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Sonic and the Secret Rings cheats, Easter Eggs, Tips, and Codes for Wii.


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Avoid Erazor Djinn's Attacks
If you are having a hard time avoiding Erazor's attacks (mostly the ones where he moves his sword in a horizontal movement), you can use Aegis Slider, learned at level 21, to pass through his attacks unharmed. Just make sure you time it right and be careful of letting go of the 2 button too early.

The only problem with doing this is its harder for you to attack him when he has his head down.
Best Way To Start Off Quickly
As you might have seen, in most levels you start off very slow. Here are a few tips to get you started of quickly:

1) Start off with mini-turbo. On the countdown to start the level, wait until you see the 1. Don't shake it when you see the flame, instead shake it when the flame grows in size. Jolt forward and start off running instead of walking.

2) Level up quickly and switch Mini-Turbo for Rocket Turbo. This is the best type and has a big wind effect when you do it. Same as 1, but when equipping it to your skill ring, get rid of mini-turbo to save SP. You don't need both, just the better one which is Rocket Boost.

3) Make sure to have homing attack upgrades equipped. At the start, generally look for objects and enemies to homing attack on. You'll increase your soul gauge this way too.

That said, good luck getting those medals!
Captain Bemoth Made Easy
You know when you are pulling his horns off and that yellow dot comes up that you can't avoid? Well you can avoid it by pressing the jump button whenever you feel like it and you will keep the damage on him but not get hit.

You can also speed break into his face so that you get a free chance to jump onto his horns as well.
Darkspine Sonic Tips
I'll try and avoid most spoilers but in the final battle, in most videos most abilities of Darkspines aren't shown and they are crucial. Here they are:

1) Darkspines can jump. As well as this, he can do a mega jump dash with purple trails. This is the ONLY way to get the rich rings (Silver rings) and they will help a lot.

2) Time break. Most of the time Speed Break needs to be used instead but when the whirlpool attacks are launched you have to use them as they can suck you in. The patterns are hard to learn so don't try to, just dodge them and then charge up your soul gauge to regain any lost power.

3) Moving. This might sound incredibly stupid, but at the moment where the boss is vulnerable for the punching segment, if you charge up your soul gauge you stop dead. In the entire battle you don't actually advance forwards whilst charging the soul gauge. It's because the boss moves to you, and forces you to stop charging.

4) Homing attack. Most of the time you will quickly charge up your soul gauge and speed break to the boss's wound, but this might not be the best choice. Instead, just let Sonic move forwards until you are quite to the boss. There will usually be a rich ring, where you can jump, grab 20 rings and then homing attack and begin your attack.

5) Survive. Use all these methods and abilities to survive. Your chances to attack come in regular intervals, so take this advice to heart and finish the fight. Good Luck!
Easy Fire Soul
Ok, in the Reach the Goal mission in the Night Palace world, you know how you enter those rooms that fill with gas that kills you? Well, the third one has a fire soul. Its on top of the last of the pillars in the middle that pop up right before you read the exit which is blocked by steps and enemies.

Ok, make sure you have alot of rings, Splash jump, and that ability that reduces recovery time by 3. (the strongest one that reduces recovery time).Anything that extens the range of lock ons might help.
Fire lock on *might* help.

Make sure you approach the blocks at the end to make the enemies appear. DO NOT ATTACK THE ENEMIES!

Now, back up and get behind the middle of the 3 pillars. Jump and sonic Should lock on to one of the enemies through the pillar. Now, do a homing attack on the pillar. let splash jump do its thing and then quickly to another homing attack. Sonic should go up the pillar by doing homing attacks. Once you reach the top of the pillar, there is the fire soul. Careful or you might miss it. Do a down cancel as soon as you get to the top to get the fire soul.

try this, it worked for me
Final Boss
Final Boss Fight

This fight is unlike any other; instead of
collecting pearls for Soul Energy, you'll have to shake the Wii Remote vigorously to build up energy. This is handy as you can charge Soul Energy at almost any time, but it's also very tiring; especially if you end up repeating the battle multiple times. The easiest method is to hold the Wii Remote vertically like a bottle and shaking it forcibly.

Main Battle

Layla wa Layla has multiple attacks that he'll whip out in a set order:

Purple Energy Balls: This is Layla's first attack, which he'll repeat throughout the battle. It involves firing five purple energy balls at Sonic. These can be a complete pain to avoid -- while you can attempt to weave between them, we strongly recommend using a Speed Break which will allow Sonic to pass through completely unscathed, Furthermore, while using a Speed Break, stick to either the far right or left to collect the occasion line of rings.

Slash Attacks: Following the energy ball attack, Layla wa Layla will break out four slash attacks using both of his blades. However, just before he attacks, you can see an outline of where his slashes will occur, allowing you to avoid the attack in time, by positioning Sonic between the slashes or to the sides.

Spirit Blast: Subsequently, Layla wa Layla will back away and charge up a large pink orb, indicating the Spirit Attack. This attack is completely unavoidable unless you use a Speed Break, which is also how you damage , Layla wa Layla.

It's crucial that your Soul Gauge be filled at least halfway, so make sure to shake the Wii Remote as much as you can while he's charging the ball. Just before he tosses it at Sonic, activate a Speed Break to grab hold of the ball and chuck it back at Layla wa Layla -- if your soul gauge is running low while Sonic's grabbing the ball, continue to shake the Wii Remote to continually add Soul Energy to your gauge.

Once the energy ball is rebounded back at Layla wa Layla, perform normal jumps (or use a Speed break) to quickly sail right up to him. Layla wa Layla's heart will now be exposed, so home attack and shake the Wii Remote to inflict damage - while you may want to inflict as many hits as possible, it's easier to attack just 7 or 8 times, which will prevent Layla wa Layla from introducing additional attacks, which can be difficult to dodge.

Now simply repeat the above several times to defeat the boss. However, Layla wa Layla may employ a few different attacks you haven't yet seen:

Whirlpools: After your first attack, Layla wa Layla will shoot several blue whirlpools toward Sonic, which can tough to avoid since they will actually pull you toward them. The best tactic is to activate a Time Break and weave between them with perfect accuracy.

More Slash Attacks: Layla wa Layla may also deploy a few more slash attacks, such as one shaped like an "X," and one that fills the entire screen. Just move to the left or right slightly to avoid most of these.

Fire Souls
Have they got you troubled? Well:

1) Use time break in places where there is a long stretch with obstacles in the way. Some fire souls can ONLY be seen and grabbed in time break mode.

2) Back step whenever possible, don't give up on getting it.

3) When in midair, check if you can homing attack, or look below you and see if you can spot it.

Remember, you have all the time you want, so make sure to check out Agnix's Fire Soul Guide as well.

Good Luck! Happy Hunting!
Good advice for beating Erazor Djinn
His most basic attacks, are straight down slash, V slash, and L Slash. You should wait until he does his L slash and then jump and homing attack him. When he enters the duel phase, you should hold the 2 button. Just before he begins to move, use time break and let go of 2 button. Then, when the red circle apears on his head, homing attack him. This is how I beat him. Also, collect as many rings, and pearls as you can, and try not to get hit.
Invisibible fire souls
Do you hate seeing empty cages? well they are not empty... There is fire soul inside them but it is invisible. In order to see them you must use Time Break. But some are not in cages so watch out and use Time Break when you feel like searching for fire souls. Hope I helped!
Invisibile Rails
Have you seen those blue clusters of shines? They are edges of invisible rails. Jump up to them to ride the rail. They most often make shortcuts for you. Hoped I helped!
Quick Silver Medals
Many pages in the special book require numbers of silver medals and once you have completed the main story:

Go to the lost prologue. Because of your highly upgraded skills you can do 10 second missions and get a silver medal without any difficulty.

I got about 16 in 15 minutes, so that's a lot of pages in the special book you can unlock.
Rank Names [Chapt. 13 + 14]
HERO - defeat Erazor Djinn!
TRUE HERO - defeat Alf Layla Wa Layla!
WORLD TRAVELLER - travel a total of 500km!
GRIND PERFORMER - grind a total of 30km!
RING GETTER - get a total of 10,000 rings!
GENIE BUSTER - defeat a total of 1,000 genies!
EXTREME SPEEDER - do a total of 50 speed breaks!
TIME CONTROLLER - do time break a total of 5 mins!
CHAIN STRIKER - obtain a 200 ring combo!
SKILL SAVER - do 30 missions with less than 100 SP!
SKILL QUINTI - do 20 missions with 4 or less skills equipped!
FLAME MASTER - do 20 missions with 5 or more fire-only skills!
WIND MASTER - do 20 missions with 5 or more wind-only skills!
DARK MASTER - do 20 missions with 5 or more dark-only skills!
REBELLION - defeat Erazor Djinn at level 25 or less!
SUPER PLAYER - reach level 99!
SKILL COLLECTOR - unlock all 104 skills!
SOUL COLLECTOR - get all 126 fire souls!
THE ULTIMATE - get all 110 gold medals!
BOOKWORM - play game a total of 24 hours!
STAR - participate in 200 party games!
CELEBRITY - participate attrations 35 times!
DEALER - get 69 fire souls and win World Bazaar 7 times!
TRIER - win Tournament Palace 7 times!
PIRATE - win Pirate's Coast 7 times!
THIEF - win Genie's Lair 7 times!
EXPLORER - win Treasure Hunt 7 times!
CHAMPION - come first place in 120 party games!
SONIC FREAK - play as Sonic 30 times in Party Mode!
RECORD BREAKER - set every record for all Party games that have records and beat all default first places!
Speed Break Uses
As well as just for speed boosts it can be used for much more:

1) Fire soul hunting. Certain objects like Cactus's and Rocks can only be destroyed using speedbreak.

2) Puzzle solving, by using speed break and then using time break you can destroy enemies clearing the path then timing your jump.

3) Fighting! Most bosses will require uses of speed break to attack or to catch up with them.

Make sure to make use of all of its uses, good luck!

Easter eggs

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Long Cheat List
Unlock Party Characters
Collecting Fire Souls will unlock the four hidden characters playable in the Party Mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Silver 087 Fire Souls
Cream 042 Fire Souls
Shadow 030 Fire Souls
Blaze 105 Fire Souls

Unlockable Party Mode Extras
Collecting Fire Souls will unlock another difficulty for the Computer players and other extras in Party Mode.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Watch Out! Trap 054 Fire Souls
Spin! Propeller Race 096 Fire Souls
Fly! Ptero-Rider 078 Fire Souls
Put It Out! Big Fire 060 Fire Souls
Cross! Balance Race 048 Fire Souls
Thrust! Bone Knight 036 Fire Souls
Reel! Battle Fishing 024 Fire Souls
Sink 'Em! Pirate Ship 012 Fire Souls
Final X Adventure 126 Fire Souls
Extreme Difficulty 114 Fire Souls
World Bazaar 069 Fire Souls
Aim! Big Crossbow 006 Fire Souls
Row! Canoe Race 018 Fire Souls

The Different Types Of Sonic
If you get enough Silver Medals, you unlock different Crests that make Sonic stronger in a element.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Wind Type Sonic 110 Silver Medals
Fire Type Sonic 105 Silver Medals
Dark Type Sonic 100 Silver Medals

Unlockable Awards
Do the required to unlock the award in Chapter 13/14.

Unlockable How to Unlock
Flame Master Beat 20 missions using at least 5 Fire skills and no Wind/Dark skills
Wind Master Beat 20 missions using at least 5 Wind skills and no Fire/Dark skills
Rebellion Beat Erazor Djinn at level 25 or lower
Dark Master Beat 20 missions using at least 5 Dark skills and no Wind/Fire skills
Skill Quinti Beat 20 missions using 4 or less skills
Skill Saver Beat 30 missions using less than 100 SP
Soul Collector Collect every Fire Soul
Skill Collector Unlock every skill available
Bookworm Play a total time of 24 hours
The Ultimate Collect all Gold Medals
Super Player Reach level 99
Time Controller Use Time Break for a total of 300 seconds
Extreme Speeder Use Speed Break a total of 50 times
Genie Buster Defeat a total of 1,000 Genies
Ring Catcher Collect a total of 10,000 Rings
World Traveler Travel a total of 500 km (310.7 mi)
True Hero Defeat Alf Layla wa Layla
Hero Defeat Erazor Djinn
Record Buster Set records for all party games that have records.
Grind Performer Grind a Distance of 30Km(18.64 miles)
Champion Win 1st in 120 Party Games
Pirate Earned by winning at Pirates Coast a total of 7 times
Trier Earned by winning Tournament Palace a total of 7 times
Dealer Earned by winning World Bazaar a total of 7 times
Celebrity Earned by playing attractions a total of 35 times
Star Earned by playing party games a total of 200 times
Theif Earned by winning at Genie's Lair a total of 7 times
Explorer Earned by winning at Treasure hunt a total of 7 times
Sonic Freak Use Sonic 30 times in Party Mode
Chain Striker Earned by obtaining 200 Ring chains
Manta rays!
In levitated ruin the air ships ( the ruin path your on ) are shape like manta rays!


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big's travel diary 1
on the lost prologue go to paragraph 16 (to unlock get to level 42 the rest is self explanatory) then get to the last barrier before the goal splash jump it then jump cancel then splash jump the floating platform ahead and jump cancel the jump onto the platform with the silver ring then brake on the spot where the silver ring is until you see big
Erazor Djinn
Erazor Djinn Battle

Are you ready - ready for pain? It's time to take on Djinn, and it'll be anything but easy. This battle takes place in a circular corridor, with columns of rings and pearls scattered every few hundred meters. Both of these serve very important purposes:

Rings: These will prevent Djinn from knocking you out with a single blow. Try to collect as many as you can, as you'll likely take damage several times.

Pearls: It's highly advised that you collect pearls as often as you can so you can deploy Time Break, which makes it much easier to target Djinn's melon.

Furthermore, there are actually two alternating segments to this battle. While you can attack Djinn during the Main Segment (below), you'll deal even greater damage scoring hits in the "One-on-One" portion (further below).

Main Battle

Djinn's weak spot is the top of his noggin, but it's generally too high for Sonic to reach. Thankfully, since Djinn bows down during several of his attacks, Sonic can home in on it with a well timed attack. Speaking of attacks, Djinn has four of them during the main portion of this battle:

Vertical Slice: If Djinn raises his sword and points straight at the ground, that indicates he's going to perform a vertical slice. He usually performs this move on either side of the stage, or in the exact center. Just move to the side dodge it.

L-Shaped Slice: Djinn only performs this attack while on the left side of the arena, so if he moves over three, watch out, as he's first slice downward, then to the right, in the shape of an "L." Move to the right to jump over the horizontal portion of his attack to dodge.

V-Shaped Slice: If Djinn holds his sword at an angle, watch out for the "V-shaped Slice." He'll strike in a V shaped pattern, which prevents jumping over it. Instead, move to the far left or right of him to avoid it.

Z-Shaped Slice: Although Djinn generally only uses this attack after being hit several times, it can bring the battle to a quick end due to its speed and it being tough to avoid. You can tell he's about to launch this attack if he holds his sword horizontally (facing the ground) while standing in the center of the arena. Evade it by jumping over the blade about halfway through his attack.

Well, now that we've gotten his attacks out of the way, it's your turn to deal some pain.

During Djinn's "L" and "Z" slices, he'll bends down bringing his head to Sonic level. This is your golden opportunity -- while close to him, leap into the air and home attack his head as soon as you obtain a lock-on. You can often chain two or three of these together while he's reeling in pain; just keep an eye on for the red-lock on.

Timing the attacks can certainly be tricky; make sure to learn how to identify each attack before he launches into it, and use Time Breaks to make it much easier to target his head during the small attack window.


During the One-on-One segment, which breaks up the main battle every minute or so, the camera will switch to a different angle, showing Sonic and Djinn from the side. This should actually serve as a nice break from the main battle, as it's much easier.

As soon as you enter this segment, begin prepping a Charge Jump immediately, which will bring Sonic to a grinding halt. Now it's a waiting game - wait for Djinn to charge at Sonic, and the moment he begins moving, jump into the air and home attack his head as soon as the lock-on occurs.

If you have enough Soul Energy, it's highly recommended you launch a Time Break as soon as Djinn runs at you, which makes it incredibly easy to score a hit.

After enough attacks, Djinn will be no more...
Multiplayer Characters UNLOCKED!
To unlock these characters do what is asked:

Shadow - 30 fire souls
Cream - 42 fire souls
Silver - 87 fire souls
Blaze - 105 fire souls
Party Mode Games:-
Aim! Big Crossbow 006 Fire Souls
Cross! Balance Race 048 Fire Souls
Extreme Difficulty 114 Fire Souls
Final X Adventure 126 Fire Souls
Fly! Ptero-Rider 078 Fire Souls
Put It Out! Big Fire 060 Fire Souls
Reel! Battle Fishing 024 Fire Souls
Row! Canoe Race 018 Fire Souls
Sink 'Em! Pirate Ship 012 Fire Souls
Spin! Propeller Race 096 Fire Souls
Thrust! Bone Knight 036 Fire Souls
Watch Out! Trap 054 Fire Souls
World Bazaar 069 Fire Souls
Unlockables Crests
How to Unlock Crests

Dark Type Sonic 100
Silver Medals

Fire Type Sonic 105
Silver Medals

Wind Type Sonic 110
Silver Medals