Walkthroughs, FAQs, and Guides

Walkthrough Title Date/Author
General FAQs/Guides
FAQ/Walkthrough (Xbox) Apr 11, 2007
FAQ/Walkthrough (Xbox) May 9, 2007
FAQ/Walkthrough (Xbox) May 18, 2008
Guide/FAQ (Xbox) Jul 1, 2006
Topic Specific FAQs/Guides
100 Ring Box Guide (Xbox) Aug 10, 2006
Extreme Gear Guide (Xbox) Feb 27, 2006
Game Script (Xbox) May 3, 2006
Junk/Treasure Guide (Xbox) Jun 14, 2006
Mission FAQ (Xbox) Sep 19, 2006
Shortcut FAQ Final (Xbox) Jun 23, 2006
Sonic Riders Walkthrough Sep 21, 2015

Video Walkthroughs and Guides

Walkthrough Video Playlists
Sonic Riders Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
29 videos by Anon7906 (04:34:44)
Sonic Riders Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
9 videos by Cyberman65 (01:17:49)
Sonic Riders Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
6 videos by BrandyKuppa (01:25:20)
Sonic Riders Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
9 videos by ShadowSonic200 (01:20:57)
Sonic Riders Walkthrough Videos (Completed)
10 videos by HellfirePlaythroughs (01:24:26)
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