start sliding down slowly untill you hit where the polygons meet and start bouncing up. While you're doing this tap the control stick toward the right. If done correctly Tails' foot should flip!
Tapdancing Knuckles
In pumkin hill go to church mountain and climb to the tip of the church and get close ( but not too close ) to the edge. After you've done that Knuckles will look like he's tapdancing!
Temper Tatrum.
To do this, take a Chao and give it a fruit, after he bites into it three times take it away from him. then watch him throw temper tantrum.

Note: The Chao dosen't like it very much.
The Easy Way to a Dark Chao!
Having problems getting a Dark Chao that loves you? Well, I've figured out how to easily get one.
Make sure you have a lot of rings or have unlocked the Dry Lagoon and Radical Highway stages, because this takes a lot of rings and these stages are the easiest to get 100 rings in.
1. Always go to the Chao Garden with a Dark character. Shadow seems to work the best, although many Chao get along wonderfully with Rouge as well. Eggman actually slows down the process.
2. Give it a lot of Dark Fruits, of course.
3. If you've already unlocked the Dark Chao Garden, raise the Chao in there. This seems to speed up the process.
4. Get the Chao to Level 14 or 15 in Stamina.
5. Give your Chao a lot of Chao Drives and pet it a lot.
Congratulations! Your new Dark Chao loves you!
Time Goes Faster
In two player mode, if someone uses a stop moving attack on you, continuously press the A button, and the clock will go down faster.
To get the Perfect Chao
To get the Perfect Chao, start by giving it Black Animals, Gold Animals, and Blue Animals. Those kinds of animals do NOT lower ANY stats!
To Tell if Chao Loves You
To tell if your chao 'loves' you (you want your chao to love you, or else it will die) simply press Y until you see the option 'Whistle'. Whistle, and if your chao comes running towards you, it loves you. If it doesn't, you might want to pet it some more! Another way to tell is if you pick up your chao, it will clap and be cheerful in your hands!
transforming chao
To make a chao (die and come back in an egg) you have to make it love someone.Then you leave the game cube on (in the chao garden) over night.When you come back in the morning and it should have transformed.

If you have any problem with this cheat email with the address below or wherever they put it.
Unlock Hero and Dark Races
To unlock the chao Hero and Dark Races, get both the Hero and Dark Garden (by making two different chao evolve into a Hero or Dark chao), and beat Beginner mode. If it still doesn't appear, and you have both gardens, then beat Jewel mode. If it still doesn't appear for you, then try beating Challenge mode. If it still doesn't appear, I think that your game is broken.
Unlock Super Chao Karate Mode
To unlock Super Karate Mode for chaos, beat Beginner, Standard, and Expert. After your chao has beat all of those, Super will appear!
Note: Once Super appears, you can only do Super with the chaos that have already beat all three of the previous ones. If you click a different chao, it will seem like you never unlocked Super at all.
Unofficial Cream the Rabbit Chao
(hard to get version) get a yellow chao, make it a hero/swim then keep giving the chao yellow chaos drives until it looks more like cream

(easy to get version) get a yellow chao and keep giving it rabbits
Wacky Death Glitch
First, plug in 2 controllers(control both of them) then choose Treasure Hunt race in 2p battle mode. Select a stage then begin. Firstly, make each character fall off so they get their good special moves, then press B at EXCTALY the smae time as the other controller so both characters will use thier moves at the smae time and will both die! HEE-HEE!
wave chao
first buy a purple egg, it has to be a fly type.
give it peacocks, it needs to be neutral.
or you can give it condors, i reccomend condors
for they are purple.
Without a Board
(Yes, this isn't really a cheat but more a glitch.) Play through Metal Harbor until you are at the part where you ride a snowboard down the metal chute. Go slow down it, and when the chute opens up to the outside, start slowing down even more. Don't run into the speed boosters, just wait until your board comes off of your feet. Now you can walk up the chute (I suggest doing the homing attack to make it to the top). The fun thing about this is when you walk to the top, you can run down really fast.


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2P Green Forest Metal Sonic Glitch
Have second player pick metal sonic and first player anyone they want. Then pick Green Forest and as soon as it starts hold B with metal sonic until you seem to fall in a bottomless pit. You will be in a bottomless pit and can not get out of it.

Note: Second Player has to be metal sonic or it wont work.
Eating glitch
I dunno if it's really a glitch but in Chao World if you take a nut away from the Chao eating it sometimes they will just continue to eat away at thin air even though you took their food away.
Get Rich quick Glitch
This glitch can be done with any item! You have the item saved in your garden then go to sell it and right after hit reset. Do Not Save After you sell you item just hit Reset!

Ok I started with using my Orange egg shell it sold for 150 coins. I did this a bunch of time till I got to about 6,000 coins. It'll take you no more then a few minutes I swear. Then I went a got the pan that sold for 500 coins. I did that a few time till I went up to 10,000 coins. Then I got the flower pot it sells for 1,500. So yeah just keep going up
So as long as you have the item saved in your garden your good and sell it then right after hit Reset. The item will always be in your garden and you'll go up in coins.
hero and dark chao combined.
ok this is really freaky, and it is really cool. O.K. this is how it works, what you do is go into the regular chao garden.(make sure that the hero and dark gardens are unlocked). once you are in the garden as shadow, you go to the hero gardens with a dark chao. keep feeding it the fruit in the hero garden. eventually the chao will turn white, but then start petting it again. continualsy do this for about three times and whala. you have a dark and hero chao combined.
How to Get Lots of Rings in Chao World
Ok, so go into chao world and go to the kindergarden. Then go to the Black Market and buy so mething expensive like a paper bag or a cardboard box. Then take it back to your garden and exit so that it will save. Go back in and sell the item for 1/4 of the price and then do a soft reset (hold in Start+B+X) and you should be at the title screen. Return to your garden, and there is the paper bag. You also have the rings from when you sold it as well. Repeat this as much as you want. You'll have lots of rings in no time.
How to get Super Easy Money Fast
This cheat I used to get 10,000 rings in less than 30 minutes. Okay go into your garden and get any kind of egg shell. Take it to the black market and sell it (it will be 1/4 of what you bought it for). You will notice a *Ching* sound when you sell it. Hit the reset button right before the *Ching*. When you get back, your money will still be there and so will the egg. I used a pink egg shell until I got 2,000 rings and then I bought an apple and sold it until I got 6,000 rings. Then I got to 10,000 by selling whatever cost 6,000. This cheat is great because if you mess up you wont lose money or the thing your selling. I know this works because I tested it myself.
Petting Multiple Chaos Simultaneously
All you have to do is put two or more chaos right next to each other, then start petting one, before you know it they will all be getting pet by the same character!
Reset Cheat
Im not sure if this is a glitch but you'll love it!

1. Take any sellable item to the black market
2. You want to sell it so choose to sell it

Right before you hear the "ching" noise hit the reset button on your gamecube. You should save before doing this because anything you did before doing this could be erased. Go back into the garden that you got the item from and it should still be there. You can sell it numerous times as long as its before the "ching"!
Go in the chao garden as rouge go to the waterfall. on the right of it there is a rock you can climb on. move the camera so you can see her face climb to the left and right and one of her eyes will shrink and go crazy and the other one will grow
Single Player Speed up/speed shoes glitch
Hey everyone, im new here so im sorry if this has already been brought up. So as everyone here knows (or im assuming so) about the speed shoes/speed up glitch in 2P mode. Now whie I was playing this game (still am) back in October, I found this glitch. What supprises me is that after all this time playing I just now find this simple glitch after all these years.

Alright, anways the glitch can be done with sonic or shadow. You need to have the light speed attack (I think thats what its called) Also you need a way to get the speed up, either from a checkpoint or from the container.

Now as you know the light speed attack makes you run slow if its charged. So when you get the speed up shoes, hold B to charge light speed attack up and when its fully charged wait for the speed up music to be done. Once thats over, (sonic or shadow) will run at normal speed even while the light speed attak is still charged. but upon release of the B button will they start running as if they still had the speed up.

If you die, you still have it.
If you restart the stage, you will still have it. So you can do this glitch over and over and go faster and faster.

The glitch can NOT be carried over to next levels if your playing through story mode or stage select.
Also you of course can NOT use it on bosses.

NOTE: Using this glitch in either city escape or Metal Harbor will NOT decrease your boarding speed. Also if you want to test this cheat, go to City Escape and after the second chck point, theres two hills you run down. The second hill you run down has the stairs at the end that go up has parked cars that are parked sideways. Go run into the car and you can see how fast you can go. And if you go fast enough ( do glitch over and over) sonic will kinda go right through the car or go really quick around it.

This glitch is really cool and I wish sonic and shadow would run this fast all the time in this game going at that speed. If you have any questions or concerns about this glitch, feel free to email me and i'll get back to you ASAP.
Stat Glitch
If you are one of those people who try to collect a lot of the same color chaos drives so that you can evolve your chao, this cheat will make it simpler. First you need to get your in front of you. Grab a chaos drive and stand a little ways away from your chao, or about one chao length. Set the chaos drive down. The chao should grab the chaos drive and get the energy from it. But instead of the drive disappearing, the chao flings it away. Try repeating this. You can also do it with small animals as well. Yes this does work, just doing it with the chaos drives can be kind of tricky because they float. If you have any questions, email me.
In SA2B, the superbounce is... well, a super bounce. In doing this trick, your horizontal speed is converted to vertical height. First, find a wall that is thick and tall (not intended to rhyme). Next, charge up a spindash (as Sonic, it only works as him). Once you release the spindash, head directly towards the wall. The moment you hit the wall, jump. Lastly, bounce IMMEDIATELY after you jump. If you timed all this right and did it the right way, you'll fly real high! You can also go through walls if you go high enough because the game programmers didn't seal the very high spots on most walls because they thought you'd never make it that high. You can even go out of bounds! Once you fly up high (again, not intended to rhyme), you can soar right over walls with ease. If no platforms below you can catch you, you'll break out of bounds and never stop falling! If you break out of bounds, you can even see a few weird things in the background (like in City Escape, how the building are so far down and how there's a forest below you, AND in Crazy Gadget how you can see nothing but a null void filled with stars, and after a while the stars will disappear).
The Enhanced Chaos Drive/Animal Glitch
Okay, so no doubt you've heard of the Chaos Drive/Animal Glitch for SA2B Chao? Well I recently came across a way to perfect the glitch. Normally you'd pet the Chao to keep it still and then put the Chaos Drive/Animal at the very edge of its reach so it can be reused. The problem is that the petting will cause the Chao to either become spoiled or affectionate and it will also move a few seconds later. But there is a way to keep it still for as long as you want. First, raise your Chao to at least 1 year old. Second, buy a heart fruit and wait until it has taken so great an effect that the Chao will immediately sit down to mate whenever its feet touch solid ground. Third, just preform the glitch, this has a success rate of 99% and has almost no drawbacks, well until the Chao goes through a transformation and the Heart Fruit wears off. But other then that it got my 3 Chao from level 1 to 100 in a matter of 43 minutes for each.
Warp bell?
I don't know if I'm the only one whose noticed this, but if you go to the Hero garden with Tails, and fly at the bell just as it's ringing, you will be warped to the last level you played. I've had this happen twice to me.

Easter eggs

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2toned chao real!
there many to tones in sab2 so heres most of them i know


Magmachao:REDchao+NORMALchao=MAMAchao-its dark red with very dark red tips
Moonchao:BLUEchao+NORMALchao=moonchao-its a dark blue with black tips.
Sourchao:YELLOWchao+NORMALchao=SOURchao-a yellow chao with green tips.
Dirtchao:BROWNchao+NORMALchao=DIRTchao-a brown chao with light brown tips.
Blitzchao:WHITEchao+NORMALchao=BLITZchao-Diffrent dark normal or light.
Santachao:REDchao+GREENchao=SANTAchao-green chao with red tips.
Sugaurchao:PINKchao+Normalchao=SUGAURchao-purple chao with pink tips.
Aquachao:BLUEchao+SHINEYchao=AQUAchao-it is a light blue shiney.
Sunchao:ORANGEchao+SHINYchao=SUNchao-Alight shiny orangechao
Cosmochao:GREENchao+SHINYchao=COSMOchao-A light green shinychao
Bloodchao-REDchao+SHINYchao=BLOODchao-a chao its light red shiny

that most combanation keep tryin for more
Dreamcast Graphics on 2 Player Mode
When you race on 2 Player Mode, when they do their victory pose at the end of the match they look like they do on the Dreamcast version.
Final Shadow Boss Secret
If you go a long time in the battle with Shadow on the Hero Story, the "endless highway" will end and start over again. It is very hard to jump from platform to platform because they are already down from before. YOU MUST PLAY WITHOUT DYING! I estimate it is about half an hour before it does this secret.
Hero Story Sonic vs. Shadow Cut Scene Easter Egg
After the boss battle is over, a cut scene will play right before the level starts. If you look at the surroundings they are already half-way through the stage (the area where you find the Sea-Monster animal for Chao), but Sonic starts off in a completely different area and arrives there while going through the stage.
sonic character chaos
heres 4 chasos that look like characters of sega
realknights chao dark knights chao sonc chao and shadow cchao

heres the 2 easy ones

Dark knights chao: you klnow that knights on sega game here a dark knights chao its easy make your chao a dark fly type easy flys are in roouges first stage dry lagon tthe peicocs it looks dark and has a head like a knight and purple tips

shadow chao: for the ultimant life form chao make it dark run type run are found a t shadows first board that high way it has boars and cheatas the chao looks like shadow it will have neon green strpess the red mark on its head will be greenfirst keep giving it run it turns read it has 3 hair spikes

those where easy heres the hard ones

sonic chao:ffor the chao thats faster then lighting make it a naterul run chao first play as any hero character and get its stamina to 5 and run to 10 and pet it 10 times here runs like bunnies are found in city eachape look there then save the play as a datk character and put it run up 10 lvs and stamena up 5 lvs and pet it 10 times.Know your chao should have 3 small spikes on its head like the end of a rocket it look like a lime green a little bit before it evolves.WHEN it evolves it looks lime green has 3 spikes and 3 brown lines on each its winf turn to sonic small spikes on his it a sonic chao for it to fully look like sonic give it lot of run and let it age to atleast 2 even if your state in run is lv99 keep giving it runs its will have think 5 hair spikes and be blue all it tips will be black and there youy go sonic

knights chao: a knights chao is the same as a sonic chao do the same thing but whith fly types.when it evolves it looks pink and has HUGE RAINBOW WINGS!


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.......::::::::ŠēĆŕèŧ ŜōŪמđ †ỄŠŢ: Þřê&
Ok, to do this, you just go to the Sound test option, then rotate your control stick for a minute (at the most).

You will hear a *ching!* that will signal that you unlocked the theme song for the Presidents secretary!!!

....::::Hidden Secretary Theme::::....
Here's a cool little trick. You know the secretary that was with the President during the scene were Eggman threatens to fire the Eclipse Cannon? Well here's how to unlock her theme. Go to the Options Menu and then the Theme Select. Rotate the joystick clockwise for awhile until you hear a sound like the goal ring. This will take around 15-30 seconds. (I didn't really count)
1 great glitch!!
This is an ausome glitch i found!! it takes you out of bounds!! First, you go to the regular garden. (Where you first start). Go to your left, and keep folowing the air wall until you hit those rocks. (Where the cave is). Now that your in a corner, keep running and jumping and running and jumping. All of a sudden, you will go out of bounds, and you will be floating. In thin air!! When you come back, all your Chaos will be in the water, or swimming in the ground. Dont do this too much though. Or else the game will get fuzzy. Then it wont work.
1 Omochao Audience
When in White Jungle if you get the goal ring you can see Omochao watching you in the background!
2 Lives on Pumpkin Hill
On Pumpkin Hill, if you're lucky, you'll dig up 2 lives instead of one when you dig in the middle of the circle shrine where you get the metal knuckles

PS: If you remember, Pumpkin Hill was an old level on Sonic& Knuckles on the genesis!
2-player metal harbor glitch
to do this glitch go to 2 player mode and pick sonic or shadow. then pick metal harbor. u only need to control sonic or shadow it dosent matter who. then go to the end of the stage and go down the bridge half-way and do spindash. when the spindash is charging let go and press A. if done correctly u should land on the part in metal harbor when getting a A rank.

P.S this is very hard to do
3-D Version of Green Hill Zone
To get the original Green Hill Zone level in 3-D simply do the following: Get all 180 emblems.
a hyper shadow chao
ok. to make a hyper shadow chao, all u need 2 do is make a shadow chao and a shiny yellow chao mate together. and when u hatch the egg make sure its a shiny yellow chao, and make it into a dark running type. keep in mind that after it turns into a dark running type it must have the stripes on its body like a regular dark running type chao would. just do as u would with a dark running chao. give it green chaos drives playing as shadow. After it reborns once and u give it green chaos drives again, it will really look like hyper shadow because of its red stripes.
All Cheats
Kart racing mini-game
Successfully complete Tails' driving quest in the Hero side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Hero side story. Successfully complete Rouge's chase mission in the Dark side story to unlock the kart racing mini-game in the Dark side story.

Boss attack mode
Successfully complete the Hero or Dark side story modes to unlock boss attack mode. You will be able to fight the bosses from the side of the story you completed.

Last stage
Successfully complete the Hero and Dark side story modes. Then, enter story mode and a "Last Stage?" selection will appear on the menu between the Hero and Dark selections.

Bonus stage
To get a 3D version of the Green Hills Zone stage, from Sonic The Hedgehog, you must get all the Emblems, including Kart, Timed Boss, and the emblems for all "A" rating. Once you have them all, which should total 180, the island next to the Green Forest stage will have the face of Sonic on it.

Play as Sonic in alternate costume in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Sonic's stages and missions to unlock him in the PSO suit in Kart mode.

Play as Shadow in alternate costume in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Shadow's stages and missions to unlock him in an alternate costume in kart mode.

Play as Tails in the Tornado 1 in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Tails' stages and missions to unlock him in the Tornado 1 in kart mode.

Play as Eggman in alternate Eggwalker in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Eggman's stages and missions to unlock him in his alternate Eggwalker in kart mode.

Play as Knuckles in alternate form in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Knuckles' stages and missions to unlock him in his alternate form in kart mode.

Play as Rouge in alternate costume in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Rouge's stages and missions to unlock her in an alternate costume in kart mode.

Play as Amy Rose in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Sonic's stages and missions with an "A" ranking to unlock Amy Rose in kart mode.

Play as Metal Sonic in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Shadow's stages and missions with an "A" ranking to unlock Metal Sonic in kart mode.

Play as Tikal The Echinda in kart mode
Successfully complete all of Knuckles' stages and missions with an "A" ranking to unlock Tikal The Echinda in kart mode.

Multi-player characters
Collect all 180 Emblems to unlock the following hidden multi-player characters:

Racing: Hero
Space Sonic

Racing: Dark
Space Shadow
Mecha Sonic

Shooting: Hero
Space Tails

Shooting: Dark
Space Eggman

Hunting: Hero
Space Knuckles

Hunting: Dark
Space Rouge
Hero or Dark Chao
To make a Chao a Hero, simply use a Hero character and keep petting them. If done long enough, it will go white and be a Hero. To make it Dark, just use a Dark character and do the same thing.

Dark Garden for Chao
Raise a Dark Chao with one of the three Dark characters. Continually feed and train the Dark Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark Garden.

Hero Garden for Chao
Raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters. Continually feed and train the Hero Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped "cocoon"). Once it evolves, ascending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Hero Garden.

Good and evil Chao races
Get a good Chao and a bad Chao to unlock the good and evil Chao races.

Pumpkin head for Chao
Find one of the Skeleton Dogs; the easiest place to do so is the Pumpkin Hill stage with Knuckles, and combine it with your Chao. With either Knuckles or Rouge, start digging around in the Chao Garden. Eventually a pumpkin will appear. If you give it to the Chao mixed with the Skeleton Dog it will put it on its head. If you want to take it off, either throw or hit your Chao.

Wake a sleeping Chao
To wake a sleeping Chao, stand next to it and whistle. You do not have to anger them by picking them up during a nap.

Chao pillow
Go to a Chao Garden and get a coconut. Then with a sleeping Chao, pick up the coconut and put it by the its head. The coconut will act as a pillow.

Run on foot in City Escape stage
At the start of the City Escape stage, instead of landing on the ground with the board, scrape the roads on the board. When on foot run full speed at a wall and get knocked down. Pause the game if you fall after hitting the wall. Choose to restart the stage to run on foot and not on the board.

Quickly complete Security Hall stage
In the Security Hall stage you play as Rouge The Bat and are given 5 minutes to complete it. This can be quite difficult. If you have enough lives you can do this trick. If you cannot seem to find the Emeralds, intentionally die. You will keep the existing Emeralds that you have collected. You will begin at the start of the level and the Emeralds will move to different places. This is the fastest method for completing the stage if you are having trouble.

Big The Cat appearances
In Knuckles' Pumpkin Hill stage, go to the one of the train gates. You can see Big The Cat hiding behind the gate, waving to you. In the City Escape stage, Big The Cat appears after the last corner in the G.U.N. truck vs. Sonic scene. Look for him at the right of the screen, running downhill on the sidewalk away from the truck. In the Tails stage where you are running from the police and you first get your hover ability, Big The Cat can be seen again. There is a part in the level where you need to knock a column over in order to use it as a step to reach a higher level, from which you hover over to a platform with a police barricade and two robots. If you miss the platform and fall in the hole, you will see Big the Cat sitting on the girders underneath the platform. You can also see him in the battle against Sonic while playing as Shadow.

E102 appearance
In Rouge's Inside the Pyramid stage, one of the robots you blow up is E-102.
An endless fall
go to Knuckles's mine level when u start pick up an omochao behind u than go down, go to the right wall and walk till u can't see the omochao than go to the far corner (for the camera) and u should fall though the wall if u don't try till u do
animal glitch
walk up to your chao where you see your shadow a little away from him drop the animal he will get the stats and you can use it over and over! i have 32 99 everything chao because of this
Another fun glitch
Go into chao garden and then to the the in left side in the corner of the waterfall with sonic keep jumping straight torwards the corner soon enough you'll be able to walk in mid air above the ocean but if you go in the exit the other way around and go back to chao garden your chaos bodys will be underground and their heads are the only parts of their bodys showing but its only temporary.
Another Glitch
Here is a funny and neat Glitch for the Hero Garden.

Choose Sonic as your character. Now go up the stairs, but do not do it fast. Only do it very slowly when Sonic has one foot in the air. Now if you do this nice and carefully, Sonic will actually walk up the stairs with only 1 foot!
Another way to get unlimited normal chaos
You will need the game boy hook up. Put a chao in the tiny garden then immediatly take it out. Then press L so the mini Black market shows up there will be a normal egg for free. Repeat as many times as needed.
automatic mating
If you give one Chao a heart fruit, and place another Chao next to it, and give that Chao a heart fruit, they'll mate. Few Chao can't mate with each other.
P.S Chaos chao can't mate, and baby chao can't mate.
Big in shuttle lift of
Pass the hero story and select it again.Then go and select the scene"Shuttle Blast of".Then tap the A button repedatly even when they are typing and big should show up behind the door eggman comes out of and he will scratch his butt!I t works cause I tested it myself
Boss Attack mode
Succesfully complete either Hero or Dark Story to unlock the Boss attack game.
Bottumless Pit?!?!
Here is a cool little tip. on the final battle between eggman and tails, be whoever and go over to the other charecter. start jumping and hitting B. After while you will spring up and then you will both fall for a couple of seconds untill you hit the ground.
Bronze ass kicker
To get the chao I happily love that kicks ass for a begener match and beyond List this down

Egg: Shiny Brown
Price: 8000 rgs
Power 22lv
Only feed him red chao drives
call him chaolat first then if he wins then change his name to Bronze after he\'s an adult
Now remember Power level 22 than when he\'s an adult then give him 26 in stamina, Fly 16,run 12 and enter him in beginners karate then give him chao fruit the upgrade him to finish standard, expert, and super modes.

Most importantly he has to love you.
For example: He skips to you, when you whisle he runs after you.
Chao Glitch
Give your chao a Chaos Drive/animal, and as thier (eating?) it, pick up the chao, and he won't get the stats and you won't be able to pick up the animal/drive again.
Chao Karate
If your Chao has been in enough exercise classes, then in Chao Karate, he will use the Charge Punch and the Spin Kick for his moves.

Also: To Unlock Super Mode in Chao Karate, you must beat all of the other modes. Have your Chao at least at Level 80, this mode will be quite a challenge.
chao love
get a fruit and when a chao is eating it pick it up and your chao will take it back and it will look like it is starting to hate u but it wont keep on doing this untill your chao loves u!!!
Chao Race Toys!
When you win the Chao race you win the following toys:

<ul><li>Crab pool-Shovel
<li>Stump valley-watering bucket
<li>Mushroom forest-Shaker
<li> Block Canyon-Toy car
<li>Hero Race level 2-Hero ball
<li>Hero race level 4-rocking horse
<li>Dark race level 2-Dark Ball
<li>Dark race level 4-Radio
<li>Challenge race level 4-Ball
<li>Challenge Race level 8-Jack-in-the-box
<li>Challenge race level 12-TV
<li>Aquamarine race-Sonic doll
<li>Topaz race-broom
<li>Peridot race-book
<li>Garent Race-Po-go-stick
<li>Onyx race-paint set
<li>Diamond Race-Bubble maker</ul>
Chao Toys
Shovel: Win all 3 Crab Pool races
Watering Can: Win all 3 Stump Valley races
Toy Car: Win all 3 Mushroom Forest races
Rattle: Win all 3 Block Canyon races
In order for this to work u need to make sure ur chao is sleeping by the pond(on the land) ... then wake it up..(if its not next to the pond DONT FREAK OUT!!!) just carry ur chao near the pond.... it will lay down with that skwiggle on his head(swirlly thing) with sonic/shadow (i tryed with sonic) slowly start pushing ur chao in the pond *****NOT TO MUCH***** (slowly walk into the chao) if u fall in the water DONT WORRY!!!! he wont go back just keep doing this.. after this make sure u didnt push him into the water..make sure he is on the edge... if u look at ur chao from the front now he will have his feet dipped into the water.. if this doesnt work... then ur doing it wrong.... tESTED BY ME!!!!!!!!!!!
Clear Picture
When Pausing press and hold the Y and X buttons.
Climb in Chao Garden
Go in chao garden (normal)and pick Knux or Rouge.When u first enter go inthe pool facing the cave and go to the right.jump on the first rock and FACE the one in front.Now very,very,VERY quickly jump and glide.U should stick to it and are able to climb!
Coachroach Chao
To get a cochroach chao just give it a few dragons. Give it more until it gets antennae on it's head. To get a true cochroach chao then buy a shiny Black egg and hatch it. Give dragons to that chao until it has antennae. This will make it look more like a cochroach.
Cool Chao
First, get a melalic or jewl Chao from Sonic Advance. Then, breed it with a shiny Chao (try using heart fruit). Most of the time, youl get one of these cool Chao:
Shiny normal: This is a normal Chao, but it's color is shiny!
Transparent Chao: This Chao is partly see-through!
Invisible Chao: This one is my favorite! All you can see of it is it's eyes, mouth, wings and dot.
Cool chaos and breeds
Red,change-mate a red with a normal
Orange,change-mate an orange with a normal
Lime green/green,change-mate lime green/green with normal
(so on and so forth for colors, just mate color with normal-do shiny colors for shinys)
Blitz Chao- -mate a normal with a white
Transparent Chao-mate a shiny with a metalic
Invisable chao-mate a transparent chao with a shiny white

Godzilla chao-get a lime green,change chao and make it a dark/swim/swim
Trident chao-aget a gold chao, yellow, or orange chao and make it a dark/swim/power
Choas 0 chao-get a metalic blue or blue shiny and make it a dark/run/power
Real Shadow chao: get a red,change chao and make it a dark/run
Real Super Sonic Chao-make a brown,change,shiny a neutwal/run/run
Real Hyper Shadow Chao-make a grey,change,shiny a dark/run/run
Ghost v.1-make a white chao have no legs with bat
Ghost v.2-make a transparent chao have no legs
Ghost v.3-make an invisable chao have a skull on its head
Phantom chao-mate a red,change a dark/fly/fly
Ninja chao v.1-make a blitz chao a dark/swim/none
Ninja chao v.2-make a red,change a dark/swim/none
Skelaten chao v.1-make a white chao have a skull
Skelaten chao v.2-make a blitz chao have a skull
Skelaten chao v.3-make a black chao have a skull
Alian chao v.1-make a lime green,change chao a neutwil/swim/swim
Alian chao v.2-make a lime green,change a hero/power/power
Alian chao v.1-make a lime green,change a hero/none/power
Hovering egg chao-make an invisable chao have an egg on its head
Heat/flame chao-make a red,change chao a neutwil/run/fly
Ice chao-make a shiny blue or metalic blue a nuetwil/power/power
Squwid chao-make a brown,change a nuetwil/run/swim
Slick or rich chao-make a gold chao a dark/run/swim
Real night chao-make a purple,change or a blitz chao a uetiwl/fly/fly
In the chao garden play as ether knuckles or rouge with the digging tool, dig in the ground, and you may find a pumpkin, or if you dig in dark garden, you can get a skull,both can be worn by chao if they're smart enough.

P.S. Hero garden has pumpkins too.
Duskull choa
This is really easy, all you have to do is get a grey choa, turn it into a ghost, then go to Dark Garden with Knuckles or Rouge then get the skull and put it on your choa and bam!Ya should have a Duskull choa!
Easiest place to see big.
If you pasts everything this should be easy. Go to the seen where Amy and Shadow takes at the end. Keep pressing as much buttons as you can(besides start) Even in the begining when words are typed. He should trot by twice.
easy cash
a super easy cheat for tons of rings real fast.

for this one you are going to need a gameshark for your gameboy advance. you also need sonic advance for this one.
first you use the gameshark infinite rings cheat on your tiny chao garden. then, you link up your chao garden* to your tiny chao garden and transfer all the rings to your chao garden in sonic adventure 2 battle. it is so easy! plus you can do it as many times as you want.

*you can link to any of the three gardens.
Easy Chaos Chao(s)
To get a Chaos Chao in only a couple days, teach your chao to swim (by getting it's swim status above 100), and buy a ton of food. Leave the game on overnight without pausing it, and do that for 2-3 days. On the 2nd to 3rd day, depending on if you raised your chao right, it'll become a chaos chao. You can use this method for as many chao as you want simultaneously.
Easy Dragons and Unicorns for your chao!
Alot of people are wondering how to get dragons and unicorns for your chao, well... there are fairly easy ways to get them!

Unicorns: To get easy unicorns all you have to do is go to Rouge's first mission spot (I think it was called dry lagoon) and find all three of the chao boxes. One is on a ledge close to the ground not up high in the small oasis (where you start) then free the turtle to take you to the large oasis. The second one and third one are well... you know if you scale two of the walls and it lets you go on two different grassy areas... well the other chao boxes are somewhere in those areas! The last chao box will have the unicorn in it!

Dragons: To get dragons easily, go to the first area with Knuckles (I don't remember what it's called.) Now all you have to do is collect all three chao boxes (sound familiar?) Any way, the first one is on one of the pillars by the wind thing in the middle. The second and third, to get to them, go up the windy thing and on either side, yes there are grassy areas up high! Now guess what, you have to find the two other boxes on them (what a surprise.) Guess where the dragon will be... if you guessed in the last box, your right!

Hope this helped with your chaos and if anyone knows where you can find a phoenix to give to your chaos please e-mail me at
Easy Rings for Chao Garden
Do you want that really expensive egg you always see, but never have enough rings? Well, I've gotten so many rings, I had to make new files twice because my files filled up with too much! I am willing to share my secret to success. All you need is for Sonic to have Mystic Melody usable.

Go to City Escape, then do Mission 3. When you reach the part where you use Mystic Melody, just go past it and keep collecting rings. When you reach the goal ring, it will take you to the beginning of the level. Repeat the cycle, but the third time you do the level, use Mystic Melody. This is the most you should do it, becuase the most rings you can get in one try is 999.

I usually get 380+ rings on Mission 1, so by the time I use Mystic Melody, I have 960+ rings, if not 999. This will take about ten minutes, so it's perfect if you'll be waiting for something for a while and need something to do. But be sure to do Mission 1 once a day (before you do Mission 3), because it will get you to focus a little more on getting rings at the beginning.

Tips for getting more rings in the level:

Also have the Flame Ring, because in the area right after the street-boarding part at the beginning, there is a metal box. First you should get the ten ring capsule thingy, then head back to the metal box and destroy it. There's a switch inside of it that will make a line of rings appear, so wait a second for them to appear and use Light Dash (you should have it because you needed it in Metal Harbor.) But if you use it too soon, you'll stop early and can't get a few of the rings in the back.

I suggest you get the Magnetic Bubble found at the ramp shortly after the part before this. When you get it, try to go off the next ramp right after landing. If done correctly, you'll go into the air and get a bunch of floating rings. It may take a couple of tries, so if you fail, go back to the first ramp and start there. This is the best way to gain enough speed to go off the second ramp, because if you don't, the camera will keep moving weirdly as you run towards it and make you mess up.

There's a chance that you'll get 424 rings by the first time you reach the goal ring, but there can be a helpful glitch. Sometimes, when you reach the goal ring, you'll have 425+ rings. By doing the third mission over and over, I got enough practice to get 425 rings on the first mission instead of 424. Getting all the rings will raise your chance of getting an A-Rank on Mission 1 by a LOT, so Mission 3 is good practice at getting enough rings to get an easy A-Rank.

That's all for now, but be sure to keep doing this for a while at first. (I don't really need to practice the mission anymore, since I've basically memorized the level by playing Mission 1 at least 200 times. I just have to warm up by doing the first mission.) Thanks for reading!
Easy way to beat BigFoot with Sonic
An easy way to defeat Big Foot with Sonic is to get the Bounce Bracelet. After you do when Big Foot lands bounce until your at eye level with him. Then use Homing Attack before he shoots the missiles.
Easy Way To Beat A Chaos 0 Guard
The easiest way to beat a chaos 0 guard is the following: Wait until the guard has spit out all of his miniture creatures, then use the Ancient Light upgrade to kill them all! It's fast and gives you alot of points!
Easy way to do Security hall
As you well know you are timed on Security Hall, sometimes an emerald will be in a safe, meaning that you have to go to the top and press a switch and find your safe again, this can take up to 30 seconds! Instead don't bother with top and use the spiral kick attack (run around in a circle then press 'B') in front of your emerald's safe and it should open! Like magic!
Easy way to get dragon chao
I found an easy wya to get a dragon chao use knuckles on aquatic mine with the 100 rings mission and there is 2 dragons 1 is if u collect all the chao boxes the other is near some water where there is loads of ring boxes now once u have got 2 dragons exit the stage and go to chao garden and give your chao the dragons keep repeating this process
Easy Ways to Get Points
We all know that getting rings and killing robots and stuff will get us points, but here are some ways you might not know about:
Destroy Boxes (this includes the chao box)
Destroy Gold Robots (gives you 2X the points of a regular robot)
Do tricks in the air.

More comings soon (possibly)
Egg can Move you!
When you have the unhatched egg, just keep pressing B+X. Dont stop and when it bounces, if its in your arms at the time, It will move you around everywhere until you let go. It happend to me once but you have to be lucky.
Evil Chao
Here are some tips for getting Evil Chao.

Keep petting the chao you want to become evil with Shadow. Rouge & Eggman work as well. Eventually you'll have a Chao that is evil. And if you look after it well, it shall evolve and you will get a Evil Chao Garden.
Fill Chao up Without Feeding it!
Don't you just hate it when you have a chao who can't have any fruit but goes after anything it can find? There is an easier way. Just find a give a fruit to one of your chaos who can have fruit untill there is only one more point left in it and then pet that chao to make it stop eating. Next, get the chao who CAN"T have any fruit and get it to go after the fruit. When it does this pick up the fruit and give it to a chao on the other side of the garden and try to block the hungry chao, who should still be following it, from getting the fruit and, if the chao you gave the fruit to finishes before the hungry chao gets there, the hungry chao will pick up an invisible fruit and start eating, and eating, and eating untill it's full and then it will try to throw the invisible fruit butbend up sending itself flying backwards about two feet. It will not gain any stamina during this process. Here it is in a nutshell:

Get hungry chao to follow a fruit with one point left---> give fruit to chao on other side of garden-->
block hungry chao from getting to the fruit--->watch chao pick up an invisible fruit--->wait untill chao is full---> then watch it fly backwards two feet.

The chao will now be full with no stamina increase.
Flair Flip
Using Sonic or Shadow, go to one of their levels and quickly press B,A, then the analog joystick.
floting invisble platform (Glitch)
you can use ar(actionreplay) or go to tails(or sonic) Then go to the newtral gardan(chao garden) but dont go in it.then fly(or jump with sonic)on the very top. if that dosent work use ARcode Z jump to jump really high and reach the top. then you will notice your standing on a floating invisible platfoarm.
Get high score with sonic!
On any level (best on the pyramid level), with sonic instead of attacking an enemy with homing attack, attack using the bounce bracelet. Doing this you can get score like perfect as long as you don't stop bouncing. You can watch the scores pile on from 'Good' to 'Perfect'
Giving a chao a drive or animal without using it.
Walk up to the chao you want to give whatever to and have the item in your hand but don't walk to close or it will take it. So when you stand there close but not too close push B to put the drive or animal down the chao will get experience but the drive or animal will be reusable.
GLITCH - Floating fruit
Not really needed but if you feed your chao a fruit on the steep areas in the chao garden and the fruit appears to float.
GLITCH:long range homing
When you play Final Battle against Soinc or Shadow if you are at the right area do a homing attack. You wil be in the homing stance floating beyond the point of a jump (10 seconds)
Guaranteed A Rank
An alternate way to get an 'A' rank on each stage is to collect every ring in it. It should say 'Perfect' next to your ring count at the end of the level and you will have an 'A' rank, except for the time-based ones.
Hero Chao/Dark Chao how you may not get them
hello, have you seen my chao lovessss you cheats? well i think you'd think that the food one is longest, well, your right but im telling you how to get a hero or dark chao, lets go

Hero Chao: play with Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and give some hero fruit, it will turn white if you give it alot of hero fruit, or you can buy a white egg and hatch it as a white, but still give it hero fruit and play as sonic/tails/knuckles

Dark Chao: Play with Shadow, Eggman, or Rouge and give it dark fruit, it will turn black if you give alot of it, in the middle it will be gray 0.o or you can buy a black egg, but still give it dark fruit and play as Shadow/Eggman/Rouge

Neutral Chao: you dont really have to do anything at all, pretty much just evolve it with any character, and train it

Baby Chao: Hatch a egg by throwing it(i dont reccomend) at the wall, shaking it for 4 or 5 seconds then put it down(any more or less seconds will make a evil grin)or wait for it to hatch(the best way, but takes long) once you hatch your 2 chao, thats not all the chao you can get, go to the black market in chao kindergarten its in a corner

Angel Chao: reincarnate a chao 2 times, then give it some hero fruit, sooner or later it will become a angel chao.

Devil Chao: reincarnate a chao 2 times, then give it some dark fruit, sooner or later it will become a devil chao.

Chaos chao: i dont know how to, but i think this is how to, reincarnate a chao 2 times, then give it some chao fruit(skill fruit)sooner or later it will become a chaos chao.

thats all, but wait for a little, dont leave yet.
the hero and angel chao have halos floating over their head, the dark and devil chao have spiky balls floating over their head, and baby, neutral and chaos chao have regular balls floating over their head.
Hidden Zone-Green hill zone
You must Collect ALL 180 Emblems.
Hint: blaze the cat chao
buy a purple egg and give it purple or green drives (not too much though), tigers and cheetahs, evolve it hero and when it comes out it will look like blaze from sonic rush.
How to get a Red tornado for Tails
First complete all tails levels with the missions ranking A .Then go to 2 player mode .then chose mechine battle .now Tails machine will be Red instead of being blue .also it will be stronger.
How to get a Shadow chao
To get a Shadow chao you have to give a chao give it ONLY green chaos drives and no animals. I recommend getting chaos drives in Iron Gate. Give the chao green chaos drives and it will start turning dark green and occasionally pet the chao with a dark character. Repeat until your chao goes into a caccoon and when it comes out it should have quills with green stripes on them. To make them red keep giving it green chaos drives until it's second evolution (it will not go into a caccoon unless it is dying). In it's second evolution these changes take time. After the stripes on the quills turn red you have a Shadow chao.
how to get your chao a pointy thing on his head
ok, first get a normal chao egg (spotted) hatch him by throwing him against the wall, then just keep givin him bunnies. but, don't be mean, he has to be a hero chao for this to work. once he evolves he'll be a bunny, only his head will have a sorta horn, and his belly will be a sort of blue rainbow
How to make your chao to get a flame as it's ball.
Not only will this chao will have a flame on his head, but it is sooo easy do it! If you know where to get a Half-fish then get alot of them. If you don't know where to get it here:
First go to Rouge's EggQuater's and there should be a Half-fish in a cage in the room of the statue. To get it out of the cage you have to get a Monkey bomb. There is a monkey in that room already. Go to the Monkey that is by the half-fish. that is the only monkey in that room that throws bombs. When he tosses it grab it.(Don't worry it won't explode in your hands.) Drop it by the cage and the cage should break.

Now when getting as much half-fish as possible go to your chao garden. If you only have a few Half-fish Just do this:
With an animal/Driver go a little close to your chao. Not to close or else it will grab it and ca't use it again. Then just drop it. If this didn't work then you either got to close or you made your chao move. You can use this again and again if you do it right.

Okay, now lets do it! Okay so give your chao a Half- Fish. Do the trick above just in case. When it's done you should see a Flame on his head. If It didn't work give it 2 more. And Voila! You got yourself a flame Chao
Note: You can do this with anytype of Chao even if their adults!
Infinate Rings(alternate)
Go to any chao garden and sell coconuts to the market.It might take a while but u get infinate rings!Its real wierd.
infinite rings
in chao garden sell pumpkins or fruits from palm trees to the black market and you will get rings.this is an infinite cheat so you can use it whenever you want.
Infinite Rings
To get infinite rings you have to buy something expensive at the black market, then sell it. When you hear the "ching!" sound reset your game cube. Now you will have more rings and you kept the item!!! This can be done over and over again!!!
infinite rings
Infinite Rings: Requires 2 memory cards and a game file with lots of rings. Copy the game file (not chao file) to another memory card and then use all your rings in the chao garden. Copy over that game file with the file on the other memory card. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with your chao garden. (tested to work)
Invisible Chao
You can make an invisible chao where only the eyes and wings are visible!
You will need:
-A Gameboy Advance (SP)
-A GC/GB link cable
-Sonic DX
What you do is play Sonic DX until you have a silver or gold chao, then transfer him to the Gameboy Advance via the link cable with the Gameboy station in the Chao Garden. Make sure there is NOT a game pak in the GBA. Now go to the Chao garden in SA2:B and withdraw the chao from the GBA. Make sure you have enough emblems, because you will need to buy a shiny yellow or a shiny grey egg from the black market. Now when they are old enough, mate the shiny yellow chao with the gold chao (or mate the shiny grey chao with the silver chao) and when the egg hatches, the baby will be invisible! If you give it a half-fish (green monster) the dot above it's head will become a transparent fireball, and if you give it a bat, the wings will disappear (you may need to give more than one animal), leaving only the eyes and the shadow visible. You can also put an item on the chao's head to make the item look like it is moving and floating!

This is real, I have done it myself.
Invisible Spring!
For this cheat you need Rouges sharp nails (the thing that lets Rouge dig)and the level Dry Lagoon available on the stage select. First go to the level Dry Lagoon. Second, go to the wall that shows the ancient pictures (not in the place where you use the turtle to get to). Third, when you are on the wall find the picture that is below one of the animals that looks like Knuckles and dig into it. You will bounce off the wall! I found this one myself.
Knuckles and Rouge Glitch
When playing as knuckles or rouge, go to the normal chao garden (the one you start with)and immediatly go to the right. You should see flowrs next to a plant and be right next to the water. in front of You there will be 2 rocks. Jump over 1 and touch the other 1 in mid-air. You should be hanging on to it like you are climbing it! If you move, you will fall off. You can't dig into the rock.
Knuckles Chao
Hatch a red egg and make it a neutral power chao by giving it only red chao drives.. and then give it a skeleton dog, after that give a red egg shell to use it as a hat and he will look like Knuckles..
Knuckles/Rouge Special Techniques
I know of a few special techniques for Knuckles and Rouge. Here they are.

1) Float---When gliding (I recommend a high place for your first time) release the A button and then quickly press and hold it again. If done correctly you should fall at about 1/2 the normal speed for about two seconds. The faster you release and hold the button the better your float will be.

2) Shooting Star Attack---Push the B button three times while running. If you hold the button when you push it the third time you will attack for a longer amount of time than you normally would. I call this the Shooting Star Attack. I learned this from my friend, but he has been too busy to put it on the internet... Oh well.

3) Crazy Twirl---Not really anything beneficial, but it is fun to do. While gliding rotate the control stick in any direction. Your character will glide very strangely. The faster you twirl the stick the wierder it gets.

4) Combination Tricks---Any amateur can push the B button three times in a row to do the Punch, Punch, Uppercut combo, right? Well, if you can time it right, try to punch, punch, punch, etc, and put off the uppercut for as long as possible. A bit tricky, but helpful at times!

Hope these help you on your treasure hunting adventures! Good luck!
levitating harpie chao
get a normal colored choa.give it about 100 yellow chaos drives it may take long but its worth it. then pet it with shadow and sonic until it evolves. and now you have a harpie chao that will look so cool!!!!!!!!!
Longer Living Trees
If you buy a seed from the Black Market and plant it, the tree that grows from it won't live forever. To get it to live longer, just make your chao water it every now and then, and it will stay alive longer!
Lots of rings
Buy a hat with of any cost, more expensive means you get more money, put it into a garden, and exit the garden, so that it save, then go back into the garden and grab the item you just bought and sell it, then reset the game by pressing the reset button, when you reenter the garden you should still have the item but you will have gained the rings too. Repeat as many time as necesary. When you have as many rings as you want, complete a level, (I recommend Sonic's first level getting 100 rings) and it will save.
(if you don't complete a level you will lose the rings you just got.)
Magic Glove
Once you have Bounce Attack, and Flame Somersault, go through City Escape and Bounce on the four steel crates. When you land, you will get the Magic Gloves. The boxes are found by the place with the many rising pillars.
magic hands
Enter the city escape level and play onwards once you get done running down the building go up the stairs and when you get to 4 grey boxes in the ground use the bounce bracelet to bust through them and there you have the magic hands to use go to an enemy and press the Y button till you see the option (magic hands) then press B and you will turn the enemy into a ball you can throw the ball at any enemy that you choose

p.s dosent work on any bosses
Making cool looking choas
When you make a cool looking choa you have 2 have certain stats. Like the sonic choa needs alot of run. When you give your choa stats to make him a sonic or another type of one, you need to have stats in the other catergories as well ( fly, swim, run, etc.) I tried to make one using run + swim, but it just turned into a swim type becuase i didn't have any stats in my other catergories.
Maroon Chao
Turn one of the Chaos in the spotted the eggs into an angel and then buy a red Chao and turn it into an angel then mate them both to get a Maroon Chao.
messed up knuckles
go to the neutral chao garden with knuckles and pick something up it doesnt matter what you use now go near the chao transporter and find a small lump next to the mountain walk on it and turn around his hands will get messed up and spin
Metal Sonic Chao!
To get a Metal Sonic Chao you need to get a shiny sky blue egg and hatch it to the face of your liking (I used the Evil Metal Grin style so it looked more like an evil robot). Next you must make it a nuetral/running type. Finally you can let the GC sit for about 6 hours if its stats look something like this:

Swim 0000
Fly 0000
Run 0233
Stamina 0153
(Stats may vary)

(I'd recommend letting it sit while your at school so you don't have to wait and do nothing for 6 hours). After that you should have a Metal Sonic Chao and for some finishing touches you could add some shoes by alternating between hedgehogs (a.k.a. boars) and skull-dogs to make it only have hedgehog feet and no hedgehog ears (ears are already on the chao), arms, or a hedgehog tail. And that's the way you get a Metal Sonic Chao!

If you have any problems with this cheat then E-mail me at the address listed below or where ever they put it and tell me what you're doing and I'll tell you what went wrong)
money back cheat
when you buy anything in the black market such as an egg you can sell it back for 1/4 of what you bought it for well for the egg hatch it first. =)
Monter Chao
To get a monster chao read the following:
1.Buy a purple chao egg.
2.Shake it for 6 seconds.(it will get a frown,grin,or no mouth)
3.Give it a raccoon(ears),tiger(claws),warthog(feet&tusks),dragon(horns),and either a phenox or a penguin(hair).
4.Evolve it into a dark chao.:K
There's your new monster chao!

NOTEo NOT feed it until it is grown-up!
Hope 'ya like it!
More Chao Garden Fun!!
In the Hero Garden, there is a strange gazeebo type thing. Using Sonic or Shadow, jump on top of it, and you will rum in place for an unlimited amount of time.

In the Dark Garden, there is a cage. Near the cage, there is another section of rusty gate. If you put your chao down in front of the gate you will only be able to see their heads. This is fun to do if you chao has been naughty.

This cheat was submited by the great Shadow the Hedgehog. (YES, It does work!)
Mystic Melody/Tails
To get Mystic Melody for Tails,go to Hidden Base level.Keep going,STOP when you get to the part that the black balls with black spikey balls around them.Turn to the RIGHT,then you will see a door with a painting on it.Shoot it 3 times.You will a power up.
no board in 2p
first go to 2p then go to city escape and let your friend get ahead of you. They must have an attack like sonic wind when they're off the board. if your still on your board then you'll lose it!!
Omochao is Trapped!
Go to city escape and pick up tires,get as close as possible to Omochao without turning him on.Put the tires down right there and Omochao will be trapped in the tires! XD
Petting two chaos at once
To pet two chaos at once put the chaos side by side (or together)and pet one of them and the other one will get happy too.
Plant Chao
If you do the glitch where you get out of chao garden and get back on,you can pick up your chao OUT of the ground like plants!Just wait a few minutes and get near them and press B.

NOTE:Your action button icon will not show!
Random Floating Boost Pad Glitch
In White Jungle (a Shadow level.), at the starting point where Shadow is running down the half-pipe like thing, go down until the third arch, then stop. Jump on top of the ledge to the right. Then jump of the ledge , and homing attack under the half-pipe you were running down. You should notice a floating boost pad under there, though it doesn't seem to do anything when touched.
Read if you want to get a Naruto Chao!
First this is not an official chao!

Get an orange egg and then make it a dark swimming chao, then you have to give it an otter so it will get those whisker like things. Then there you go, your own little Naruto chao! If you have any questions or comments please P.M. me!
Reuse chao drives and animals
To reuse chao drives and animals, just pick up the drive or animal, get as close as you can to your chao, and press B to drop it. It should go through the chao's hands and fly back out so you can use it again.
Rolling kick
If you tap B several times while somersaulting Sonic or Shadow will do a kick attack. Not really a "cheat" but an interesting move nonetheless.
Rouge chao
In order to get a rouge chao you need to Raise a flying dark chao then give it running typr things and it shuld look kinda like rouge. if it doesn't email me and tell me what you did exactly. It might be the animals of the chaos drives
Run Upwards
In City Escape,go 2 the first set of stairs and do a Sin Dash then run in the middle of the stairs.Jump at the edge then keep holding up.You should run up a wall that's not there.Kinda like in the 2-P grind race.
Runnin' on the wall
As Sonic go into the neutral chao garden. On the right side there is a stone wall. On that wall there is a place on the hill where the mountain slops up find it. Once you find run full speed (when lines show up and his arms face backwards) at it. Ta-Da he will run up it for awhile. A cool thing about this is if as soon as you go up run left and you will run sideways. Tested by me.

P.S. it might work as Shadow
Save yourself some decent time in Cannon's core
This glitch is kinda useful if you want a A rank because this will save you at least 10 seconds.First when you are at Sonic's part in cannon's core,Do what you gotta do BUT when you reach the blob monster that splits himself to many pieces, destroy it.Then touch the time freezer thing.STAY ON IT.While you are on it Charge up your spin dash (for a good amount of time) and aim towards the little pool and spin.If done correctly, you will land on the pool and you won't hear a ticking sound like the timer always does.When this happens the the whole time in the level will be frozen until you reach the goal ring.
screaming chao
To get a screaming chao you give food to you chao and after about 6 seconds you snatch the food from that chao and give it to another chao in front of it your chao will start to cry you walk around that chao and when it stops crying it will run away from you screaming and if you go in front of that chao it will scream and run in a diffrent direction it may take more then one shot to make it work.The chao will stop running if you are far away from it or if it gets tired it will fall asleep.It is funny but your chao will hate you.
See inside a cocoon
To see the inside of a cocoon go behind it and keep moving back and you'll see your chao!(only the top of it, but if you get lucky and your chao is on a hill you can see all of it)
Shiny Normal Chao
First get an adult normal chao and shiny white chao. buy 2 heart fruit and feed 1 heart fruit to the normal 1 first. make sure the normal 1 gets the flowers first. then give the other heart fruit 2 the shiny white chao and take it 2 the normal chao. then hatch the egg. remember the normal chao goes first.
Shoes For Chao
To give your chao shoes you need at least 2 hedgehogs(a.k.a. boars), 2 skull-dogs, and knowledge of the Item Reuse Cheat. Sit your chao down and give the chao one hedgehog using the item reuse cheat. If the chao now has hedgehog tail, ears, arms, or tusks, use the item reuse cheat with the skull-dogs to get rid of them. Adjust until the only trait the chao has are the feet. Another bonus is that every once in awhile, the chao will crouch down into the starting position and then take of sprinting like Sonic.
Sonic or Shadow chao
to get a sonic or shadow chao only touch your chao with the character you want it to be and feed it green chaos drives ONLY green chaos drives and feed it a lot!!
Stand on a Tree!
Here is a cool glitch for the Chao Garden. First, enter the Chao Garden as Tails. Next, give a Chao that has the shovel and the watering can a seed. When it finds somewhere to plant it, hover above the seed it planted with A+A. Then, wait for the tree to pop up. If you did it correctly, you will be on top of the tree!
Stickin' Out Tail
Make a chao evolve with either a seal or cheetah tail and when its in the cacoon its tail will pop in and out!
Strange mess-up Chao
If you want to get the strangest chao in the world, then read.

1. Get any colored egg, get two
2. Breed them, so you get a multi-colored chao
3. Evolve that chao once and make it a dark chao
4. Give it: hog, bear, gorilla, penguin, unicorn, bat, and strange fish

When you are done with that then you should have the strangest chao in the world! If you have any trouble, please p.m. me!
tails upgrade
beat the hero story line, then go back to prison lain and at the very end where the big ring is you'll see a several metal boxes. Break them open to get the special canon (must have the upgraded bullets).
Tails' Chao (unnoficial)
Here is an easy way and a hard way:

Easy- Get a yellow chao and give it a raccon tail and ears then turn it hero.

Hard- Get a orange chao or yellow (doesnt matter)
and as a child give it only a raccoon tail. Then get swimming you really high and turn it hero. It looks like his ears were blown back in the wind.

(Note: it will only have one tail.)
Underground Animal
Go to chao garden as Knuckles(make sure u have ONLY 1 animal)and when the animal flies out pickit up,jump & throw it.It will be under ground!

NOTE:When it is uder ground,it will stay away from
the pool.You must dig in the shadow to get the animal out.
Underground Chao Glitch!
This isn't really a cheat or tip, but it's a great glitch! Go to chao lobby as Sonic or Shadow, then into the normal chao garden (the first one you get) and go toward the back where there is an invisible wall stopping you from falling. Now go to where the flattest rock is (near the right and back of the stage when you walk in) near another tall rock. Now face the invisible wall and the tall rock and keep homing attack it. This can take 1-6 attempts. Suddenly you should break the barrier and seem to keep falling and teleporting up again. If you turn around while in this incredible fall and head towards you chao they should have fallen through the ground and try to swim, However you can still see their shadows.
NOTE: Leave the garden to reverse this effect.
unlimited normal chaos
me and my friend found this out by accedent u can only do this cheat if you have the gamboy hookup first u send a chao to the gameboy then take it out dont turn of the game boy then press the L button on the gameboy u will see a shop there will be a normal chao egg for free by it and send it to ur garden if you look on the game boy u will see there is anouther free chao egg do this until your gardens are filled with normal chaos.
Unlock Boss Attack Mode
To unlock the Boss Attack mode, complete either the Hero or the Dark side story modes. Here you will be able to fight each boss from either the Hero or the Dark side.
Unlock Dark Chao Garden
To unlock the Dark Chao Garden, you must raise a Dark Chao with one of the three ''Dark'' characters. Continually feed and train your Dark Chao and soon it will evolve (creates a tear-shaped ''cocoon''). Once it evolves, the descending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Dark Chao Garden.
Unlock Diamond & Onyx Races
Win at least one race from Aquamarine, Garnet, Peridot, and Topaz Chao Races to unlock them.
Unlock Green Hill Zone
Get all 180 Emblems and unlock the 3D version of Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 1.
Unlock Hero Chao Garden
To unlock the Chao Hero Garden, you must raise a Hero Chao with one of the three Hero characters. Continually feed and train your Hero Chao and it should evolve (creates a tear-shaped ''cocoon''). Once it evolves, ascending stairs should appear at the main Chao lobby leading to the Hero Garden.
Unlock Jewel Races
Complete all 4 of the original races and get the emblem. The Jewel races will be unlocked.
Unlock Kart Racing
1P Verson-Complete the racing level in ethier the hero or dark story

2P Verson-Complete the racing level in BOLTH the hero and dark storys
Unlock Kart Racing Game
In order to unlock the Kart game, in the Hero Side story complete the Tails driving quest and then in Dark Side story successfully finish the Rouge chase mission. You will now have a playable kart racing game to play.
Unlock Last Stage
In order to play the actual last and final stage of this game, then finish both Hero and Dark side story games. Once this is done, go into story mode and a ''Last Stage?'' menu selection should appear between the Hero and the Dark Side selections.
unofficial knuckles chao: heres how to make one
first: get a red chao

second: hatch the egg and keep the top half of the shell

third: give it a skeloten dog (found at pumpkin hill)

fourth: put the red shell on the chaos head (this is done by holding the shell and walk up to the chao)

hope this helps
Wall climber chao!
Go to the dark garden as any character. Go to the pool with blood, there should be a rock wall next to it, go to the VERY coner of the pool were the rock wall is with your chao in your hand. Drop your chao in the EXACT corner of the pool were the wall is and it should climb the rock wall! NOTE: your chao will fall repeatedly and it will keep on climbing (It will only climb half way up the wall)
Want More Trees?
If you want more trees, you first need to do a couple of things:
1. Get your chao to walk by getting its points up to 50 in Running (give it lots of green chao drives)
2. Win the Shovel and Watering Can from the Beginner Races.
3. Buy a seed from the Black Market.
After you have done all these things, give the seed to your chao, and it will walk around with the seed. Eventually, your chao will find a good spot and plant the tree! Wait for your chao to bury it and do the 'rain dance', and your tree will sprout!
Note: After you give the seed to your chao, it may take a long, and I mean loooonnnggg time before your chao finds the perfect spot to plant it!
Water Slide!
to slide in the water(best in the heaven or hell pool) pick up a fruit and move the control stick in one direction. spin for a couple of seconds, and throw the fruit while spinning and as soon as you, let go of the control stick. then your charecter should slide in one direction!
Weeeee im FLYING!
Hey its me again X-Master =) I took a break from findin cheats but I'm back now with tons of new stuff!

As Sonic/Shadow, go to the Normal Chao Garden. Go to the Waterfall and go till you hit the "sky" (invisible wall), behind the plant. Homin Attack the wall rapidly (make sure that when ur homing, Sonic goes down the wall). Eventually you fall through the wall. (Takes practice).

Wait! THERE'S MORE! Fly until you exit the sky background. (AND A NOTE TO SONIC TEAM: WORK OUT THE KINKS HERE)! Go as long as you want. The garden will shrink out of view. Go back and all your Chaos will be stuck in the ground. You can pick em out, or leave the garden and come back. Enjoy Screwing aroud!
Who your up against! Very dangerous!
If you finsh all you challenge races, hero races. and dark races and you are on the last one you will see the immortel chao and how they look like! In the Hero race you will see the dark Chaos chao. In the Dark race you will see the hero Chaos chao. And finally you will see the light Chaos chao in the challenge race. Good luck!
Wierd Ledge
Go in the Chao Lobby and go on the last step and slightly press forward while jumping.If done correctly,you should grab an ivisible ledge.Press
A and you'll get up but fall and grab it again.
Wierd Ring
Go to wild canyon and go in the rising wind.Go on top of the platform with the 2 wooden boxes and climb the wall behind it.Look to the right and above the fan there is a ring!Wierd huh?
Wierd Wall
Go to sonic's final stage and where you use the bounce attack to break the the crates.Brake the crate over the blue and jump to left over & over until you get on the side.Then run,while on the side,and when u get to the edge,jump up and back.U
should be in the wall behind u!
Wrinkled Tail
Choose Tails and go to a chao garden.When u whistle his tails will scrunch up.