Sonic Riders (Xbox) Cheats

Sonic Riders cheats, Tips, and Codes for Xbox.


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100 Rings in Egg Factory
In Egg Factory, go past the part where you get blown into the air by a vent. You should see a machine with spinning cocoon-like objects. Go inside of it to find a capsule with 100 rings.
100 Rings in Red Canyon
In Red Canyon- When you get to the waterfall at the end of the stage, look to your left. You will see a ring box that holds 100 rings that will go into your bank and give you a level 3 Boost and Attack.
Babylon Story
Beat the Hero Story Mode on any difficulty
Digital Dimension and Babylon Guardian
Beat the Babylon Guardian in the Babylon Story Mode
Play the game for 20 hours to unlock Robo 1
Jet's Missions
To unlock Jet's missions you must unlock SEGA Carnival and Illusion.
Mission Mode
Beat the Hero Story Mode on any difficulty
New Extreme Gear
Blue Star II (Sonic's board)= Beat the Babylon Story

Darkness (Shadow's jet sneakers) Beat the Hero Story

Egg-Rider (Eggman's scooter)= Beat the Babylon Story

Magic Carpet= Beat the Babylon Story
New Extreme Gear Types
To be able to buy skates in the shop you must beat the Hero Story Mode. To get bikes/scooters you must beat the Babylon Story Mode
New Gear
To get the Crazy, Opa Opa, Super Hang On, and Hang On beat every mission
New Movies
Movie 1= Beat Hero Story
Movie 2= Beat Babylon Story
New Music
Catch Me If You Can= Complete Babylon Story in Story Mode

Theme of Babylon Garden= Complete Heroes Story in Story Mode

Theme of Digital Dimension= Complete Babylon Story in Story Mode

Theme of SEGA Carnival= Unlock the SEGA Carnival Track in World Grand Prix
SEGA Carnival
Get a gold emblem in the Hero Cup of the Ex World Grand Prix
SEGA Illusion
Come in first place in the Babylon cup and get a gold emblem
Super Gear
All are for Storm's Missions:

Fastest Board= Finish Metal City Mission 5

Fastest Repair= Manual Finish Digital Dimension Mission 5

Legend Board= On a hidden rail behind a tower in Babylon Garden Mission 5, after the Jet

Legend Manual= Finish Sand Ruins Mission 5

Powerful Gear Board= Finish Egg Factory Mission 5

Powerful Gear Manual= Between two fly rings in SEGA Carnival Mission 5

Turbo Star Board= Between two fly rings during the centipede section in Green Cave Mission 5

Turbo Star Manual= On a rail over the river in Splash Canyon Mission 5
Super Sonic
Get gold emblems in every mission of Mission Mode.
Ulala, AiAi, and NiGTHS
To unlock them you must beat all 100 missions in mission mode
Unlockable Characters
Cream The Rabbit= Beat Hero Story Mode

Eggman= Beat Babylon Rouges Story

Rouge The Bat= Beat Hero Story Mode

Shadow The Hedgehog= Beat Hero Story Mode


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to do a hand stand on your borad
to do a hand stand you move the left annalog stick right you can only do it with sonic. jet.and some more people all i konw it is sonic and jet good luck