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The good:

Like all gaming icons, they face utter defeat after remaining a strong presence for decades. Sonic, thanks to his developing team, has made it absolutely unbearable for him. With that said, Sonic 2006 is a game that displays its strongest challenges, patience and trial and error. Without those virtues, the game will no doubt force its gamers, including loyal fans, to quit in disaster.

The game sets off in a city called Soleanna, ruled by a princess Elise, celebrating the year of Solaris, which is interrupted by Dr. Robotnik. With his plan involving the Chaos Emeralds and the Princess herself, he is then interrupted by the hero, Sonic the Hedgehog.

Although Sonic saves Elise numerous times (cliche) a new face, Silver the Hedgehog, keeps interfering making the adventure even harder.

As previously made in the Adventure series, it displays free roaming the city, talking with people, doing side missions, or just progressing the storyline as needed. All compiled into three separate chapters, Sonic, the returning Shadow, and New Silver. upon completion, the Solaris storyline unveils the conclusion.

While the characters display different powers (Sonic using speed as his skill, Shadow with his variety of vehicles to assist him, and Silver using psychic powers to use the environment as his weapon) The stages may be different but compile to same storyline in their own respective view.

Gameplay may be attired differently depending on the situation in three categories, Free Roam, Speed, and Escort (Sonic only as he carries Elise throughout the stage) Free Roam is the most common stage as the Adventure Series displayed, compiling variety of enemies, crates and different paths to venture to the goal. Speed consists of one direction only, forward. If the player cannot handle the disastrous obstacles quickly the challenge can be difficult and bothersome. With all stages consists of silver medals, upon gathering all unlocks special artwork, as well as 60 Gamerpoints to the user XBL account.

One of their strong attractions is loyal Band, Crush 40 willing to create special songs for the soundtrack, His World, commonly to be the acclaimed "best" song for Sonic the Hedgehog. Other sounds and voices are remained kept classic over the years once again, but it still retains its charm as well.

The bad:

As mentioned, Patience is unfortunately the biggest aspect of the game. Why did its team decide to have the same areas of the game load every 10 seconds upon missions or why there is "no" continue option. Whether it was to create a challenge or.. hoping someone got fired, who knows.

Sonic's Speed stages are incredibly difficult as ANYTHING hitting sonic upon impact can cause him to lose course and lose a life, these stages are rather the "last" part of a chapter so after a gruelling feat of struggle, it can end with this one hardship. If that was bad enough the player is forced back to the menu, having to deal with those same stages again.

Its camera angles is one of its damaging points, especially for Shadow, as his vehicles REQUIRE PERFECT use of the camera. Because of this, the focus won't be on the player almost half the time causing a pitfall or collision. While it can be adjusted, the fact it requires constant use should never be allowed.

Character skills require a lot and a lot of rings earned during the storyline. The only way possible is retaining a great skill completing missions under S rank, this can dealt with rings totalled, a big score, and completing it quickly. The fact the glitches and annoyances exist, this makes it even more difficult.


Before, the price of this game would be ridiculous, now with the price at 12.99, it would be nice to keep a title that many thought to believe would have been SEGA's saviour if only they focused on the game enough. Ironically, for most games, it was the gameplay and NOT the storyline that needed the surgery.

With those problems, most gamers would torture themselves to even attain most of the achievements listed. For those that have, that is one incredible feat.

Because of this long awaited title, SEGA's hope has been shattered

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