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Sega's Supersonic Savior


NOTE: This review is based off of what I played on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection, so if there are any differences between it and the original Genesis version written and you're going "wait what that ain't true", well, now you know to watch for those instances.

A saviour comes from out the skies...
I'm not sure if I've made it clear over the years, so let me use this review to reiterate it - I love the Sonic The Hedgehog series. It was the first game I ever played on the Sega Genesis that made me want to beg my parents to buy me one, and even though I never got one, I had friends who had...


Great game; wrong time. Gotta hate that.


Wait, what's all this? Regression to 8-bit? No way!
Sonic The Hedgehog for the Sega Master System is what happens when Sega were desperate to get some Master System units moved. Due to the success of the Genesis game, they thought it'd be the same for their inferior console. Unfortunately, it was ignored for bigger and better games. So... could that just be the case, or is it due to bad performances? The short answer is that nobody gave a rat's ass about the Master System anymore, but the long answer is within the rest of the review.

Try, try again.
Dr Robotnik is at it again! He kidnaps innoc...


Faster than a bullet


Sonic The Hedgehog is the start of the blue hedgehog's descent into fame, where he basked in glory before he started binge drinking (hence the 3D games) and falling into the shitter, with the occasional gem (being the Sonic Advance and Rush games) amongst some mediocre stuff (Sonic Heroes, Shadow The Hedgehog, Sonic Unleashed) and the pile of dog turds (Sonic 06). But for now, let's just focus on the games that began his ascension into fame and fortune. Sega presents us with a game that seemed to have broken the mold of typical platformers, as well as giving Mario a bit of competition, and ...


Well, guess it's time to go back to the drawing board


Revival? From what!?
Sega promised that this particular game would revive the Sonic franchise, and get it going the way it was. May I ask... how did Sonic die, exactly? Shadow The Hedgehog? Nah. That game was decent enough. Sonic Heroes? Maybe... I remember that game glitching out towards the end, though it had a strong start, so... I'm kind of in limbo here. But yeah, the idea of a good 3D Sonic game was but a pipe dream. They almost did it with Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, but failed because they added other styles that were executed terribly at best. But hey, let's check this out anyway, ma...


Barely even playable

The good:

It's Sonic, and the usual cast are here.
Voice acting is adequate
Some speedy sequences

The bad:

Poor collision detection causing death
Flying off in random directions for no reason i.e. during ring dash/light dash and dying
Automatic sequences i.e. boost pad to boost pad missing and you dying
Falling through surfaces and dying
Other cheap, unfair ways of dying
Repetitive music
Poor controls
Terrible camera
No after-hit immunity so in speedy sequences you can have 80 rings one second and be dead from hitting a wall and bouncing into a tree the next second, literally.


I'm not going to lie, I haven't played for what would usually be deemed a reasonable amount of time to submit a review, and this isn't something I make a habit of. However, in this instance I am finding it an excruciating experience due to a barrage of technical problems which cause you to die without any fault on your part.

On the first level alone, something that's supposed to be easy, I fell through floors twice, missed boost pads during automatic sequences and went plummeting into the water as a consequence three times, falling through floors and dying, coming off of surfaces and dying, ...


One of the greatest games ever

The good:

Its a really good game for beginners and experts alike. Though this was my first sonic game, and my friend owned it, It was really fun.

Each character focuses on its main powers, like Sonic is balanced, Shadow focuses on the chaos moves, and Silver focuses on Psychokinesis. Each hedgehog has a special thing in of their stories. Silver uses Psychokinesis to levitate on objects, etc. Shadow uses vehicles, and Sonic has the Mach Speed sections where he goes really fast and you can't stop him.

Each hedgehog also has a certain set of items tied to them, Sonic has the 7 Gems which give him different powers a gem, Silver's items focus on his psychic powers, and Shadow has the chaos shards for different chaos powers.

The final battle allows you to use Super Silver, Super Shadow, and Super Sonic with two phases to beat him. Each character faces a certain type of boss. Sonic has the eggman bosses, Silver has the Iblis bosses 1 2 and 3, and Shadow faces against himself, Mephiles Phase 1 and 2. Though all hedgehogs face against one type of Iblis and one type of Eggman bot.

The storyline was pretty well balanced. Although the game has alot of glitches, alot of them can actually help you on the way. The multiplayer is also very awesome. I would recommend this to anybody, regardless of their age. Very great game. Alot of the levels were well developed, and so were the items and town missions.

Some people say this game is too easy, but I beg to differ. The game is quite a challenge, and some people say that it is too hard, but that is because they wanted a harder game. I like it no matter what they say. For more easier Levels, choose Sonic. For challenging levels, Go with Shadow. If you like puzzles that you need to think through, go with Silver.

The bad:

The storyline is sometimes a little off track, and some of the levels can be insanely hard, but I still like it with a challenge. The game wasn't actually finished because people wanted them to make it for a certain deadline, so of course they were rushed.

Shadow doesn't have chaos control, Silver is pretty slow, and they didn't put in the speed chip. And Sonic can't turn into Super Sonic outside the final battle in the game against Solaris Phase 1 and 2.


Very great game overall. One of the coolest games ever made in the history of Sonic games. If you just started to play games like this, get it. If you are an expert at it, get it. It is a well balanced game with the ACTS missions, the bosses, and town missions and the three places you can go to, New City, Forest, and the other one.

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