[edit] Background

It's Sonic Adventure 2, the latest Sonic masterpiece, where you play as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles and attempt to save the world-OR-play as Shadow, Dr. Robotnik, or Rouge and conquer all who stand in your way. Mistaken for a villain and kidnapped by a military squad, Sonic must escape his captors and discover who is responsible for all his trouble.

[edit] Gameplay

Two new playable characters enter the Sonic universe -- a mysterious dark hedgehog called Shadow, and a jewel-thieving bat named Rouge. In the single-player mode, you'll go through more than 30 unique stages, which include everything from a forgotten pyramid, an abandoned military base, and a giant space station. Then there's the expanded two-player mode, which features 12 playable characters competing in new head-to-head games. All of this adds up to Sonic's biggest adventure yet

[edit] Features

  • New two-player "Battle" mode featuring action racing, treasure hunting, shooting, kart racing, Chao racing, and the comical new Chao karate.
  • 12 playable characters - Six hero and dark characters plus six others from the Sonic series, including Amy Rose, Metal Sonic, and Chaos Zero.
  • Cable Link with Game Boy Advance -- Raise and train your Chao on the go!
  • Single-player Adventure mode lets you try to save the world as Sonic and friends, or conquer it as Shadow, Rouge, and Dr. Robotnik.
  • New Moves - Grind down rails, grab ledges, and swing from poles.
  • More than action 30 Stages and 150 missions. Can you collect all 180 emblems?

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Nintendo Gamecube Link Cable- Use it to transport your chao's to either any of the Sonic Advance games, or to transport them to mini-chao garden.

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Feb 25, 15 12:25pm
By far best Sonic game on the market. No game will beat this one. SonicAdventure2
Jul 29, 12 7:02am
It's gonna be on PSN! So Freaking Happy! :D SonicAdventure2
May 21, 12 4:37am
Well, that's just sad. it's not on PSN. :'( Put it on there, Sony! SonicAdventure2
Apr 19, 12 5:17am
When I buy some more PSN cards, I am totally gonna get this from the PlayStation Store! SonicAdventure2
Aug 3, 11 12:54am

Presentation (10)- SEGA has really outdone themselves in this game. The story is...

Jul 26, 11 7:25pm
Best 3D Sonic game ever. Fun gameplay with variety and the Chao mode is addicting. SonicAdventure2
nasty nappa
Jun 18, 11 5:20am
one of those games that made my life much better awsome gameplay awsome music fantastic multi player SonicAdventure2
May 7, 11 1:58pm
lil dragon kid
Feb 2, 11 6:23am
Will NEVER unlock Green Hill Zone. Chaos Chao? Getting right on it....soon...meh SonicAdventure2
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  • Publisher: Sega
  • Developer: Sonic Team
  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Perspective(s): Third Person
Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Feb 12, 2002 (GC)
    • Jun 19, 2001 (DC)
  • Japan: Dec 20, 2001
  • Europe: May 3, 2002
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