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Sonic and "Tails" Team Up!

Super Speed!
Sonic's back and better than ever. He's a blur in blue! A blaze of action! With his new Super Spin Dash. And a new, fabulous friend, "Tails" the Fox. You won't believe it 'til you see it. And when you play, you won't stop.

Super Play!
Defy gravity in hair-raising loop-de-loops. Grab Power Sneakers and race like lightning through the mazes. Dash in a dizzying whirl across corkscrew speedway. Bounce like a pinball through the bumpers and springs of the amazing Zones. All at break-neck speed!

Super Power!
Sonic's attitude is a can-do. The mad scientist Dr. Robotnik is planning a world takeover. Sonic gets tough in the fight to save his friends and squash Robotnik for good!

  • Sonic and "Tails" race for the goal in an incredible 2 Player Competition.
* Grab the Ring and find the 7 Chaos Emeralds to end Robotnik's quest to conquer the world.

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[edit] Features

  • Two playable characters. Sonic and Tails.
  • Over Ten levels to play in.
  • New Special Stages.
  • Multiplayer mode new to the Sonic series.

And what happens when you get all 7 Chaos Emeralds? Well, that's a secret!

This game is also known as Sonic 2 in Australia.

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Sonic the Hedgehog 2 for the Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis.
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