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Pinball with Sonic

The good:

Sega's mascot in a pinball game
Big levels

The bad:

Can be frustrating and hard work


I first played this game in a computer shop many years ago. It was on display so I decided to have a quick go at it. Upon playing it I immediately liked it and asked if I could have it as a present for my upcoming birthday and I got it. This game is basically pinball using Sonic as the ball. Pressing one button would activate the left flipper, another one the right and the other would activate both flippers at once. In the air you could guide Sonic gently left or right to help him get to where you wanted. There are a few parts in the game where you land on a flat surface and you have to run...


Oldskewl Fun


Awesome old school game, very fun to play,
it gets very hard on the second level but you have
to keep at it!

This game can be very annyoing at times. But it's very fun.
There are nice details, lots of little buttons to hit on and bounce off of,
and you still get to destroy Eggman!(yay)

I recomend getting this game for your
sega genesis, or getting it with
sonic mega collection if you like to have a good time. ^-^

Unlike the newer sonic games, this
one doesnt have very many glitches.
im sure there is the "try as hard as
you can and eventuly get through the wall" glitch
but it doesnt mess you up.


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