Sonic Unleashed review
Why do people criticize this so much?

The good:

Sonic Unleashed is one of those games that makes me stand out for one reason; I LOVE THIS GAME (especially this version; wasn't too fond of the PS2/Wii versions)! The Hedgehog Engine is so well made that it definitely deserves a mention!

GAMEPLAY (let's get it over with...):
Some people have praised its gameplay in a few respects; while I can agree, I want to disagree without being disagreeable. For a first, the Werehog (or nighttime) Stages are by far one of the greatest beat-'em-up levels I have faced, and by far the most challenging, too. It implemented new mechanics that I haven't seen in this sort of stage before; reaction commands (I'm looking at you Kingdom Hearts, thanks!). Albeit small margin for error times, this makes it more interesting, because it tests your reaction mettle; you fail, lose some of your life. You win, you automatically defeat the enemy (even the bigger enemies), and earn point bonuses that help towards the higher ranks.

Another mechanic with the Werehog is the "Unleashed" mode. When you defeat enemies, they drop bits of the main antagonist of the game, Dark Gaia. When the meter (that tells how much "Dark Gaia Energy" has been accumulated) is at least half-full, pressing both bumper buttons (L1 and R1 for PS3/PS2 and RB and LB on Xbox360) will send Sonic into a sort of "rage state" called "Unleashed Mode". With this, Sonic moves faster while he walks, and some of his moves can become infinitely chained. Not only this, but his strength increases too, and he gets a special aura that shines light blue; it makes him pop out of the other environments really well.

The Hedgehog (or daytime) Stages, I love more than the nighttime stages, but I love them all the same. It's everything you'd want out of Sonic; high-speed gameplay, featuring blazing fast speeds, and a brand new mechanic; the Sonic Boost. Thanks to the new Hedgehog Engine, when you press the Square button (or X on Xbox360) after gathering a massive amount of rings, Sonic can run about twice as fast without the boost, and gain shorter times. This mechanic sets apart all the other games combined (except Generations). After each stage that you finish (day or night), the experience you accumulate from defeating enemies can be used towards upgrading that character, whether it be health, ring energy capacity and usage, top speed, combat knowledge, strength, etc.

The bad:

Other than the repetitively large stages that go with the Werehog, there is nothing bad I can say about this game. It's a jewel in my opinion.


I can understand why people would want to criticize this, but why exactly? Is it because of the Werehog? Is it because of the game in general? I say so, but what did those imperfections lead to? A great game (I'm looking at Sonic Generations, here) of course! The same Hedgehog Engine is used here, and the game looks absolutely amazing! I'd go so far as to say that Unleashed is better than Generations in a few respects.

There really isn't that much more to say, other than being downloadable stage packs, where you can play new stages on each continent (except Eggmanland of course). If you really want to, don't buy it; but trust me, you're missing on so much you don't even know... I know I am...

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