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Fu's Sonic Uneashed Review

The good:

Almost all of this game is good, but like every game, it has a bad too.

The bad:

There are a good amount of Glitches in this game, and could get a little frustrating at times, and other little things.




To start this off I'd like to take a look on Sonic's gaming past. As all Sonic fans should know Sonic hasn't been doing good recently. It started right after Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, but before that tragedy, SEGA made a masterpiece. During his 10 years of glory, Sonic became wildly popular. He had awesome games on the Genisis, Game Gear, DreamCast, and a few other consoles, and very surprising, in 1996, Sonic the Hedgehog beat Micky Mouse by a landslide in the Q-Score Poularity Rankings. Before that, the two little stars were so popular that it was to close to call which was best in Eurpoe, N. America, and Japan. Sorry to go a little off-course with that, but before 2001, Sonic was very successful. I remember playing Sonic on my Genesis, what memories...

Now, after SA2:B, things sorta sunk. One game that didn't help at all was Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games...and Sonic '06 (of course). A few games during that period stood out a little, meaning that some were good than others, like Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Gems Collection, and the most of the GBA games (Sonic Advence 1, 2, 3, and Battle). Besides those the the games sucked, but then it got a little better around '07, like Sonic Riders 1 (not 2), Secret Rings, Sonic Rush (helped a little), and the first RPG to the Sonic series, Dark Brotherhood, and now Unleashed. So let's get this started.

*Note: For those of you who got to use of Sonic being suckish please leave this page.....what? No one left? Good.


Sonic Unleashed was announced late spring of 2008 and since then, people didn't know what was that "thing" with the fur, but now we know it is Sonic in a so called "Werehog" form. When this was first discovered people got a little....sorta like, "what?" because this is out of Sonic's game genre. Anyways as the release date came closer, SEGA revealed more about the game, and then Sonic the Werehog came comfortable with everyone. But to tell ya the truth, I think SEGA revealed too much, too fast.


OK, the game itself. I have to say I'm impressed. The storyline is okay, it has a great title, and, because of the hype, a great future for Sonic. Music is awesome, game play is good, and the controls are good as well. Now its time to get deep into the game.


Like I said the Music is literally AWSOME. In the day time it is very nice and energetic, it also preps you up for high speed gaming. The sounds are nice, too, but can be laggy at times, though at night it gets very soothing and quiet, except when you battle enemies, and sounds are still laggy.

The game has a basic setup and doesn't really have anything to customize, except SFX, BGM, and Sound volume...and Subtitles and Language (English or Japanese. And one more thing is that you can play music that is saved on your hard drive at almost any time playing the game. So for example, you can play "Live and Learn" on an a level to have extrra fun.

This game has perfect graphics and my favorite part is the Werehog's fur, it is very lifelike. And not to mention the backgrounds in the action stages, especially in Spagonia's Nighttime act. Anyways the graphics are very impressive.


I always save the most important for last.

This is where most glitches come to play. The most glitches I've seen is problems with the Speed and the Ring Energy bars. Some times they load out of place and can confuse you. A few more glitches is going too fast can break the "invisible barrier", you know, that invisible wall that blocks you from places you can and cannot go? Anyways, you may break it and you'd have to restart the level (don't be concerned, this happens probably 1 out of 5,000 plays). Oh, and a note for the Speed/Ring Energy bar problem, that happens about 10 out of 30 plays. The day time game play is very, very fun and gets your blood pumping. It is used for making a Sonic Boom and breaks the sound barrier. The boost also helps you getting to shortcuts. The maximum time of a daytime action stage is probably 4:00, 5:00 tops.

There is only one glitch I've seen in nighttime levels, and that is a problem with the Unleash gauge. When you can use the Unleash gauge it will flash from dark blue to white. And some times it will be loaded a center meter above the actual gauge, that is the only problem in the nighttime levels. The nighttime level's objective is actually almost the exact opposite of daytime ones. In the night, you must explore the stage for collectibles that will entertain you in the "Lab", but anyways there are much more enemies in these levels. The objective is to fight enemies with a combat system with 40 combos to pummel them with. Besides using your fists, you also use your stretchable arms to grab, swing, and jump your way though the level. There are 91 different enemies to tackle in this adventure. When you play one of the night levels for the first time it will take you about a half hour (~ 30:00) to finish it, but once you master a level you can finish it in 7:00 to 15:00.

This place is where you select the action stages on the continent you are currently on. You can also select a stage by selecting the continent on the World Map and select "Select Stage".

Besides Sonic Booming the land and fighting monsters you also have to have an amount of Sun Medals and Moon Medals. These are collectibles that are scattered in action stages, hub-worlds (explained below), and entrance stages that you will need to get to progress the story. Besides these medals there are Videotapes, Records (CDs), and art books that entertain you while you are on the "Lab". Videotapes let you watch movies of the adventure. Records let you listen to music used in the game. And art books are for looking at concept art and such. These are also found in action stages.

For every continent there is a hub-world, these are little towns where you can interact with people and get to shops to buy food for Expierience (explained below) and buy records, video tapes and art books.

Every enemy you kill or destroy will give you EXP. The EXP. gives you points to upgrade your stats, the Werehog has 6 stats and Sonic has 2. Using the EXP. is very important and will help you survive as you go though your adventure. As you progress, your enemies get stronger.

As a huge Sonic fan I say this: I was speechless when I completed this game, and I looked back in my mind form start to finish of this game, and my only words were "Wow...". I remember reading Yoshihisa Hashimoto say, "The whole development team is aiming to make Sonic Unleashed the best Sonic game ever, and that includes the Genesis-era titles! We hope that even people who havenan't played Sonic games will feel "Wow, Sonic is back!" and I can truly say that Sonic is back. If I could only say 10 words in this review I'd say "One small step for SEGA, one giant step for Sonic....." Tacky, huh?

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